ClearCorrect 101

Uploaded by ClearCorrect on 09.06.2010

>>NARRATOR: Meet Bob.
Bob has crooked teeth, and he doesn't like them.
He gets food stuck in them,
which causes bad breath.
And worst of all, everybody makes fun of him.
>>GIRL: Ew, gross!
I'm actually allergic to dating.
>>BOB: Waaaah!
>>NARRATOR: Lucky for Bob, there's ClearCorrect.
>>BOB: [hands over mouth] What is ClearCorrect?
>>NARRATOR: Well, first you have to understand what an aligner is.
An aligner is a clear plastic tray [ooh] similar to those used for teeth whitening, only an
aligner moves your teeth.
>>BOB: [hiding mouth behind collar] How is one aligner supposed to straighten my teeth?
>>NARRATOR: Well, actually, it's a series of aligners. Each aligner you put on moves
your teeth a little bit at a time, until eventually you get straight teeth.
So, let's say these lines are your teeth, and you put on an aligner, and it moves them
a little bit.
And you put on another aligner, and it moves them even more.
And you put on another aligner.
And eventually, you get straight teeth.
Now Bob's wearing aligners.
They're comfortable, [ding]
he can take them out when he's eating, [ding]
and nobody can tell he's wearing them. [ding] [shh]
>>BOB: Thanks, ClearCorrect!