[Eng Subs] 110502 MTV 日韓音樂瘋(JK POP) Super Junior-M 專訪(Interview) Part 2/2

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Actually our Taiwan friends would like to know more about you guys
So let's play a mini game
Okay? Be honest
Mini game, yes, because I know
That you guys now live together
Should know a lot of secrets
I say Ryeowook
Stop solving the puzzle
Come out and play
How you know?
I know
Are you our fans?
I am downstairs
That time // So you actually live downstairs?
Eunhyuk your birthday, I sang a song for you
ZhouMi, stop singing already
Eating I also know
Okay, let's play a mini game
Scary // Scared? // Really?
You are dead
Okay, let's play a game
Okay now
We are going to play a mini game
That is the truth game Super Junior M
Because recently
You guys lived together right?
In Korea, you guys got live together? No right?
Yes, also have
Also lived together?
Then you guys should know each other's secrets
Too many right?
No secrets // No secrets?
I did not live together with you but I also know
Kyuhyun watched soccer until six o'clock yesterday
How did you know?
You told me
Okay, let's ask some questions that are not secrets
Fun questions, okay?
No punishments
Okay first one
Who love cleanliness the most?
One two three
Everyone pointed to themselves
Be honest a little bit
Why why?
Anyone would like to say?
Because when he was doing activities in Korea
At the Music show annoucing
Don't say this
Previously at other programmes, we got say it before
At the music show the time
Before the show starts
Suddenly he went to the washroom
He used the soap
Ah don't
To wash his armpit hair
Maybe because he danced until he's too warm
So we think that Eunhyuk loves cleanliness
Ah interesting
Because I will perspire a lot from dancing
You dance too seriously
That time I also wore a very tight T-shirt
And that time I perspire
So it's very uncomfortable
Clean is better than being not clean right?
And if you go to his room
Everything is very neat and tidy
Henry you know why?
Because we have separate rooms in Taiwan
So we played a game to decide who choose the room
And he chose the biggest room
And our rooms are smaller
So there's many things together
So it felt like our rooms are messy
His room is bigger
So it looked like it's cleaner
I heard that Henry, recently you are very unlucky
You got the smallest room right?
But after that Donghae switched rooms with you
This you also know, how you know?
I'm just at your house downstairs
I'm scared of you
Don't scared
I thought the most clean person is Donghae
Because Donghae, the last few days
Got pictures of him washing bowls and plates on the internet
He took pictures because he wants to put them on twitter
Do you guys have rules like who must wash the dishes, do this and that?
Purposely one
I meant you guys are tired from filming so still have time to wash dishes
Donghae he put up the pictures
Because he wants pretend to show that he is the good guy
So he purposely took pictures and put on the internet
He did this only to upgrade his image
So he put those pictures
That was my first time seeing him washing the dishes
I also saw Henry ah
You were deciding if you want to clip up your fringe or not
Wow you are really scary
I tell you, I'm a professional
He knows everything
We have no more secrets to say
Okay I would like to know
Who usually sleeps the latest?
One two three
Henry and ZhouMi?
Kyuhyun too
Okay, Kyuhyun you sleep late to do what?
I read books
Really? What kind of books?
Read books and...
See what kind of books?
Trying to bluff people
What Kyuhyun is doing, Eunhyuk you say
His room one book also don't have
Only comics
Actually, there's no comic books
Watch television?
I like to play games
I play the piano frequently
Won't the neighbours scold you?
He wear the headphones so people won't scold
He's talking rubbish
Very noisy
Yesterday also, because midnight there's a soccer tournament
Because he's watching soccer so he shouted loudly
Kyuhyun listened to music and was afraid that will disturb other people
So he would bring headphones himself
You can't hear it yourself
But other people can hear
Who also sleeps late? Henry
Henry, what were you doing?
Because frequently we promote
Will end later So I will
Go home and learn Mandrin
Learn mandrin? // Really
Read books, learn chinese
Never go out and play
I was watching your programme
Because previously I will keep on watching your programme
To learn Mandrin
When I hear until a word that I don't understand, I will stop
And search for the word and stuffs
Hello teacher
Thank you, if there's free time watch our programme
There's also some Korean songs
Your songs have quite a lot
Okay, then who go out and play the most in Taiwan?
In Taiwan, one two three
I tell you
Even this I know is ZhouMi already
Because I heard ZhouMi got go out and play
He likes to go shopping
He don't need to come back home
Of course I need to go home and sleep
Where did you go and play?
Yang Ming Shan
See the scenary, quite beautiful
Wanted to see together but you keep breaking the appoinment(miss it)
No I did not know, really
I was thinking if they really were speaking the truth
There's a staff telling me ZhouMi call me to go out together
I don't know if it's true or not
So it was really true
Next time we go out together
You guys don't keep staying in the hostel
I know maybe because there are many fans
If free, let's go out and have a meal together
But we have no friends
No friends? Okay, friend friend
Okay Karaoke Together
Want boy friend or girl friend
Girl friend
Next time I find the MTV staff
We sing together
Next time we should go out and sing a song together
Let's go KTV
More Private
Can you treat us?
I treat you guys
No problem
We have a lot of people
You see, already have six
Don't drink too much can already
Okay let's ask another question
Who likes to throw tantrum at the staff
One two three
That is his character
Can you demostrate?
So my learning method for mandrin
I chat with my staff
Or go shopping together
Where did you go shop?
In Taiwan
Dong Ju
And Si Men Ding night market
Also went Yang Ming Shan
During day time or night time?
Night scene, can see the night scene already
Really not bad
There a lot couple
Many couple sit together
When he was at the hostel
He doesn't play with us
He usually play with the staff
He's very funny recently
He's very hardworking towards learning Mandrin
Your Mandrin improved a lot
His method is too scary
Whose fate with girls are good?
Most girlfriends
Whose phone ring the most and it's girls calling
If it's farenheit
They will choose me
One two three
Everyone is the same
Only Sungmin pointed to himself
I'm sitting alone quietly
Also have girls approaching to me
You have many girlfriends in Taiwan?
I don't wish to translate
He's saying like he's not doing anything
Just like quietly sitting down there
Girls will also be attracted to him
Sungmin's case is
He totally treats guys and girls differently
You too
If he talks to guys
Yes hyung I know
This is towards guys
If it's girls
Ahh.. What to do
Act cute
Is it like this?
For example
Every time Kyuhyun speaks
I thought he was a Taiwanese
When he talks on the phone
Noona noona goodnight goodnight
I will sub the next one WHEN I HAVE THE TIME