Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 1 ~ Opening / Prologue - Boss: Ursula] (English Subs)

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Braig: Hey! Are you okay with this?
Braig: Xehanort, just what do you plan to do?
Xehanort: I...
Braig: Have your memories returned?
Braig: Or, did they never disappear?
Xehanort: My name... is not Xehanort.
Xehanort: My name is... Ansem
Sora: How far do you think we can get in the raft?
Riku: Who knows...
Riku: If it doesn't work we'll just think of another way
Sora: Riku, it's gonna storm soon
Riku: Yeah, the waves have gotten high.
Riku: I'll close the sails
Sora: Okay.
Sora: Riku!
Riku: I'm fine!
Riku: What the?
Ursula: It's true. There you are.
Ursula: You'll pay for what you did to me!
Sora: Ursula!
Sora: Is this a test?
Riku: Sora! There's no time to think!
Sora: Gotcha!
Ursula: I will not be defeated again!
Ursula: You've made me angry! I'll make you regret it!
This world has been connected.
Yen-Sid: Master Xehanort was a prodigious Keyblade Master.
Yen-Sid: Because of his unparalled skill he had many troubles.
Yen-Sid: What is the heart, that it even controls the power of man? This question led to the Keyblade War.
Yen-Sid: From the midst of the old tale of the battle of light and darkness, he tried to seek out the essence of the light and dark that resides in the heart.
Yen-Sid: Rather than choose his duty as a master he chose to go on a journey of pursuit.
Yen-Sid: Through his long pursuit he took many forms and stood in the way of the Keyblade Masters that safeguarded the light.
Yen-Sid: However, it is not over.
Yen-Sid: Perhaps, there could very well be a new threat on the horizon.
Yen-Sid: We have to be prepared to face this threat.
Yen-Sid: Sora and Riku,
Yen-Sid: I would like the two of you to participate the Keyblade Master Exam.
Yen-Sid: In truth it takes several years to become a Keyblade Master
Yen-Sid: But, we do not have the luxury of time.
Yen-Sid: We must outwit Xehanort and prepare for the coming battle.
Yen-Sid: The Keyblade, a weapon that one can only use after being taught by a Master.
Yen-Sid: However, you two have been using the Keyblade in your own manner without instruction.
Yen-Sid: To become a Keyblade master you two must learn the right way to use a Keyblade.
Yen-Sid: So you two will forget the things you learned and start over from the beginning.
Everyone: Wha?!
Sora: You don't have to do that. I'm not going to lose to anyone.
Sora: And plus, King Mickey and Riku are all here.
Sora: Right, Riku?
Riku: I...
Riku: Darkness still lurks within my heart.
Riku: I who walked the path of darkness, am I really fit to use a Keyblade...?
Riku: I need to be sure
Sora: Riku..
Sora: I will also participate in the Keyblade Master Exam.
Sora: And me and Riku will become Keyblade Masters.
Yen-Sid: Well then, let us start Sora and Riku's Keyblade Mastery Exam.