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Hi I'm Audrey Gerber
and I work for the pottery barn brands based here in San francisco
for our family the thanksgiving weekend is really the signal that it's the holiday season
for us we are excited because we take out all of our ornaments and our holiday decor
out of the attic
my husband and I choose a silver tips tree or a blue spruce
mainly because there aren't as many branches and the branches are spaced further apart
which really allows for the ornaments to hang nicely and it would also accommodate very
heavy ornaments as well
every holiday season
my husband and I shop for a special ornament for each of our boys
and we think about what they were doing that year
and try to find something appropriate to reflect on what their interest was, so of course
the first year
was the baby beneath the tree
frogs and lizards were pets so of course we have to find the frog and lizard that matched
their pet which was not always so easy
I'm really hoping that my boys will save these throughout the years to come and
when they're old enough to have their own home I really hope that
all of these ornaments will adorn their tree too
I love the ornaments
sold at pottery barn
there's so many great choices and they really help
my eclectic
combination of ornaments look great on my tree
some of my favorites
are the antique mercury glass ornaments
which just look like sparkling little gems and really help
to make my tree shine
I love this twelve days of christmas ornament this one is the twelve drummers strumming
it's really fun and
buying a set of those is a really great way to get a quick collection
these red and white glass ornaments look really pretty and just can fill the back of the tree
and really help to highlight some of the other little treasures on your tree
the locketts are really fun to
because you can't put little special photos, each one holds two images and they can be
monogrammed also, one of the really special things about having a big collection of ornaments
is that each one tells a story
it's really fun to
look at the tree and to examine each ornament and
know that each one tells a little bit of the history of our lives
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