H+ Episode 4: Airport Security

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Because none of what you're saying makes any sense.
First of all, you have no idea
if those people up there are sick or unconscious or dead
or whatever.
They're not unconscious.
Rob. It's Rob.
Rob. Sorry. Kenneth.
They're not unconscious.
You're telling me my brother may be dead.
That the whole frigging world may be dead.
Nobody can save them now, we gotta take care of us.
And what makes you such an expert?
JULIE: Help!
KENNETH: Help me.
JULIE: Help me!
KENNETH: Come here. Rob, give me a hand.
Can you help me lift him? I wanna get him somewhere dry.
It happened so fast.
I told him not to go. But he never listens.
He never listens.
I'm not touching that guy.
Shouldn't we get him into one of the cars?
Yeah. Who parked down here?
We are, but it's too small.
We need to get him where we can lay him out.
Hey, how about that minivan? Is it anyone's?
You have a tire iron, right?
Okay, we're good. Let's lay him down.
Ready, Kenneth?
One, two, three.
ALL: Unh!
SIMONA: One more.
FRANCESCA: One, two, three.
Open the front door for my mother.
[IN ENGLISH] You should get in the passenger seat.
You a doctor?
Med student.
ANTHONY: Lucky us.
He's breathing normally. His heart rate's steady.
So much for your "everyone's dead" theory.
He's not gonna die is he? Oh, please, help him.
KENNETH: What's your name?
JULIE: My name's Julie.
Julie, what happened to him?
Well, we just saw them all suddenly drop.
And we knew something was wrong.
He went to go help them and he dropped too.
And I grabbed him and I pulled him
as fast as I could and...
I tried... Oh, God. Brian.
KENNETH: Who's Brian?
JULIE: It's my son. My baby.
He's at home by himself.
KENNETH: How old is he?
JULIE: He's 15. He's only 15.
FRANCESCA: His mouth is drying out.
His digestive system was shut down.
But she may have pulled him out before the virus
could shut down the rest.
It's a split second process, but it's possible.
If this man's digestive system is off, it's a coma, except--
JULIE: Huh? What?
Then we better act fast.
How? We're not in a hospital.
You know what FES is?
You're kidding, right?
KENNETH: So you do.
I'm studying to be a neurosurgeon.
Of course I know about that scam.
And even if we had a device...
I can make one.
It still wouldn't work in time.
His HPlus has been off for 10 minutes.
His medulla is still pretty receptive to electrical shock.
It may jumpstart it.
No, please just do something.
How the hell do you know so much about the implant?
About what's happening?
I used to work for the people who made it.