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Tell me Avatar.
Every one is worried boss, they're calling me.
They're saying...
...on Lion's insistence we bought all the wheat from the market...
And stocked in the warehouse, and are stuck up badly.
Government is...
Tell those dealers that today its not just wheat, its gold.
If already bought...
...tell them to sleep quietly and allow us to do the same.
Who was it darling
Oh it was just a business call sweet heart.
Appeal to citizen, don't panicky because of inflation.
Big down fall in wheat price
You're complaining of the loss thrice...
...you also profited 30 times because of Lion.
He's his best friend
Yes I know, but what about the huge dead stock.
Lion was saying let the people starve...
...we'll buy at the rate you demand.
We'll buy boss, Lion will soon bring out some solution.
The consignment is reaching Dubai
We'll be at great loss. - Tomorrow tons of wheat is reaching.
There will be big down fall and we'll all perish
Nothing can befall because of Lion.
Lion please say something...
...if the consignment reaches Bombay we'll all perish.
Yes we'll all perish.
It's possible only if the ship reaches Bombay.
Who is responsible for this you, myself or the government.
Who is that traitor...
...who spoils or stocks the wheat before it reaches the poor.
What are you doing with this huge police department.
I am asking you I.G.
Very soon this syndicate will be behind bars.
I have recalled that officer...
...in whose presence all the criminal get scared.
His name is Prabhakar Srivastava.
You're are a policeman, behave like one.
No Mr. D.S.P. I know nothing.
I am telling the truth. I know nothing.
Once more I have come here to ask.
Who is the owner of the truck you were driving?
I know nothing sir... sir oh.
Sir please... sir.
Who is the owner of the truck?
Every time you beat me for this question sir...
...and every time I will say the same...
I know nothing sir - You know the truth.
Who is your real boss?
Who is that betrayal?
For whom you're working. - Please don't beat me sir I will die.
Raghu... unless you disclose the name of your boss I won't let you die.
I won't let you die.
He'll die, but won't speak any thing.
Yes boss, he has to die if He speaks or he doesn’t.
It will be better he never speak up...
...whether he dies or dies not.
You don't know that Prabhakar, he's a very tough officer.
I believe that I.G. Is your good friend...
...but, even Prabhakar is his best personal.
The day he has come...
...it has become difficult for us to survive.
He knows nothing except the law.
Just think between that hunting dog and our Raghu.
Just think boss he's very soft in front of him.
Think... think.
Tell me who is that traitor.
Why are you not understanding Mr.D.S.P. I can't speak of him.
He'll kill me if I speak up.
And if I die...
If I die, them my sister in this world, will remain alone.
Ok Raghu.
I myself will inform your sister about your bad deeds.
And don't take this as threat.
I have enquired everything about your sister...
...she's doing her studies in Shimla.
She thinks her brother is a rich man.
And she live like rich people...
...and her name is Sapna Mathur. - Stop DSP.
Please don't tell her anything.
My sister won't be able to bear...
...she'll go mad with this shock.
Raghu, tell us his name.
In betterment for both of us.
Raghu, there is no need of getting scared.
I am there, I will save you, law will save you.
No one can do any harm to you.
Just tell his name once, say Raghu.
Say, what's his name. - Lion.
Lion is his name.
You're lying.
He's a reputed man of the city aren’t you ashamed of blaming him...
...Lion meaning he's Din Dayal, do you know that.
I knew DSP, that you'd not believe.
No one will believe.
Lie is always easy to digest.
But to say truth is very difficult.
But remember.
Now I won't be saved.
Raghu, no one can harm you.
Please take food for him.
Din Dayal... no...
How is it possible.
IG sirs special friend.
Oh my God.
Hello papa, we Pinky... Pinky speaking.
You had promised us that you'd bring the color box for us.
And doll too.
Ok daughters will bring them, - I want to speak.
Papa, this Pinky harass me a lot.
He's lying, - Just give it to Anju aunty.
Ok papa, Anju aunty.
Look brother have instructed tons of time...
...not to call in the office, but they never listen to me.
They cry saying want to speak to father.
Anju, am stuck in work...
...I might not be able to drop you to station.
Hence whatever kids demand, do buy for them.
Brother, you seem very serious, where is father?
He's in his cabin, - Ok, inform him to arrive station.
And even you try to come.
Or else kids will be sad, ok.
Do come papa.
Boss Din Dayal, too good, now we'll celebrate birthday.
And you can spend 30,35 thousand, on birthday.
Why don't you send 30 thousand, cash to me.
Anyways people will say that IG takes bribe...
...then why not take it direct.
Come on pal, don't pull my leg.
What are you saying...
...I just need your love, your prayers are enough for me.
You must be forgetting I don't forget...
...do you remember while hunting lion.
You had saved my life, if you would haven't saved.
That what we'd celebrate birthday...
...it would be called a death day.
Our Prabhakar.
I love two fools on this earth.
One you son of Lion, and the other he, Prabhakar.
Can I announce this on loud speaker.
You wait man you wait, one day ill make you meet both lions.
And then there will be fun.
Oh gosh, am getting late man.
Will talk later.
No birthday party for me now.
Gosh, IG Khanna is 7 minutes late.
This is the problem in friends and fanatics.
My reputation to me, I am punctual.
What's wrong with you, why are you with sad face.
Sir me. - I understood.
Oh Chinky Pinky are going Shimla hence...
...see I love you like a son.
...whenever I allow you to go for work, duty, do I ever cry?
Cheer up boy, reach 7 pm after duty hours.
Very good.
Take eat, sit down.
You're mistaken Prabhakar.
How can I keep records of such terrorist.
I myself a person who loves to serve people.
I am enemy of their enemy, you're enemy of everything.
A dangerous enemy hiding in the shade of friendship.
I realized...
...when you killed Raghu. - I?
Such a smart police officer, and you talk like this.
Can you see blood stains on my hand.
Not your hands, but on your face Mr. Din Dayal.
I am your uncle, son, - You were, no you're aren’t.
Don't think that after killing Raghu, you'll be safe.
I will do my best to remove proof against you...
...and then I will speak to you, good bye.
Fish without water do suffer.
Similarly how small kids of this country starve.
And you know this dirty job very well.
But don't forget Mr. Din Dayal.
The day when this country’s kid grows as young child.
When a heart gets indifferent...
Kill such animals.
Then may be not even law, but even the god won't help.
Even I know to do big talks.
But don't forget DSP.
That the entire city knows me as loin.
And my status in this city is...
Exactly like lion in the forest.
I know you're known as loin.
But don't forget Din Dayal, when lion becomes man eater...
Then law kills him like dog.
And this time this man- eater lion name is...
Prabhakar Shrivastav.
Talks too much...
Wish him best of luck.
Inform papa...
...we'll not speak to him, we want nothing, nor the toys.
We're angry with papa, why dint he come to see off?
Kids I have come, am your grandpapa.
Take this, - No we don't want, - Sir.
You shouldn’t behave like this, Pinky.
Your father loves you so much,
Then why did he not come to see off?
Must be stuck in work, but he has promised to come to Shimla.
Your father will bring lots of toys for you both.
Its time for train to leave.
Tell papa, we're angry with him, will write letter to him.
Bye daddy. - Bye.
Please bring papa to Shimla - And please give him a hug.
Doctor... - I am sorry sir... there is no chance of his survival.
Please don't talk like this doctor.
At any cost...
You'll have to save him.
Mr. I.G. Whatever we could do we did...
Now only God can save him.
God will show some miracle doctor...
I want my officer Prabhakar back doctor... his...
...kids too want him back.
Even this country needs him back doctor.
Save him at any cost doctor.
I can understand your feelings, God bless you.
You don't worry Mr. Jailor.
Please follow the prescription I have advice you.
Actually you're perfectly alright, you're not ill - Wrong...
I have a disease which has no cure.
Yes old age young man and it has no remedy.
You're indeed a good gentleman Mr. Jailor. - This is also wrong...
Three years ago I was a jailor, doctor.
After retiring from a government service no one stays a boss.
Now I am only jailor David or else you can say only David.
Ok sir...
See you again. - Thank you.
Mr. Khanna.
After calling me for dinner at your home, you're here?
Is it all right?
I am in a dilemma. - What happened?
My son met with an accident - Your son?
Yes like my son, Prabhakar.
You don't know him.
How fish struggle without water.
But don't forget one thing Mr. D.S.P.
The whole town knows me by Lion.
It's very sad thing friend.
This Prabhakar...
Was of a clear heart.
So gets in trouble.
Couldn't tolerate injustice.
And his mind stopped working.
Might have gone to enemy camp and that idiot...
...didn’t calculated the consequences.
And that venomous snake bit him.
The whole town knows me by Lion.
See that David.
The son of the country has died.
Come with me.
You cheat... you bastard.
Recently I have promised Chinky and Pinky...
To bring back their papa to them.
You've left them...
Now what I will answer them?
This cannot happen.
See properly Kanna.
This can't be your Prabhakar
What nonsense David, this is my Prabhakar.
No, no Kanna...
Hello... Delhi central jail...
I am David calling from Mumbai... give to jailor Rehman.
Jailor Rehman this is David calling, where is prisoner 501?
What... he's there, No, no see properly.
What, he's in front of you, are you certain...
What happened David - It's a miracle...
Had heard, had read, had even seen in movies...
But it can happen in my life, I didn’t knew.
What happened - I am really confused.
This prisoner no 501 at Delhi central jail...
Has the same face of you Prabhakar, ditto.
What are you saying... - I am saying the truth - Excuse me sir...
At the time of his last breath Prabhakars...
...hand was on this pad.
He has written something on this.
Number 17?
Just have a look.
The meaning even I can't understand.
I have understood...
Number 17 is related to the gang which...
...has killed Prabhakar Srivastav.
What can be this number 17?
Could be a house number, road number...
Car number, prisoner number... - Yes prisoner number...
Doctor. - Yes sir.
Prabhakar Srivastav isn't dead... better you understand.
What are you saying? Whatever I am saying, I am saying right.
He's improving, recovering day by day.
This has to be printed in all news paper... all report...
...you got my word.
I mean what I am saying, this my order and move fast. - Ok sir.
If God has recalled Prabhakar...
Then God has also sent you also at this time.
We'll be catching early morning flight for Delhi tomorrow...
To bring back Prabhakar
Khanna don't create this wrong schemes this way.
Do you know him?
He's a big criminal, very dangerous...
He's a murderer, has killed twice.
Lawyers saved his case in court, life sentence was awarded...
Or else he could've been on the gallows.
Khanna, this 501 isn't of your type.
He's an untamed ox.
Kalicharan... Kalicharan - Now you come here you...
Dogs... - Kalicharan this what you're doing?
If I dint cut your scull and play football...
...then my name isn't Kalicharan.
See... don't make this Ramdas to get angry...
Catch him...
You swine... didn’t saw we caught you...
Hold him all of you - You child of Charlie Chaplin...
If you're son of your real father, the untie me...
Take him away...
I won't leave you alive... - Now you say Khanna?
If you still want to experiment, shall we send him with you?
This is Mr. Kalicharan.
Interesting bastard indeed.
Jailor Rehman - Yes sir... - I need your help.
I need his case history and record file. - Yes sir.
Untie his chains.
But sir? It's ok, untie him.
Open it, open it... - Ok.
Now you all go outside.
Kalicharan, meet him he's I.G. From Mumbai.
Could be what should I do. - Greet him.
Greetings to you too son.
I have read your case history. - What unique you've done?
Every one reads it.
He wants to take you to Mumbai - Why your provision is over?
No Kalicharan...
I.G. Sir wants to make you a responsible citizen.
So first make this dog Ramdas. - Shut up.
To become a good citizen...
Is a bad thing to do? - Very bad thing.
An ordinary man can't become a good citizen in this world.
I am leaving...
He's thinking I am his fathers property...
...wants to make me a good citizen...
Guards beat him in standing position.
But do beat him.
You behave with prisoner like this.
Will dismiss you all, out.
Ramdas. - Yes sir.
Bring a glass of hot milk. - Yes sir.
Hope you're not hurt?
If it would hurt...
...how would it bother you? - I would be hurt too.
Will dismiss these scoundrels.
I cannot tolerate this nonsense, cruelty to convicts.
Even the prisoners are human, its been how many days you're here,
Dint you read history?
Drink milk, drink.
Is it a snake worshipping day?
Snake worship? No...
Why are you milking this snake.
What are you hiding, you say, very clever.
I can understand your problem...
...if I would be in your place even I would behave same.
Its not your fault son. - You...
Don't try to be my father, will better for you.
Leave, you ca go. leave.
Shankar was a good man.
He was instructed to keep and eye on police hospital.
Then also they were successful in freeing Prabhakar.
Do you know Jack.
Those who aren't worth us.
No boss I will find Prabhakar faster.
Will search in all hospitals in India...
...he'll be found somewhere at least.
I don't understand you old man, why are you behind my life.
Sometimes you feed me food, and sometimes milk...
I am fed up with your lecture.
Have told you tons of time, I won't go...
Its troublesome.
Will make me a better human.
There are 450 prisoners in this jail...
...go make any one of them a better human.
Why me. - Cool down Marshall cool down, its because I like you.
I have taken permission from government...
...please try to understand me.
If I take someone else...
...and if he runs away, then I will be in trouble again.
I understood.
What, that you talking right.
Its right, I will come with you.
You're right, - That's my boy.
I am so happy now you see what will I do...
I will make you a great person.
Heard everything...
Saw your entire drama too, its ok, take him away.
I'll pray for you
If you really want to pray then pray for that animal...
That he becomes a human and I take him to Mumbai as Prabhakar.
What... aren’t you taking him to Mumbai? - No.
l’ll take him to Shimla first.
My daughter Anju is there.
We both will try to cool down his enmity...
We'll clear it.
I'll take him to Shimla.
O daddy.
You just sent a telegram...
...miser, no love mentioned, no sweet heart written.
Just informed me to come to guest house...
...you know there was our program in the youth festival.
I had to leave it for this. - Very good - Oh brother.
You too came and what appearance you've made.
Shut up... I am not your brother. - Hey take him upstairs.
This isn't the Prabhakar you knew...
What. - Come l’ll explain.
Sir, shall I bring tea for you...
Then coffee...
Then shall I bring a cold drink... lemon...
Do I seem to be your son- in- law. - No sir...
Then why some cold, some hot drinks...
I understood sir...
This should be between you and me.
Only between us...
If anyone finds out...
Darling what are you doing... weeping.
Look here...
My duty didn’t allow me to drop a single tear...
Every one was against me... then with courage...
I brought this hardcore criminal here.
To make him D.S.P. Prabhakar.
You'll have to help me in this.
I am your daughter, papa.
Whoever this man is... however he's...
I'll love him the same way, I used to love Prabhakar brother.
But the thing to worry is...
That Chinky, Pinky won't see their father again.
We're fighting destiny daughter...
...it'll be great to win.
Lovely papa.
Are you writing letter to papa?
So why are you crying. - Why papa isn't answering?
Give me, l’ll write to grand papa.
Why are you crying too? - Where I am crying?
Grand papa, please send papa soon.
Sir... sir, the person who came along with you has ran.
Hi Sheela.
Come on unload the luggage. - No porter available?
Why porter? Come on unload yourself.
We'll unload ourselves.
What happened? - There is some ghost up there.
Yes she had a great fall from up.
Are you getting excuses, l’ll go and see.
Oh... don't ask... don't ask.
Police... go up and check there, someone’s up there.
No one is here madam. - Check properly.
I have checked... nothings is here.
You all were panicking unreasonably... see no ones there.
Unload the luggage fast.
Sapna, here is letter for you.
Whose letter is it. - Its of your brother- in- law, want to read.
Daughter Sapna, oh, its too boring.
Come on we should go. - Go away you always bore.
Raghu brother is gone away for some work...
...that's why I am writing to you.
I expect your exams went good. - First class.
Nowadays I am not feeling well...
...when Raghu was, I used to feel better.
Its too boring letter. Come Leena.
He'll start talking about Raghu. - Laila.
What is unique in your lovers letter... all filmy stuff.
Take away this love fanatic.
Yeah, go.
I want to say something...
which I can't mention in this letter.
You rush to Mumbai now.
Everything other is all right
Raghu brother had said, tell Sapna to take care of herself.
He has conveyed lots of love... yours lovely aunt.
How good is my brother.
Enough... enough... I am going to sleep.
You go we'll do our rehearsals.
Neetu, you've still come here... go to your tent.
Keep quite, am not a thief...
I was feeling very cold that's why I came here. - Arrest him.
Am not a thief, am Kalicharan... no am Prabhakar...
I am a friend of Mumbai I.G. I will get you all suspended.
Shut up... shut.
He an I.G.'s friend...
I am waiting here for you.
Uncle you, greetings to you, now I realized why Anju sudden.
They will teach you a lesson.
Sapna actually. - Moment dad has arrived, you started.
Ok don't come to college, but attend the program.
Come on there’s lot of entertainment happening. - What's up?
Uncle, our youth festival, its not only a drama on stage...
...but its a real life drama too.
You're reputed IG of Bombay...
...must have caught many thief and robbers.
You must have done nothing, what I have done.
Last night was a real fun Anju...
...a dark black horror man entered in my tent.
And was hiding under my bed.
And even my name is Sapna.
I saw no left and right, hold his neck.
And then gave good. - Tea.
Then why dint you call police, - Police arrived very late.
But sent him to jail, but yes uncle.
The most interesting thing is, he was saying he's your friend.
I gave one good slap, and told him you fake.
He was so frightened, that he couldn't remember his name too.
Sometimes he said he's Prabhakar, Tiger.
Where is he? - Sent him to police station., - Bloody fool.
O what happened to uncle. - You duffer...
Since yesterday dad is upset for him.
Yes and he's my brother and not any thief.
Dads special police officer, Prabhakar.
Whom you always praise. - Yes the same man.
O no.
Come, guard. - Yes sir.
She's Sapna, she's also like my daughter. - What do I do.
From anywhere the people come.
Uncle is he DSP Prabhakar?
He looks like a dacoit.
He met with an accident hence he has lot of marks on his face.
Yes, Anju told me, poor guy, how sad, ok.
I forgot to inform you. - What.
Today evening is my show, you've to come,
Anju will come. - No, no you also come.
And get Prabhakar also along.
May be there would be some magic in my song.
"O' heart breaker, saw your heart."
"Gave my heart and became friends with enemies of heart."
"Filled you in my eyes, filled you in my eyes..."
"...I was dead on you."
"Worshipped stones, and lost it."
"O' heart breaker, saw your heart."
"Gave my heart and became friends with enemies of heart."
"I came behind you with closed eyes leaving the entire world."
"People made me understand but I dint hear them, I was lost."
"Hope no one die like this, hope no one die like this..."
"...may god bless"
"I was trapped smilingly."
"O' heart breaker, saw your heart."
"Gave my heart and became friends with enemies of heart."
"Without knowing and thinking, you stranger, I gave you my life."
"As you can't smell the fragrance..."
"...nor can touch the colors, similarly, couldn't understood your heart."
"Still loved you, still loved you, but you never understood me."
"Our story became a mystery."
"O' heart breaker, saw your heart."
"Gave my heart and became friends with enemies of heart."
"Filled you in my eyes, filled you in my eyes..."
"...I was dead on you."
"Worshipped stones, and lost it, go away you stranger."
"Saw your heart..."
"...gave my heart and became friends with enemies of heart."
Stay here you rogue.
I have improved many like you.
Gopi, lock the doors and windows. And let him stay rotten here.
Had come for some work, then
Why are you sleeping with bed cover.
Daddy, how long will you keep him locked.
Gopi, take the food for him again. - But sir, do as I say.
Wait Gopi, I will take the meal.
I thought its Gopi.
This bread, humans all rule...
Good and bad, starts from this bread.
Man entire day, struggles for this bread.
Blood and sweat of a man, day and night of a women.
Kids dream are lying in this bread...
...which you're not accepting.
Why, I ask you why. - Daddy! - Anju you go out, out.
What is your anger.
I brought you from jail, and gave you respect you...
An illiterate in next 10 life also.
Couldn't do such big work, which I wanted you to do it...
...so we could repent on our past deeds.
But no.
He has gone out, you have made me lose it.
Pack his luggage...
...and keep in the jeep, and drop him wherever he wants to.
And more if you need.
I will stay in jail instead of you.
Want to go back, you can, and be happy.
Old man gives lecture.
Leave the lecture son.
I will go, surely will go.
Tries to become a big wise man.
Brother, - What.
Can you see this thread.
This is called a brotherhood knot.
Are you going brother. But before leaving.
A sister wants to tie a brotherhood knot to him.
I don't want to get trapped in this. I am not a fool. Go.
Ok brother, as you feel.
Where ever you stay You stay happily.
May I get all your troubles!
Take, tie.
Tie it.
What destiny I have...
...brother to whom I use to tie a know, he left the world.
And now tying to someone who is leaving the house and going...
...yes am going.
Have anyone asked me why am I going, why I want to go.
I have never told this to anyone.
But I want to inform you before I leave.
You tied a brotherhood knot.
I had a sister like you who used to tie sacred thread.
I had only sister in this world.
They use to love me unconditionally.
Once even I was called as a wise man in my village.
In bombs and guns manufacturer company...
...use to work as a labor on mere 300 Rs. of salary.
I had a huge hobby.
Wanted to aim the shoot from gun.
And my biggest richness was my sister Geeta.
Our factory owners use to come to see my show.
Being winner I always found myself as looser.
When I could see that Geeta has to get married...
...and what I had, only fake silver trophies.
Whenever I returned home, I saw Geeta in her dreams.
But her in laws had huge demands for dowry...
...but I had nil ammount.
One evening after returning home...
...I saw my factory mens were waiting for me.
Shetty took me in the corner and said...
...I will ease your sisters marraige problem.
As you're sharp shooter...
...merchant Dharamchand will pay you 20000 rupees.
You'll just have to kill his handicapped wife.
Shetty, he smiled, he said ok, your wish, you'll repent.
In that Geeta handed me the 5th letter from her father in law.
I understood it was thier last message, I kept quiet.
Then I decided...
...to meet boys elder brother, and plead for my sister Geeta.
Heard you dominate in the village.
No brother, earlier he use to. But now he dosent.
Has to get sister married.
We don't atlk about dowry, they do it.
Rest I will take care, you don't worry, drop the gun down.
Even Gopial likes Geeta, go home and arrange for wedding.
You'll get married my sister Geeta...
...to share this good news I ran towards home.
Everything was destroyed.
Geeta was raped.
Kalicharan was finished.
I understood.
Shetty and his mens had done it.
Kalicharan your sister is running...
...towards railway line. - Geeta.
I killed Shetty's mens.
But Shetty had run away from town.
And after that I am hunting only one man in my life...
...Shetty, Shetty.
No, brother.
Till I wipe my forehead with his blood.
Won't rest.
No one can stop me.
My only aim in life is remaining, Shetty
After killing your aim of live will be completed.
Will you get your Geeta back.
Won't get anything, look at me.
Am I not your Geeta.
Dad. - Yes.
Yes sir.
Kalicharan. - No sir, Prabhakar.
Anju, he looks exactly like Prabhaar.
But sir, you never told me Prabhakars secret.
Hi, what men tired of honking.
What happened you look happy. - Today is real good day.
Is today sunday.
Today dad and brother Prabhakar, will decide among them. - No.
Yes friend, really a good day.
And in this manner, my Prabhakar.
For his duty.
Who was martyrd for his country.
And such a martyr.
On whose death bed,
...no farewell salute.
To catch those criminals, which he left half.
I will do it.
Hence I want you from Kalicharan,
From Kalicharan I shud become Prabhakar.
But sir.
I am a very ordinary man.
No my son no.
You don't know what you're?
Today co- incidently have recieved letter from kids.
Will read it for you.
Grand papa.
You had promised.
That you'll bring our father to shimla.
14 november is our parents day.
Do send papa, grandfather.
Your Chinky and Pinky.
Now you only tell me.
How could I tell these kids.
Thier father is no more in this world.
"One plus one two,"
"Two plus two is four."
"One plus one two,"
"Two plus two is four."
"And the family was shaken in small rivals."
"It was never departed, and will never depart, love of parents."
"One plus one two, two plus two is four."
"And the family was shaken in small rivals."
"Nor giver of sky."
"Nor a giver of this earth"
"Nor a giver of this earth"
"Nor prince like dad."
"And mother like princess."
"And mother like princess."
"Every son and fathers story may goes on."
"And the story goes on."
"It was never departed, and will never depart, love of parents."
"One plus one two..."
"...two plus two is four, and the family was shaken in small rivals."
"God our prayer is..."
"Hope you show mercy always."
"Hope you show mercy always."
"We small childrens."
"We love motherhood."
"We love motherhood."
"Parents never seperate, may the entire world seprates."
"May the entire world seprates."
"It was never departed, and will never depart, love of parents."
"Love of parents."
"One plus one two..."
"...two plus two is four, and the family was shaken in small rivals."
"One plus one two..."
"...two plus two is four, and the family was shaken in small rivals."
You tell me son.
Who can wipe their tears.
They love their father so much,
Swear on the love of these innocent kids.
Now I will see who is number 17.
How are you? - Yes sir, - First class, are you ok.
What are you doing. - Nothing sir, had committed a mistake.
If you've ciggrate in your hand...
...your hand will burn, then smoke.
Belt is ok sir.
Is your belt ok.
Your pant buttons are open.
BA. - Occupation. - Joblessness.
Manav this 7th time you're going in prison.
What do you get evrytime going to prison.
What do you get to free me again and again.
Manav you're educated yet you like to be in jail.
Cos this educated man can get
Daily bread, at only one place.
And that's a prison.
Yes, yes, yes, no, no, no.
I want to talk to you something urgent, come in my cabin.
Come on.
Good morning, sir. - Good morning, inspector.
Have you ever seen.
Action man Prabhakar is wounded in brain.
He has changed.
Entirely different man altogether.
Even am seeing the same sir. - I am sorry to know this sir.
They don't have to be sorry, if you're right.
It will be allright.
Please take care.
I am a straight player.
Any victim comes in front. Kill him.
Now you save your real man.
Shall I say something.
You're real scoundrell.
I don't mind what you say,
Every time you kill my main people.
Life saver is bigger than killer. - Come on son,
Come Prabhakar.
Where were you hidden, which hospital were you admitted.
If you knew then at least would come to meet.
He's our.
Din Dayal uncle.
O uncle. - Come sit down.
I had hide him. - Is it.
People are behind his life, you know he's my special man.
God forbid, may your man be safe.
These are old fashioned now uncle.
Search you new way now.
Which you're really aware.
Anju is waiting for you, has brought gift for you.
Now even I will play...
...I'm alone enough, I need then will call you...
...go nice gift she has brought for you.
To lions in the market together.
Prabhakar must have told you, who had tried to kill him.
What to hide from you...
...actually after that incident he lost his memory.
Its real bad.
No lion.
I swear on my father IG Rai sir.
The day I will find that son of swine.
Justice from god will be given later...
...first he'll have to deal with me.
Will thrash him.
Don't increase your blood pressure in old age...
...play a new game.
Kali, Prabhakar Srivastava.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Who is speaking.
Your friend.
A sympathy giver.
Whom unneccessary you feel your enemy.
You're my enemy.
Early morning you wake me up.
I wanted tis only mr Prabhakar.
So that you can completly awake from sleep.
This time you've slept for long.
Which for you is more dangerous.
But your father must have named you.
Father has also named me, and even the world has.
But for you god has named me something different only.
Ok just say that.
Threatning me.
Not a threat.
If you've guts...
...then tell me your name and address, then see in your only area I will
If I won't make you dance, then even my name isn't prabhakar.
Understand. - I will...
Spoiled case.
You're arrested.
If my car number is 17 does that mean I have done crime.
Do we look like robbers and thief.
Is this a way.
I will sue. - You are right.
Its unfair.
This is injustice.
I am a Sardar. I was selling fish.
So what's wrong?
Inspector has gone nuts.
My shop no is 17, he brought me here.
He's strange.
He locked me for no reason.
I am a decent man.
Good morning sir.
What this noise all about.
Sir in last to,3 days, Prabhakar has arrested 25 peoples.
On what account.
On basis of number 17.
Some one flats number is 17, their car no. Is 17.
And one man amongst them is a Father of 17 kids.
Bloody hell.
Sharma. Listen, do as I say.
Release them, appologise to them.
Where is Prabhakar. - In your cabin.
You fool!
So you're doing this.
You arrest wise mens.
Call sympathy.
Here you're mistaken IG sir.
Those who are wise, the are real culprits, like them.
Who has connection with the group no.17.
17 no. Which is worlds dangerous no.
But I am not afraid of any danger,
I had promisedu that one day I will arrest the 17 no. Group...
The police who couldn't find the problem...
...I will solve it and show you.
Whoever belongs to no.17 group,
Meaning I will present all humans, kids young old.
Reason, the accuse is amongst them.
One secret.
Are you angry.
Our constaple kishan...
Its number is also 17.
Sometimes the thief is hidden in police too.
You silly.
Sit down.
My health isn't well.
Your health, - Not mine you bloody fool...
...your health isn't well.
I cannot perform my duty properly.
And I want to extend a months holiday.
I can't perform my duty properly.
I can't perform my duty properly.
Papa. I am scared.
What happened pinky.
I just dreamt.
Someone shooted papa.
Papa you please don't die early. Who will love shinky.
We don't have mother also.
If you'll die, then what about us.
If you'll die, then even we'll die, papa.
You'll not leave and go?
No my kids, your father will never die.
You're father will never die.
He'll always remain with you.
My Raghu was very nice.
Said this till last moment.
Don't tell Sapna anything.
Her exams are going on.
I promise brother.
I will find out your killers.
Don't be mad daughter,
What can you do.
When Prabhakar types good officer.
Tried to investigate the killers.
Who became enemy of his life.
Wanted to kill them only.
Manav brother.
Brother Raghu, was your very near friend.
Where he use to go and whom he use to meet every evening.
He always.
Use to go to Chaitalis shop.
Allright boss.
Boss's phone?
Before sun rise, should get his dead body.
Or else.
Where is my Rampuri friend.
Wipe the sweat from forhead man.
Who are you.
Where have you come from?
Why have you come.
I am Laila.
Have come from Goa.
Is in search of dead.
He was your friend too.
40 thousand, he has to pay me.
I want to recover from his boss.
You man. Will you help.
But what will be my profit?
Half from 40 will be yours.
But after the work is done.
I am magic ring.
Whatever you want.
You'll get it. - Is it.
Come madam.
Where did you bring me.
Our warehouse.
And our work too.
I've come with all preparations.
First do my job.
And think later.
Really you're magic ring Laila.
Leave me
Jerry, John, Tiger, Badshah, close the doors immediately.
Very good.
We were hunting you only.
Come mr Prabhakar.
Today even your game will be over.
The game has begun.
Mens child, never fight with womens, they fight with lions.
If you son of a your real father, then don't move.
Don't be afraid, bullets are expensive.
Its a contest between 1 to 10.
Prabhakar sir.
I told you, that this is for your safety.
This was a mere example.
In 5 seconds open the door which you closed yourself...
...and get lost, or else will.
Turn this warehouse in morgue room.
Ran away.
Good Manav, you informed me well in time.
Mens job shud be with mens only.
It will be better.
Come on.
I knew son.
They'll attack you thnking you Prabhakar.
But hence forth take care.
On such occasion whoever comes near to you...
...arrest him and bring him to me.
Rest I will take care.
O Khanna.
I am closer to him...
...if you say like this, then he'll arrest me only.
No, David.
Now he isnt your accuse.
My Prabahakar.
Countrys child Prabhakar.
Soul like Prabhakar never die.
One Prabahakr passed.
Another Kalicharan has arrived.
In Prabhakars mask.
I am very happy with you Kalicharan.
You can resume your duty.
Heard the promotion of soldier to constaple.
But from IG to make DSP is your only job.
If you're true with heart, then what isn't possible.
I am Prabhakar, listen its Bombay IG's order.
Am not Kalicharan.
You can change your name.
But not yourself.
I have heard everything.
Sapna, - Yes.
You're doing so much for them and kids.
This is a drama.
But beautifull then reality.
This is lie.
But greater than truth.
I am an ordinary man.
But greater than tons of people.
Yes Kalicharan.
You. - I...
I respect you.
I love you.
He'll die.
And will definately die.
Today he's going with IG's daughter and her friends to Changu area...
...for social work.
But now we can't kill him in public place.
In Chambu area.
There Shaka stays,
And Shaka is brother of mr Avtaar.
And Shaka won't spare him.
I promise.
Rajni sir.
Today I have boozed a bit.
Do call me if my turn will come,
Your turn has come.
Did you see, now come next sunday and form a line.
What are you fooling, gave oil to 5 people and says oil over.
We saw in frontof us the truck loaded with oil had arrived.
So what your father has sent it...
...get lost, there is no oil here. - This is mere cheating,
Son, give me oil to cook food for children.
Go mother go.
Today you cannot cook at home.
Whoever wants to make food.
Take in double price from back door.
Lot of oil you get.
Where poor can bring money from.
Go die if you don't have money.
I didn't go to call you all at home.
That come and take kerosene, - Mr manager.
Give everyone the kerosene.
Or else will burn you in this oil, and turn you mud.
Go away, inspector.
Many police men arrived in this area.
Threat end and they went back.
This is Shakas, shop.
And in this area everything happens according to Shakas wish.
Let me also see the face of the king of this area.
Who is your Shaka.
Dhannu, arrange tea for sir.
Shaka, is my name boss.
Are you not ashamed of looting poor.
Is bad thing.
Have come in Shakas area.
Have breakfast and go.
Have repeatedly said
Never give to loyal dogs.
I arrest you Shaka, openly doing wrong job and giving bribes.
Heard lot about this name.
Prabhakar. Shrivastav.
Saw today.
Even the mouse is stronger.
What can you do with the support of this toy.
There's a charm in your call.
Sir Prabhakar, don't fight with him.
He's very dangerous man. - Yes brother please.
Papa, come on, chinky, - Say Shaka.
What kind of decision you want.
Swear on my wrong job.
Shaka is bravery's another name.
And respects bravery.
Before fighting with enemy in front.
Will give proper chance.
I have a weapon in my hand.
And this weapon.
Would've been in your hand.
And if you don't know, to run play weapon.
Then appologise to Shaka.
Will fight with your weapon.
Do you know...
...with this weapon, goddess has always destryed wrong doings.
And Shaka.
Is goddess beliver?
You don't know that I am goddess believer.
Get up friend, get up.
I agree.
Shaka is another name of bravery.
But friend, Prabhakar is another name of justice.
Won't allow injustice...
...will give a chance to the opposite party properly.
Swear of my wrong job.
Since long have got a good hunter.
God promise DSP sir.
If today Shaka looses, then...
Will leave the area and business forever.
Let's go, they've come.
Shaka. Get up.
This country needs brave people like you.
Get up.
Get up.
Shaka is defeated.
Mr Prabhakar.
Today after saving my life.
Have put me in debt.
Open the shop.
From today this isnt Shaka's shop...
...its the societys shop, openly distribute the goods.
You man.
Have repeatedly told you to leave wrong job.
Why do you take their ills.
And then you fight with the police officer like Prabhakar.
I feel ashamed of calling you my brother.
If there would be brothers like you, then.
India will rise.
O that's nice.
Oh comeon.
Dare devil.
Eat this.
Come on, look your friend is coming, - Good morning sir.
How beautifull dogs. What beautifull dog.
Have called today what.
Hello! - Oh shera, comeon.
I am tierd of old dogs.
You said it rightly.
Our mens were all useless.
Had sent 10 mens to attack him.
But Prabhakar. - He defeated him.
This is the only message from my loyal dogs.
Sorry boss.
I am ashamed of Shaka, s job.
Now you don't need to be ashamed of.
This job.
I will myself do.
You boss. - Yes.
Now I don't want to risk my people.
Hence from south India.
Have called a dangerous murderer.
Difference between Jagir Singh and Din Dayal is
That police is behind Jagir Singh, since last 10 years.
And Din Dayal
Sits with police men, and ridicules.
Jagir singh openly kills.
And Din Dayal.
He kills people slowly with poison.
Your job will be done.
Give me two lakhs rupees.
Who will kill?
My 50 is over.
This muder my son snake will do.
He's deaf.
He's dumb...
He cannot hear secrets, nor he...
He neither speaks.
He understand eye movements only.
Yet have killed 34 and half murder, half meaning.
On not recieving advance.
35th murder remained half.
This is your advance.
Your work is done, Din Dyal.
This means.
He has sweared.
Will return after killing.
Now you tell your plan.
Plan is IG is leaving for delhi in the morning by plane.
I'm CID inspector Mehra speaking.
Did uncle reached Delhi.
IG has informed you to rach at sharp...
...3pm at bombay central library.
But why, you'll get your message there only.
It's urgent amtter.
Yes I heard.
But destiny with us.
On account of bad weather, plane returned.
Sir, if this telephone.
It's a master plan and enemies conspiracy.
They want to kill Prabhakar once again.
I understood sir.
But I am never scared of death.
I will go sir.
And you'll not stop me, I will go.
You'll go...
You will go with preparations.
Excuse me, are you mr prabhakar.
My name is Prabhakar.
Some fellow has left this book for you.
This means you understood quiet well why have I called you here.
This matter is between us.
Why government dogs along.
I believe that.
If you really want to meet me.
Quietly near front washrooms back door.
Come alone to Babulnath temple.
You've very less time.
Yours faithfull.
Please put this letter in your pocket.
Babulnath temple sir. - Subash Babulnath temple.
Are you mr Prabhakar.
Yes. - Your uncle has distributed spiritual stuff.
He was in hurry, couldn't wait, have left something for you.
Please take.
Come immediatetly to versaova beach.
Theres a sand art by an artist.
One request.
You've a pistol in your pocket.
Please put in gods feet.
In love meetings you shud never carry such things.
Come on make it faster.
Your well wisher.
Versova beach sir.
Versova beach.
These police men are very tricky.
Have sent you...
...but along with you've contact transmitter with you.
Please remove it and drain in sea.
What happened?
Sir disconnected.
Thank you.
Theres a church in few distance from here.
We'll meet there. But do come.
Have very less time.
I will wait.
Whom do you work for.
Who send you here.
On a cbbie name.
He's dumb and deaf.
Drop him to hotel marcanto, he want to go.
"This moment so tricky, hope you don't lose it."
"Such moments don't arrive always."
"You've a company for a drink."
"Colorfull evening, look it dosent slip."
"This moment so tricky, hope you don't lose it."
"Beauty drops wine... Come sip it."
"Come sip it."
"Today is the day to die on beauty..."
"...die on me and live your life."
"Die on me and live your life."
"I am mad for you."
"Come in my arms."
"Hey, look here dear, you're real love has arrived."
"Generation will see the show of our love."
"You'll dance, and I will make you dance, you'll throbber..."
"Be carefull with me."
"I am a light and my job is to burn, you'll have to walk on fire edges."
"Walk on sharp edges."
"This butterfly will have to burn..."
"...but before you'll have to burn."
"First you'll have to burn."
"Yet don't know me."
"Yet don't know me."
"Even you didn't recognise."
"Not recognised, nor known, in the program."
"Come, come, come."
What happend?
Jagir Singh.
He's the same accused.
Police was hunting him since long.
Why are your hands trembling.
After hearing what ever happened yesterday,
Heart shakes.
Do you've a heart.
If something would happened to you then. What would happened
I would die, and me who is already dead on you.
Why is this aunt squeezing papas neck?
Quiet, you're still small.
No papa, we dint see anything.
No brother, even I didn't see anything,
Shut up you, are you not ashamed.
Look uncles here.
Good morning, how are you?
Where are you...
Tonight have called some guests, what's your program.
Todays is 31st december.
Oh my God, I completely forgot.
Tonight a new year is starting, daddy.
We all are going to Din Dayal uncles new hotel.
What's its name, yes hotel Lion, - Very good.
You all can go to hotel lion...
...and we oldies will celebrate at home.
Now say.
Even I din see anything.
Hello Prabhakar. - Hello uncle.
Hello Sapna. - You've made a very nice hotel.
Still not complete.
Good news is this bad year is completed for you...
...your blessings sir.
Big mens gives blessing.
I can just advice.
Firstly, friendship is always better then enmity.
Yes. Without doubt.
On a bet that the friendship shud from heart.
Say the other thing.
And secondly, not over here.
Come for meal at home.
Will sit with patience and talk.
Ok sure, will certainly come.
Ok I II make a move.
Hope this new year brings success and safety for both of us.
Happy new year.
What happened?
This man seems to be weierd.
He always talks stupid.
Have you ever felt anyman is right.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Welcomes you to bring in the new year.
Kindly take your partner for midnight special.
Now shut up and join the party.
Sir heed to what I am saying.
Join the party.
Nonsense. Just press.
I have heard...
That Veer Jamal has brought some information.
Sir I am confident that NO.17 is the Lion...
Lion... Deen Dayal.
Many important people have come...
...you better throw this and join the party.
See sir I had doubted Deen Dayal from the biggining.
You know he's of my best friends and I know him since years.
This is the thing I want to explain you.
The book which is read from too near its word gets blurred.
Listen... - The dialogue is from which movie.
It's of movie Kalicharan.
And now you started uttering your real name too.
Get out... and I was trying to say...
Its ok. If the world doesnt accepts it.
You show the world who is Kalicharan.
But it has no way to it.
There is a way.
We'll kill him in his own arena.
So this means that we'll have to get involved with him.
Every one drinks liquor in crystal glass...
But in drinking it in silver glass it has its own fun.
Yes the liquor is seen in crystal glass...
But it hides in silver and gold glass.
And it's called nectar of lords.
One important thing I am conveying.
We're going to raid your...
Warehouse in Girgaum.
I'll see you after the raid.
Thank you very much...
No one knew abiut the raid...
Then how those criminals knew.
How the hell did this secret leak?
It's quite clear that...
Someone has passed the information.
And who is that bastard.
Let go...
It's Rs.140 thousand.
Count it. - No need to count it.
In todays world dishonesty is only the business...
Which is done in full honesty.
The only desire is to just have a look at it.
Show him, show him.
See. - Very nice, very nice.
You know Sharma, what are you saying.
Whatever I am saying is in my perfect knowledge.
I have respect for officer Prabhakar.
But my duty is forcing me to clear my doubts to you.
It seems the criminals have made him their accomplice.
And he's taking advantage of his position.
See this we've brought blankets and clothes for...
...children and poor people.
Please distribute it accordingly.
This is all being given to you in genorisity from Mr. Deen Dayal
And the festival we're going to celebrate in the evening...
Will be presided over by Mr. Deen Dayal himself.
"Repeatedly greetings to all."
"Repeatedly greetings to all."
"O you the gratest."
"What will people know, you know."
"You know or we know."
"You know or we know."
"Your a wise man."
"Or a politician."
"Or a politician."
"You're plans you only know, what the world knows about it."
"Worship the wiseman."
"Why are you famous, what these people know."
"Why are you famous, what these people know."
"You know or we know."
"You know or we know."
"You know or we know."
"Its raining beautifully."
"Some have lost their heart."
"Who will know that, you know or we know."
"You know or we know."
"I am yours."
"You're mine."
"I am your thirsty planet."
"You're song of love."
"You're song of rain."
"Your love showers..."
"...to change the colour of life."
"Our meetings, isn't a mere talks."
"What this people would know, you know or we know."
"You know or we know."
I was saying correct that...
Criminal is always a criminal.
What happened.
Whom I trusted and had put my destiny on
Who had put his career on stake.
The same man who can cheat me.
I could never believe it
You're mistaken.
I have never cheated.
Then what is it.
What is it.
Prabhakar, who
Who could give his life towards his duties.
And this is Prabhakar.
For some peice of papers.
You trying to sell the humanity.
You'll sell your family? - You oldie have gone nuts.
Don't make me angry.
You talk about humanity? If I tell you the truth...
What's the cost of soul.
What I get in return towards my duty.
My soul isn't that cheap.
My duty is towards my kids too...
...and for thier growth I need money.
Money. - I am also alive for thier growth.
But you've tried killed me.
You'll have to pay for it.
I arrest you.
Inspector Sharma. - Yes sir.
Prabhakar has run away on motor bike from my bungalow.
Arrest him immediately. - What sir, this is my order.
Son of a dog.
I did everything for you all, and you to my kids...
Where are they...
...if you say then shall I return them to IG Khanna.
It seems the doors of that house are closed for you.
Whatever happens, happens for good.
Just finish the work for today.
After that you can go anywhere with kids.
Todays work.
Its bit difficult.
Not without Prabhakars help.
Which work.
Gujarat is flooded.
Tons of food grains lying in Bombays warehouse.
Will leave for Gujarat tomorrow.
If tonite we can destroy the warehouse.
Then we'll be ever happy.
But these warehouse are under strict security.
No one go inside.
DSP Prabhakar can go.
Meaning. - Our mens will also be along with you.
We've called the expert of bomb makers.
Meet him.
And understand the schemes.
Come in no.3
I won't spare you.
I will kill you.
You scoundrels.
What is it Prabhakar.
I will tell you sir Din Dayal.
You all are fool...
Or may be fooled.
He isnt Prabhakar.
He's Kalicharan.
He isn't DSP.
He's an illiterate labour.
Who was working with me in my factory.
His name is Kalicharan, - Don't change your colours.
Actually it's.
He was with me in Nagpur jail.
He fooled me and ran away.
Spoiled my name. - Don't be fake.
He was in Delhi jail as a prisoner.
You're lying.
After Prabhakars accident.
IG was in Delhi for a month,
Which we got to know later.
He's lying to you.
He wants to drop me down in your eyes cause of his internal enmity.
Shetty says,
Or you illiterate.
Is Kalicharan.
As DSP should.
You should be at least BA pass (graduate).
Right boss.
So Mr. Prabhakar.
I will ask you a very simple question.
Such police officer.
How will you tackle an impostor?
I say how will you tackle.
No. - No.
How will you take.
How will you tackle.
IG khanna was beaten here only.
He thought you everything.
But cold not learn English language.
You yourself will commit and say you're Kalicharan.
Bring him on.
Beat Prabhakar.
Kids skins are very soft, Shetty.
Beat him so much, that even kids...
Leave me.
Someone has said the truth.
Put him in gas chamber.
Should die in a minute.
Wait Avtar.
We need Prabhakar in today's plan.
But boss.
He's Kalicharan.
If IG Khanna, can make Kalicharan as Prabhakar.
Will make him Prabhakar and send hi to government warehouses.
You take Prabhakar sir along.
There is a very little time left.
Do your work.
Avtar. You also go along.
But remember.
If you try to cheat then...
Kids are very dear to you.
Take him, - What rights do you've to...
...take him as wrong and harass him.
Because he's an ordinary man.
Even you not greater than him, IG sir.
If anything happens to Kalicharan today.
Today onwards no Prabhakar will ever try to become Kalicharan.
No he'll not do.
Please save him.
D.S.P. Prabhakar Srivastav...
We've to check the warehouse urgently
Start work quickly. Danny.
Attach bombs here.
Right now I will put the main point.
Yes my son Kalicharan.
How is the arrangement.
It will get perished in just 15 minutes.
Shaka is with you friend.
Birds always tremble before dying.
You're betraying me being my own brother.
Tie both the bastards.
Leave us... - Tie them. Bihari.
After the explosion, they'll perish with this warehouse.
Put this net...
From here to there...
Mr. Avatar, you connect the internal connection.
You see the main connection from outside.
And how did you come here?
Whatever you told Manav...
I heard every thing.
According to this signal, the police has arrived here.
Now its time for us to leave through our private gateway.
One eyed.
Now this den is of no use for us.
Destroy it.
Ok. Boss.
Deen Dayal...
The lions are always generous...
And dogs loyal.
Your not a lion...
And nor dog.
Tell me you bastard, where are the kids?
They're with utmost care, jack.
Grand papa.
Because of our good friendship...
...I am advising you a good thing.
Throw the pistol that way.
No grandpa, don't worry about us.
Even we're children of our father
Mr. Khnna, throw the revolver.
That's good.
Now tell the policemen with you transmitter...
...to move towards south avenue.
You look after the kids.
Shakal, look at that.
Every thing is ready?
Please hurry up.
It's time for destroy or get perished.
There is only one way to save this warehouse to get destroyed.
Hey... come with me.
What an aim... what an aim.
You scoundrel.
Now save yourself.
What have you done this Shaka?
I have paid the debt. - No shaka...
Our all plan flopped Shetty sir.
Shetty never failed.
You all search Kalicharan.
He'd be hidden somewhere here only, shoot him on site.
But storage.
Method number two.
Train arrive shortly from here.
I will change the route track.
Train will arrive on this track. - It will bash with this truck.
This truck full of bomb will blast the train.
But sir its passenger's train.
Very good.
Peoples life is cheaper than these food grains.
Let them die too...
...and listen till train arrives, search Kalicharan.
I will change the route track. - Yes sir.
Life is so dear Din Dayal.
But you might remember.
One day I had swear on my father.
I will take revenge of Prabhakars death.
I agree, now I agree.
If the accused is given love...
...and responsibilities, than what not he can do.
You proved this Khanna.
Tears in your eyes.
Yes David.
Have released him from jail.
I am giving him a job.
But the fact is...
Who returned our prabhakar back.
...in Kalicharan's form.
You boy...