2NE1_TV_Season 2_E02-2_2NE1's filming new MVs

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We're leaving now. Where are we going today?
Taebaek, Gangwon-do.
Guess it'll take a long time.
4, 5 hours?
4, 5 hours!
It's' 4 hours.
Stretch your legs and go to sleep.
It's 12:30.
I have to get up at 8.
I have to sleep now.
Go, go!
Go, go!
I ordered ricecake noodles.
When you stop by the rest area, you're supposed to eat ramen and stuff.
But they're sleeping.
Good morning, everyone.
Can you show me how I look now?
Uh... well...
My face is swollen now.
I'm the first one to shoot (the music video scenes)
so I have to wake up and get ready just a tiny bit earlier than others.
I'm going ahead of them now.
It's the music video for "Go Away."
I'm a racer, this time.
What do you wanna say?
Today's outfit:
wearing racer's outfit with a flip-flop.
The set for Go Away music video
CL acting enthusiastically as a charismatic racer
Uh-oh, she's gone.
A while ago, CL was acting.
She was all embarrassed and
I'm going now to guide her to act.
CL does well,
but you can't tell if she's acting or rapping.
I saw her act from far away,
and she was doing something like this.
Didn't you say you were going to teach her to act?
When did I do this?
You did. So I said "Oh, CL's rapping!"
She told me to go away, that I was only interrupting her.
OK, fine, I'll go. If you want me gone, I'll go.
Do you think I can't go, if you tell me that?
Then can we drive around a little?
Please let us!
How much gas do we have left?
I try so hard, but you don't let me go anywhere.
I'm gonna put this in the suggestion box.
I have, I've got some money.
It's 678's wallet.
- Alright, let's go. - Let's go.
Dara and Minzy escaping for freedom
We're going to run.
Today's 678's birthday.
I didn't want him to worry
so I just pretended to go and came back.
Everyone's asleep, and
I'm going to shoot my solo scene.
It's a scene where the male actor slaps me,
and I get bruised.
Is he really gonna hit me?
Open it.
Who is it?
Who is it? Let go!
Get off me!
Get off me!
She's escaped her worst acting.
No, from worst acting to superior acting.
Open it!
Ah, I'm so embarrassed.
Afterwards I'm like...
Who is it?
Who is it? Let go!
- Hey! - I told you!
She's doing well. She's giving her best.
That's right. That's the attitude of a true actor.
I'm hit, Minzy.
I'm hit.
I'm really really hit right here.
- Really? - I was really hit.
Did you get hit in the nose, too?
You should get hit like this.
And when you're hit...
do this.
That's why they didn't let you act.
Oh, my God.
Are you crazy?
I was practicing without any sleep, and I'm here to get kicked.
Do you think that's fair?
It's baby clothes.
I wanna have a baby, too.
Do you think it'll fit Eugene?
Do you think it'll fit YG's baby?
What are you doing?
CL going to get materials for quilt
Do you sell these separately?
Separately like this?
We sell it like that.
- Oh, really? - Yes.
if you choose something like this...
- Are you just making the teddy bear? - Yes.
The big one here... One big one and one small one.
One big one, one small one. One big one, one small one.
- Ah, like that? - Yes.
For every piece of cloth, one big one and one small one.
- Who are you going to give it to? - I wanna give it as a gift to someone...
YG's baby?
You can't have a prettier baby than TomTom.
As if you say, "I knew you'd do that." Music video director, Cha Eun Taek
get on from the side together.
I went blank.
The moment Dara takes over the handle,
we'll all run away.
CL's secret gift?
What should it be, first?
Do something small. Like a baby holding something,
and do "Daddy, daddy."
- Daddy? - Yeah.
YG is daddy?
Daddy, daddy, daddy.
YG is here.
This is a secret. It's a surprise.
This is a top-class operation.
You scared us.
Nooo, this is a top-class operation.
Where's 2NE1?
Oh, no!
Wait, wait.
OK, come in.
The button!
- Park Bom! - No, it's not me.
Park Bom, were you caught eating pizza?
No, I...
- It's not me. - Come out.
- I was tying my hair. - Don't lie.
It's really true.
Why did you do that?
Why did you do that?
Did she eat pizza or not?
I didn't eat it. Not even a bite.
Didn't you hide it back there?
Eat it all.
I got the frame done.
Wow, a cat.
Gotta get the eyes, too.
How do you stitch the eyes?
It's done.
Wow, it's cute.
- YangYang is born. - Though I can't tell what it is.
Yeah, it should be like that.
It's cute in its own way.
It's cute.
Then please bring it to YG.
We arrived 12 hours ago, right?
No, for three days, for three days we've been like this.
Music video set for Clap Your Hands
That's Minzy, too.
It's so cute.
Minzy, you can move to the front more.
Gather up!
Why do you get my face like... You scare me.
Why do you always take funny shots of me? Look at this.
This is pretty, like this.
Don't let her talk.
If you drop that, it means you're not sick.
What are you doing?
She's disappeared, she's gone
to the producer.
I have swollen lymph nodes.
Park Bom suffering from lymphadenitis
Sudden it swelled up.
If it swells up here, it doesn't go down.
All kinds of chronic diseases are coming back from doing this.
Nose allergy and swollen lymph nodes... It's crazy.
How high does it go up?
I drew a picture of myself.
So whenever they shoot a music video,
I'll be with them.
It's 2NE1 TV day today.
Music Show Open Hall waiting room
It's up, it's up.
It'll be so sad if I don't show up much.
I was so sad to see my part decrease bit by bit last year.
Yay, it's starting!
It's different.
It's 2NE1 TV, right?
It's coming back.
This is funny.
It's CL.
Do I look like this? 2NE1 concentrating on 2NE1 TV
Do you see this Horseasaurus?
This is leader...
- The leader's is opened. - Oh!
Oh, my God!
The set of a TV commercial
Yes, good girl. Bom transformed to a tough girl
Bad Bom.
Don't videotape this.
Do you want me to bully you?
She's bullying!
Hey, straighten up!
Your pelvic bones are sticking out and it's bugging me.
Why am I...
Dara... Dara...
Is Minzy? Why?
But if I go, I'll be bullied.
I'll be the first to be bullied.
I told you not to shoot from the top!
I'm trying to comfort you. Minzy lie down and sleep.
I'm wrecked.
Why do you keep putting the socks on my face?
11 percent!
It's YOU & I, Chinese version. We'll have it out.
Park Bom dreaming of the Chinese version of YOU & I
What's that?
Never let you go...
A bit like Mojamoja, speak Korean in Chinese tones.
You're good at it.
Do it right.
Not like that.
That doesn't sound like Chinese.
Do it right.
It's a masterpiece.
April 14th, the day before departing for the US
I wanna drive.
I also have the international driver's license.
I wanna get a ride.
I wanna be in the car you drive.
We were supposed to arrive at 1 o'clock on the 15th.
And work on that day.
But Will I Am said
we should just do it from the 16th,
so we have the whole 15th free.
Looks like we're focusing too much on having fun, but...
It's our first time going out for work. This is work.
You saw me practice singing every day, didn't you?
No, I didn't.
I practiced alone.
Honestly, mini album is the only thing we did in Korea.
And we've worked with Teddy only.
It's not a problem of singing well or not,
The... the most important thing is being yourself.
Having confidence in yourself.
I just hope we won't get scared there.
There isn't anything that's different, really.
It's just a different producer and a new song.
And it's in English... Just think of it like that.
It'll be the end if we feel intimidated there.
And if we wanna do it right, we'll have to be good.
Is everyone taking just one each?
This one, and a few spare bags.
Take one carry-on and this.
- How many are you taking? - I'm taking two.
I have about three of this.
Are you the only one going to shoot the music video?
Every time you go out, you take like three suit cases.
Well, you have to change, two per day.
What, we're going to record.
We're not going for a vacation.
That's what I'm saying.
I have to dress up when I work.
Only then I sing well.
Ah... In the past few months,
has my skin condition gone bad?
I have a problem.
Shoes take the most space when you pack.
I have my shoes out,
but I can't decide.
Should I take two or three. But three is already too much...
Two pairs?
What should I do?
Minzy... I videotaped you.
She's wearing only a T-shirt.
No, I mean, I didn't know you'd videotape me here.
OK, I won't do it anymore. Your privacy is...
No, stop it.
It's cute!
OK, I'll stop. Uh... Hey!
This is my room.
Look, I’m finally packed.
clothes, shoes, hats, bags.
Things like emergency medicine are all prepared.
Finally completed! Now I just have to go.
Tomorrow, I'll be dragging it like this...
This is how I'll go. My shoes!
April 15th, the day of departure
Come to think of it, we used to ride the small van in the last 2NE1 TV.
- But now it's... - It's a van!
What are you doing, Bom!
She's doing her makeup again.
Ah, be quiet.
You're pretty.
What's in our van?
Bom's brother-in-law.
The frog?
Not her brother-in-law, her husband.
Ah, Bom's...
- Brother-in-law for me. - He looks like Bom.
Isn't he cute?
Should be Minzy's friend.
Brother, give me some pocket money.
What if I do this?
What are you doing?
He's cheating! Bad husband, bad husband.
She kicked him, like this!
Whose suitcase is this?
It's mine.
Dara has aerophobia
Look, I knew it from the start, she's exhausted.
Ah, because of the plane.
Poor thing.
I'm going home.
Give me the car key.
But you endured it for 4 hours now. I think you'll be OK.
That is OK, but 13 hours and 30 minutes...
I guess, 12, 13 hours is hard.
Are you worried?
Carrying livestock products.
You're not taking any meat like that, are you?
- What? - Meat.
- Meat, to eat in secret. - Of course, not.
Bom, I know you grew up in America. Master Hwang
And I know there are a lot of things you like to eat.
But I believe in you.
Apart from not eating corns because you don't like it,
I'll be grateful if you can manage your diet well,
and come back just as you went.
Not heavier nor thinner. OK?
Bom, I believe in you!
I think we're going now.
Shall we go?
Park Bom is my partner.
Planning. Planning Kang Sang Don
Leader of the producers. Head Producer Kim Gi Woong
Every Tuesday 6PM. Organizer Han Sung Mi
These people do the reruns for us. Organizer/Planning Choi Jae Yeon/Kang Ji Hoon
The writers. Composition Choi Seung Jin
The Horseasaurus does this for us... Composition Baek Hyo Jung
If you cut out a whole chunk, MLE Editing Lim Hyun Jae
like this... Total Editing Kim Jae Yoon
then, fill it with 2NE1 songs. Recording Park Seung Sun
Please don't go. Music Kim Chang Hyun
Speech balloon... OAP Art Director Kim Tae Ju
Yeah, and add in a lot of CG, please. OAP Design Lee Sung Yoon OAP CG Director Kim Jae Yoon
Mosaic. OAP C.G Park Hye Sun Ju Hyo Jin/Kang Jung Hee
Ah, homepage. Web plan Kim Young Joon/Lee Ji Hyun
Please check out the homepage. Web Design Kim Jae Yoon Web developer Shim Man Seok
Promoting 2NE1 TV? Ads Lee Jae Hyang
Please promote it. Marketing Lim Dae Jin Administrator Choi Won Jung/Lee Yoon Jung
We're always together.
Now, not the directing team but the managing team. Assistant director Park Min Ah/Min Geun
Assistant director Kim Shi Ra/Kim Eun Hye
Thank you for your hard work.
Director Lee Sang Yoon
I'm doing it for 2NE1 TV show.
Honestly, I don't get it.