About Irv Gordon and his Volvo P1800S

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[Clock ticking]
>>Irv Gordon: The number of days that I spend driving around in a year? Gee, I don’t know,
probably more than 200. There’s always some place to go, there’s always something to
do: Phoenix; Kansas City; Nebraska; San Francisco; Boring, Oregon; the pig farm at Madison County.
I figure another two years, at the rate I’m going, I should be just about there at 3 million.
[Music plays]
>>Irv Gordon: When I was 7 years old my folks decided to spend the entire summer traveling
around the United States and we went just about everywhere anybody would wanna go and
it was a trip that I’d never forget. I’ve been trying to recreate the feeling that I
had on that trip ever since. We’re gonna get down here on 95.
>>Female #1: Okay.
>>Female #2: Where you gonna go?
>>Irv Gordon: We’re going to North Carolina tomorrow.
>>Male #1: I mean he would go for breakfast in Montreal.
>>Irv Gordon: Well you can’t get a good set of grapes around here.
[Music plays]
>>Male #2: I think it’s just Irv having a good time with life.
>>Irv Gordon: 114 tires, 734 oil changes and over 8,600 tanks of gas; that’s what it
takes to get up to 3 million miles. I take better care of the car then I do myself. The
car doesn’t seem to show any signs of wearing out.
>>Male #3: I’ve been with him on some trips, you don’t need a map.
>>Irv Gordon: And when he’s out traveling he calls me for directions.
>>Male #3: Yes. I just got myself in trouble not too long ago.
>>Male #3: And I needed him to bring me around.
>>Irv Gordon: Society today has gotten so used to having electronic gadgets and so on
instead of kids looking around they’re looking at a TV screen just like when they’re at
home. I mean, how boring is that? I like to stop every couple of hours, you know, have
a cup of coffee, see what’s going on in town. It’s fun; you meet a lot of nice people.
[Music plays]
>>Irv Gordon: Sure it’s tiring but then something will catch my eye and, you know,
something to see, something exciting. The long way around is sometimes the best way
[Music plays]
>>Irv Gordon: No matter how many roads I’ve been there’s always one that I haven’t
been to, you know? That’s what makes it all exciting.
[Music plays]