TV artist sells awards to survive

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This is well-known television artist Salahuddin
who has displayed his talent in almost 2000
Hindko and Urdu radio and tv drama serials.
Radio drama 'Kehva Khana' Urdu drama 'Koonj'
and Hindko drama 'Daikhta Janda Reh'
are examples of how Salahuddin performed.
Former president Parvaiz Musharraf acknowledged these
acheivements by giving him a pride of performance award.
But all this is in past.
Today, for obtaining two meals a day, this artist
has put up his medals and awards for sale.
SALAHUDDIN: You can see my awards.
I am now in such a position that i want to sell them.
People mind this. They say 'Salahuddin you are
such a big artist, what are you doing?'
Devalued with time, this artist is ailing from heart disease and Diabetes.
All savings have gone into treating the ilnesses.
Now he sets up a stall at Peshawar's Karimpura market.
Salahuddin says he has knocked on every door,
trying to get treatment but no one listened.
SALAHUDDIN: I request the government of Pakistan to,
for God's sake, help me.
I have served this country, this province.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa singers and actors were given
monetary awards by the government.
Salahuddin says he is being discriminated against
for being a Hindko actor.
Artists are a country's resource, but due to the
world and government's disregard,
award winning artist Salahuddin is forced to sell his awards.