Bowfinger (5/10) Movie CLIP - Crossing the Freeway (1999) HD

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How doyou feel ?
You look good. You look tough.
Yeah, like an action star. Look like an action star.
Yeah, shoulders out. Take a good, deep breath.
Suck it in. That's good. Now look.
ln this scene, you're hurting inside. You're not sure who to trust.
You wa__a ru_ i_to the arms ofyour beloved.
- Hi, l'm Daisy. - Hi. How areya ?
When l yell ''action,'' you are gonna run from point ''A'' over there...
to point ''B'' over here.
That seems kinda hard.
Think ofit as an errand.
Your errand is to run across the freeway until l yell ''cut.''
Oh, l get it.
But doesn't that seem a little dangerous, though ?
Oh, no. We have professional stuntmen doing the driving. You'll be completely safe.
Oh, professional stuntmen. That's how they do it ! l was wondering.
Stunt drivers.
Sure. They're going really fast !
Yeesh !
And... action !
Come on,Jiff!
Action !
[ Bowfinger ] Action t
[ Daisy ] Keith ! Keith ! l loveyou !
[ Horns Honking ]
Action !
[ Horn Honks ]
[ Brakes Squeating ]
Cut !
Aah ! [ Cying ]
Heavenly Father ! Heavenly Father !
That was so great ! You were fantastic ! Wasn't he great ?
Congratulations ! That was so good !
l don't wanna do this anymore. What areyou talkin' about ?
l don't wanna do it. l just wanna run errands. Heavenly God !
What areyou talking about ? Not many people can do whatyoujust did.
The stunt drivers were really impressed.
Weren't they ? Really ?
Guess what ? We got an errand we wantyou to do.
Really ?
[ Stammering ]
l would love tojust go get some coffee.
You're the only person who can do it.
Okay, but first, Iet's do this one more time.
Heavenly God ! Heavenly God ! Heavenly God !