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Uploaded by hartvoorautosNL on 10.09.2012

I know what you are thinking; why reviewing the GranTurismo? You can get this car since 2007.
I have two reasons; the GranTurismo have had a facelift
Maserati made a few changes which I want to share with you
And ofcourse it is always fun to drive a Maserati
Let me show you the changes, the front has a new look
New headlights, with ofcourse, LED lights
The interiour has some new features aswel
We see new sportseats with new head rests
What a beauty, the leather and alcantara with the red stitching
The front with the pointy headlights, the massive grill
I like it! But I think I told enough, let's go for a ride!
When I got in this car today, the first thing I did after turning the keys was activating the sport mode
The sound of this car is amazing, the emotion, the loud and low growl..
But I forgot to deactive the sport mode, I thought the car was pretty rigid
The response of the gaspedal was very sensitive, not ideal for daily use
But then I turned off the sport mode and the I realized how comfortable this car is
A great car for long distances and perfect for daily use
And when you have had enough of it, you just have to active the sport mode again
The car shifts down, the response of the gaspedal becomes more sensitive
The exhaust starts screaming again, you just want to drive every kilometer trough a tunnel
Back to second gear!
In the revlimiter, the exhaust starts to burble
Amazing, what a sound!
And when you have had enough of that noise, which is actually a lovely noise
Deactive the sport mode, and it is a lovely car to drive every kilometer in peace
This 2013 GranTurismo has a few changes, I already showed you in the front
But also qua power, the V8 engine has 20hp extra which brings the total to 460hp
Which is enough by the way
But it is yet a bit tame, it is a not hardcore sportscar pur sang
When the 'normal' GranTurismo Sport isn't heavy and extreme enough for you..
... I can present you the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale
This is the lightweight version of the normal GranTurismo
This is hardcore pur sang, this car screams and is ideal for track use
We don't have much time with the MC Stradale, but I want to take you for a little ride
That sound of the sport exhaust, the seats with these safety belts
When you want something extreme, this is the car!
Amazing, get in!
First gear, 3000rpm, full throttle!
The gear changes are very quick
The downshifts...
The shocks in your back when shifting, amazing
This is totally different than the GranTurismo Sport
But I like it!
I present you; the sound of the best sounding GranTurismo ever, the MC Stradale!
Today I took you in the world of Maserati, I have driven with the Maserati GranTurismo Sport..
And now I end this video in the MC Stradale, the hardcore version of the Sport
This car is amazing. Choose the Sport when you want a comfortable but sporty car
But when you want a fun car for the weekends, take the MC Stradale!