"We're Sorry, Thailand" - ขอโทษประเทศไทย - English subtitled version

Uploaded by rdockum on 18.07.2010

Have we done something wrong?
Have we been too violent?
Have we listened to only one side?
Have we done our duty?
Have we thought of the public?
Have we cheated?
Have we taken advantage?
Have we edified the public?
Have we degraded ourselves?
Have we cared more about money than what's right?
Have we just waited around for help?
If someone is to blame
That someone is all of us.
We're sorry, Thailand.
And if these problems are to be fixed
Then it is us Thais who must stand up and fix them.
Let us engrave these losses in our hearts
And then turn them into strength.
Positive Strength to Change Thailand