Researchers discover giant space blob glows from within

Uploaded by UniversityofMinn on 19.08.2011

[Claudia Scarlata] This new technique that we applied
to this particular blob allows us to map gas
which would be otherwise invisible to other techniques
and so its, you know, if the method
of this technique could be extremely important for us
to gather information on how the gas
that fills the universe is distributed
and how its acquired and galaxies.
A galaxy, which is sitting around, alone,
and there is some gas that you can consider as the fuel
like the food for the galaxy because the gas is converted
into stars and so the galaxy slowly grows bigger and bigger.
So, the idea is that [in] this particular case this gas maybe
is the one that is fueling the transformation.
It says a lot about the component of the universe,
that its extremely difficult to map.
First of all, we only find them very far away,
so when the universe was very young.
We don't see many of them by our universe,
so somehow they disappear.
So, they must be related with the way
that galaxies form, somehow.
They are found in regions of the universe which are richer
that the other environments, so what we would call clusters
of galaxies and they're extremely rare.
We find very few of them and they are big!...
hundreds of times the size of our galaxy.