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oh, welcome!
- How's it going today? - Glad to finally be able to come here
office turned out good too
Please be seated
- Bring me a drink - May l take this course, it looks good too
What you are telling him to pick me up?
- l want to do it yourself - Are you telling the truth?
Did not you tell him?
l felt less sure
That sounds good
What is your office itself?
You're so rich?
- What Your business now? - Still the same as it used to be
Are you sure?
oh well not have the talk was not you come here no purpose
- Did you know my goal? - You want to
- All right - Then let's make a deal
oh yeah
- Honey are you sure? - Do not worry
- Are you ready? - Soon
- See you - All right
You guys ready?
You're on top?
Why so long?
- Streets were jammed - l think you will be late
Fast as well
The place is equipped with a security system
All goods in this place
Do not worry
- They will all be safe - Are you sure? No one can get in here?
Even semutpun will not be able to enter
open up
oh, l'll be facing the rear
- Put me - Good
Hold! Take your time
Look at all the objects in space is very valuable
- Have a look - Wait, are you sure all This valuable item?
- of course - Because l hear there are some fake ones
Not a chance
ouch my head
Are you okay?
lt's okay
Come on
Now do you believe me?
of course
- Let's take a look at other places - With pleasure
The sign is lit
You can begin to act
- You've been inside? - Yes
Where is it?
okay the mission is complete
l'll go first
Hey do not be too fast, hold on!
The mission has been completed
Ma'am, are you okay?
All right
What's wrong?
- Your feet hurt? - l'm fine
My head is a bit dizzy
Maybe you should just rest
Wait a minute
Where does the alarm sound?
of storage space
What happened?
Wait we have to frisk you
What happened?
Hello, we explain to them who it is
Searched them
What did you find there?
Unfortunately, what exactly do you want?
Are satisfied?
ls this what you mean?
Look more closely
- What do you think? - This thing is incredible, a lot of people who after him, we will
- Just this? - What do you mean?
- Why not take the others as well? - oh, time is very limited
- Tell me - We almost got caught
- Yes, thank goodness you philandering - Do not over praise
lt's good to see that kind of money Especially when holding it
Remember not to forget yourself
You do not believe me?
- ln our field, we must always be vigilant - What do you mean what you say?
Why are you so angry?
- Akukan just talk - What do you mean what you say that?
Do you suspect me?
Just tell me frankly
l'm pretty open with him
Come on do not fight anymore
As a team, we have to trust each other
- l agree with what he says - As a team we have to work together
- of course Kitakan've known each other a long time - That's right
Anyway do not argue anymore
- He was upset - What an asshole
Come as a team not mutually mencuigai
- l suspect the - Ah never mind
l do not want to talk about it Again, there are others?
- l have no problem - That's enough guys talk
We have to stick together
Jeez no one came, quickly hide!
- Hey there people! - oh, wait a minute
How's business?
Quite smoothly
You're still the old business?
oh, of course
What are you hiding here?
Lots of your file here
- What's a place like this takes a lot of files? - Yes, it is
- What is it? - Hey do not be haphazard
Look at this place as hiding something
Something you want to say?
Do you have an ashtray?
You can use the bowl on the table
You're here just yourself?
- Not always sometimes l go out as well - Do not play games with me
Try to give him
- What is this - You can recognize the person in that photo!
This woman?
lt is quite pretty as well
Beautiful? you try to contact that we get no hp
All right
- That no you is not it? - l think yes
oh no that sounds
How could any woman here, indeed!
You want to make fun of me! Any accused without any proof!
Just based on some photographs!
Do you deliberately want to find thanks!
Just because the police could do at will?
There was no answer
Anyway, remember l will always be watching you
Photo moreover, what backs this guy is me?
Want to check let alone you!
This time you're safe but l will always remember overseeing all actions and when it is
- Please just whenever l'm ready - You did great - Remember what l said, let's go!
lt's very inconvenient
Whatever it?
l'm tired
What did he agree there?
ls this true?
What do you know here?
Do not be a fool!
So the problem is what do you do again?
l do not understand what you mean
Did you know we're here?
Why do you like it?
Not here
There's nothing you have to do
Why are you like this?
Maybe, maybe
You do not need to say something stupid
You try to do this
This license plate
Why do you like it?
What do you know here?
ls that so?
What is it?
l'm not anything
- Do you want to go? - l want to defecate
lt's come out yet?
lt came out a little bit
How could such a thing?
His name is also human
No need to tell you so
Look further
He was there
- Do you know where he is? - l do not know
Do not know
l have to make him do it
Did you really know he's there?
- Why so? - Not to be
- Terlu like that - l do not know
Why do you not want?
Hey was out yet?
lt's almost out
Sorry to interrupt
lt's nice to meet you
- Why so? - l do not know
- What is happening here? - Good afternoon
Why do we know here?
What is going on here?
l know what happened there?
We have to be with them
What happened there?
- Why is that? - l do not understand anymore
What there
You know what's there
You do not have to
What are they doing there?
- Maybe you know - l do not need to say it
What do you know?
You should not say that
Why does he like her?
You need to say it
Do not you like it
You should be there
- Do not you like it - No
l do not want you to like it
Whatever you want
Do not do stupid
This is an unhealthy gambling
why are you there?
of course
Do you like a fool
What was done?
No need to you know it
Hello, how are you?
How is she?
Soon, l first check
What is it?
Why are you there
Why would you be there?
You should check it out
No need there
Do not like it
oh, why do you like it?
What do you know about them all?
l know she's there
Hey, you come here, l do not know
Maybe you already can
We have to be here
Do not say stupid things in there
Why are you looking for trouble?
You know what?
Let me do it
You should know
ls he up there?
He's been stranded by sea water
Why so
You feel like you're stupid?
Maybe you want it
Hi good evening
Good evening, too
- You know what? - No
Maybe you know
- Why are you so? - No need to say
Can not you here again?
You were not there
You do not need to talk anymore
- l'm good - No
l'll take him there
Hey, what happened to him?
- Do not know - You're such an idiot
- Here - Here we are
Do you know for sure?
What do you want there?
Do not do stupid
Do you like it there
lf you agree with him, l do not order here
Yeah, that's nice
- Maybe she's there - You do not make calculations
Why was he there
We did not quite understand him
Why did he arranged?
- No need for you to say that - Yes
What they know here?
Why are they there?
We know a few there
You are sure of everything?
Hey, you there?
What do you agree there?
You want to know a few?
Maybe l did not understand him
What does he want there?
of course
Do not be a fool
You're so beautiful but stupid
Did you look?
Not happy?
- Let's fight - Hey wait a minute
You are able to fight?
Trying to prove
Here to fight with me
Do not like ornag stupid
What is it exactly?
Remove the hand bitch
l kill you
l'm going to kill you
l'll give you a lesson
- Ensure - Yes
- Hey do not like it - No more
You do not need to say it
l'm sorry!
Damn it all
What do you know there?
Maybe you feel it?
You do not have to agree
Come on
Do not you know l was there?
Are you there?
So what do you disagree with?
So you can not be there
Why did he agree?
Maybe he can come back
oh what do you know
- l do not want there - Yes, it is not necessary anymore
This is for you
Do you expect this again
You take stuff there
Not necessarily you know here
You must be sure of what there
You haurs do
Maybe you want here
We should set up some there
Do not you know he was an enemy
Did he know?
Wait a minute
Do not
- Hey wait - This is it
- Do not be like that - Yes l know
You should know all this
No need to tell you that?
What are they prepared?
Do not know anymore
Do not be there
l started here
- This is what l prepared - They do not need you Thau
Many do not you do
Do not you feel that way
- He was right - l did not know he was arrested
- l do not understand - They want there
- Here's a picture - Right
We shall see
l know they are there
l want you to say so
- l do not like him like that - What?
l'll see me again
What is this?
Why so?
Do not you have to do it
Do not need you to feel it
Not to be there
Could l know there
Why are you there?
Do you ever know there
You're so stupid
l'm not ready
Do not do stupid
You have to prepare everything
Do not you mess with me
What's wrong with him?
Do you there
Not you there
We know they are there
Why do you know she's there
He knew he was there
- Do you know where they are? - No need
Do not be stupid
- You do not need to be told - l do not know
Do not be stupid
There you'll find out
- You do not ever do that - No need to be named
Do not you know they are there
Do not worry
- Do not want - Hey, you come here
What's wrong with him?
- Not there - Hey, you do not like it
Why do you like it?
l'm coming
l'll set it up
Yes, you're absolutely right
Wait a minute!
l do not like it l do not like it
- So he's like what? - l do not know
Maybe he's mad
You could see him
He was probably very mad
l knew it
What do you know?
We all know you do not know anything, right?
l know everything, right?
Probably true
We're betting only
Well, let's bet
l thought too
l'll see you again, goodbye
Hmm, what's hot here?
Bench, please
What is okay?
- Questions? - How did you finish the regular casino?
Why is there a puppet in his casino?
Everyone will do it
You'll never get into
- Where is it? - Floor 34
Really, it's high
- What is it? Security - oh, security
There kemera supervisors in each hallway on each floor
They said, do not know what point from the magnetic field
lt has been developed 4 year and increasingly sophisticated
So with this kind of security no one can enter
Do you all agree?
Like a miracle
- of course, it's a miracle - Good
l save all the money safely and we have never met
Who are you?
Tifany is my brother
Half sister
Why use English? l do not understand
So you have to learn English
Well, time to feast
Do you want this?
l will, give me first
l was very thirsty
Do not hurry like that
- Are you all ready? - l'm used to it
- Let me first - Well, time to feast!
- l'll drink most - Well, well, well
Take it easy
Here you are
We've entered
What should we do next?
Just shut up there until arrested
l'm just kidding
So l have to go?
Mouth odor
l do not brush my teeth
No wonder stinks
But enakkan?
Be careful there, there's a nail underneath
- Good - Watch your feet
- What is it? - Leg l hit the nail!
What would be an infection?
l guess it has spread
Help me fast!
The police had arrived, quickly get out!
Quick out!
What happened?
- Did he get caught? - Do not know
l'll look for it
ls he gonna be okay?
How could l know, You who were with him
- l'm just asking you - Do not be a beta to me
Who are you?
lt's okay, let him go
- Let him go - Please
l've been waiting for
Why so long?
What stuck out there?
You're ugly
Surely your eyes sore because the cloth cover
But it you're ugly
You look in the mirror, l do not lie
- l just got from a dermatologist - lt is useless for you
Why is it useless?
Because you're too bad
l'm going to call a doctor greater for you
Well, what is this enough for you?
- Thank you - Thank you
l'm also a little embarrassed by my face like this
Do not be so shy though your face like that
Thank you
What have you eaten today?
Do you have the key to unlock this?
Let me show you
You know it's expensive
How much is it?
Can not you buy it again?
Have you fallen into poverty?
How was it?
l managed to get it
All right
You're so great
ls this all you need?
Hey, boss, we've got it
l want a drink
Damn it all
oh well, l'll send it there
Nice of you to succeed doing, what she was with you?
He was with me, but you would not be with him
We will be partying tonight
Almost alone
Now l have to go?
oh you are exercising, but you're still weak
Why would you do that?
l have to go now, either
l just heard them from above
ls there something wrong?
You must really want it
You drink not divide me, here it is, take-take
lt's time for me to go
Sister come on toast
l managed to fool
- Please login - l'll have a look
Well, what are you doing?
- Hey what are you doing over there - l tried to save him
The police had come there
- Fast! - l can not do
You're absolutely crazy
A casino being on now by thieves
This is a picture of the thief
What are you doing here?
What do you think l did?
Do not know
l'm sad
Because l miss her
Do not be sad
So what if l'm sad?
Do you mind?
You do not brush your teeth
Mouth odor
Time to go
Hey she's beautiful
Let us till the end as well
Here hot
Let me check
Well we will soon transactions there
Are you all ready?
Why are there so many?
That would require a lot of our energy
How did you Kan with her?
Where's my phone?
Lost my phone!
Really asshole!
l will kill anyone who took my phone
Well share it
Thank you
Are you all ready?
What should l ajarin you all?
What can you do?
Let me see the contents of your bag!
What have you got?
Here you wallet, right?
- What do you want to do? - l do not want to do anything else
l'm sorry
Why are you so noisy?
You too
Why do you say that?
Much obliged
l am very grateful for your help
l'm from Tokyo
ls it?
Wait you should like this
You have to work just as well
You should get a bookie
You also have to do it
Your job is not to supervise them off guard
Excuse me, where are you going?
- Where is the toilet? - The toilet over there
- Where you going? - To the rear
- You know the way? - l know
You have to find a way inside
Whatever way
We will send two more come in afterwards
Thank you
We will continue to follow the case
Not hard, huh?
- Do you play on? - of course
l did not stop there
You have to look convincing
l may have to wear a mustache
Do not forget
Take it easy, l can handle it
You see him
He will be until noon
You'll find an access card
You're off?
l have to look sexy
l should be able to
What are you doing?
Why is that?
You also must be ready
Why are you laughing?
He comes, comes
Do you drink?
With whom here? Alone?
Good, good, good
- No kidding? - No kidding
No kidding
Do you drink? Let me pay
Allow me, let me
l guess l wanted to be kind tonight
ls it?
Tonight was cold
You do not feel cold?
A bit cold
Are you nervous at all
- What is it? - lt's okay
You are really great there
- This is for you - lt
lt's a need
Where am l?
Where is this?
- Where is his office? - Do not know
Where is his office?
- Where is his office? - Money
Go straight
What do you mean?
- Pemisi - Please
Come here, come here
Stay calm That's all right
Card 6
Six cards!
That's great
The money aplenty
He does not understand Japanese
l'm open closet
But the inside was too thick
- How do you open it? - l believe my fingers
We see examples of this safe
We must learn its structure
Look closely
lt was easier for us
You have to learn the tricks
Like this
lt's locked with glasses
lf we use the drill
lt will immediately lock
That would it is impossible to open
- Are you ready? - Ready
- This is my job - lt's all your job
lt's difficult
Not too hard with it
- l'm sorry - l'm only sorry if you do not know
Yes, yes
Do not get complacent
l trust you
No one can like you
lt's easy for you
Glass is very sensitive
Starting from the back lt was much easier
No, l started from the front That's my way
l do not know
- What does it mean? - Bitch
He came
lt is not to be trusted
Excuse me
- Where are you? - l'm from the future
You've worked hard yes
Nothing is impossible
- Why do you say that? - l learned from the experience
Here hot
Do not bother
l just said it
Go on
You do not mind me here?
l objected
Not a big deal
Great for me
- What does it say? - End unhappy is mine
l love all ends happily
Therefore we must try
You want what?
l want a happy ending
l had to do something
Do not stand alone
Jeez Why is he here?
What are your needs?
- No - Then why are you here?
l just wanted to see
You have to remember
Nothing is easy
Even as we thought the easiest
lt could turn into an enemy
When he spoke it, l will not believe
How do l feel?
l had to act like it
l can not like the Yakuza
lt was tough
But l could get used to
How about you?
ls there a possibility?
- Nothing special - So, no?
You do not work steadily
Do not forget life
l have not forgotten it
l also used to like you
What are we doing here?
We have to prepare well
You do not know the area
l'm going to take it easy
lt is not difficult
- Have you ever? - Yet
But l have the experience from others
Do not forget to prepare everything
Nothing is forgotten
All right
Day H CoD
You're going the way around the casino
Create a casual look
What is wanted delivered to the room?
Unfortunately, we still want to play
Wait, what time is it?
At 5
- What do you mean at Japan? - Exactly
- You will fall down - Good
- They do not come along? - No
They had other duties
Hey, are you crazy?
oh, you have a problem?
What is it?
Sorry, sorry
There was a commotion there
ln Table B 27
Koreans culprit
- Where are you? - l'll be right there
Sorry, l no longer matters
[Fighting Continues]
Stop it, stop it
He's crazy l'm not anything
- How? - Ready
Do it
l need some time
Very hard blow
Where are you?
l've been out
We will meet again on the outside
Hello, excuse me
- There's a package from Korea? - Yes, for a while
[People cheered]
This is it
Did you hear?
This, Hong Kong
How many people?
- See you tomorrow morning - Morning
You seem more successful
- Yet - Congratulations on your success
A lot of work to do
l'm still far from successful
You have to understand that
See what this is Someday will die
Do not say nonsense
That is the past
When l was young
He was killed in front of me
Already, do not talk about it anymore
l'm sorry about what had just happened l did not mean anything
lt's okay
l also want to do it
Really? l've been waiting for this
Come, come with me
What did you do that?
Worship God ls not that what everyone should do?
So what you've been?
Sorry to keep you waiting long
Let us pray together
What did you bring for me?
l asked instead for you
- Do not be like that - Why not?
What is it?
l want to talk to him
l do not want to talk to anyone
He's gone
l'm home
- Are you there yet? - Soon
- Are you drunk? - A little drink
- Who's there? - oh, friends
- Hi - Hi
Are you having an affair?
- Do not say anything - l understand
- The view here is very good - Are you there yet?
- Stand by - Get ready, the boss will come
- She had entered the VlP room, you will follow soon - Good
okay, you wait for me marks
When will they arrive?
They will soon arrive, l will monitor from here
- l was waiting 10 feet away - What is this going to work?
- Do not worry - l'm going to prepare his rope
- Miss Bing-a - Thank you
Why? Do you feel ashamed?
Ready Start!
- Give me a drag - okay, are doing
Hey hold on!
- Are you okay? - Yes
- Hi - Hi
okay Stop
Hold a little longer
- l'll help - No problem, thanks
Hey, stop!
- Jhonny, we were on the 30th floor - We are also ready
See what happened on the 30th floor
- Put your hands up - Boy!
Do not move! Who is the leader here out!
Do you? Are you the leader?
Where the central system?
The security system is okay
Right here
What is this?
- What? - What's this?
He had arrived
- Fast - Please login
What happened?
Hey, what happened? What do you hear?
- There was no answer - l'll go check
- Good luck - Good luck
- Someone tried to go check - All right
- Capture all suspicious people Fast! - Good sir
- What is happening here? - No problem
l put all
- Bring the rest - Good
What happens there, why no reply?
- Hey, are they working? - Yes Why is it so hard?
- Hurry up - Shut up
Do not worry, trust me
Believe me
- Put your hands up - Do not do it
- Go to this direction - What happened?
- Crazy! - l do not care
Hey, now
VlP in danger
- Sit - Nuisance
- Yes - Great!
- What are you doing? - Look at this
- l got the news from the VlP room - VlP Room in danger?
Look at this
- There was no answer - All rushed to the VlP room
- What is it? - Hi, l just wanted to give you this
What's this? Beautiful
What they have not done as well?
There's something wrong
- What? Empty? - What happened?
- The system is back to normal - Look at this
- What is out of the VlP room? - Right
- We've been caught - We gotta get out of here
- Why it could be like this? - Hey, are you okay?
- ltems we are looking for is not there - What really happened?
- What's this? - What does this mean?
Relax, l'll take care of this
- What's wrong with this plan? - What do you mean this message?
We have to get out of here
Come on out!
- Where are they going? - lt was suspicious
There were two foreigners walked out
Sir, a lot of police work here lt is difficult for us to be here
- Let's go - Prepare everything, all was quiet
- The police came - Good Come on
Parents, there
This l do not want to
Well, pass
This way You have to pass here
Yes, this
You do not get the VlP treatment, do you recognize him?
Do you recognize him?
Why do not you answer?
What's wrong?
- You call the medics - Yes
What's wrong?
See this woman too
- Damn - l'm fucking
What do you want to say? You mean you're unlucky?
You were really difficult
How can you work?
- Hey! - Why would he?
- l love you! - That's it! Wait!
Catch him, do not let him run!
Hey, that's it! Pursue!
To get there! Pursue!
She's in there!
Do not run away!
There is a problem
Good luck!
Excuse me, sorry! sorry!
- Sorry! - Sir, briefly
l have to go to the loo, sorry l know
Chairman, officers everywhere
Wait, hold on!
Get off me!
l do not know anything? Get off me!
No way, the space probe Fast!
Damn it!
how this happens
- Get off me! - Damn stupid!
Get off me!
You guys stop!
- Pursue a run! - Pursue a run!
Hey, stop! Do not run!
You'll be safe
There are criminals who shot in the parking lot!
- Do you know him? - oh, he's not my friend
Wake up!
Damn it all!
Do not run!
Get off me!
- Give me the keys! - Cepatkan give!
Stop! Do not move!
He's armed!
Give it up!
Give it up!
Why should l get involved in this?
We're out! Thank you, we did it
- Not really, l guess it's just you - Why?
Please, do not leave me
l love you, why do so!
The accident occurred highway and they were the perpetrators of the robbery
Who tried to flee from police And the police have arrested the rest of them
Police will continue to follow up
We will find out who else members of the robber
We will catch them all been blurred
- Where are we going? Go to jail? - Do not talk much!
- You're missing something! - Shut up!
- Stop! - Relax!
Stop the car!
lt's all your fault!
You think l want something like this happen?
l'm sorry! important we survived
- You're hiding here? - lt's sad head is dead!
lt's the safest place right now
This is a man in disguise, we have to find him
He may still be here
- Hello? - Hey, old man
The suspect was located inside the cafe
lt is finished
- l go first - Good-bye
Wait? Yes, definitely l'll be there
l'll see you later Definitely Do not be late
At 3 in Fushan, you are home to me
Hey, borrow a match
Thank you
Why did we end up like this?
How else, we plan to fail And we almost got caught
We better to Macau lt would be safer
Yes, but do not be naughty hands
- Nice car How much is it? - For the price? lt was very cheap
- A million and a half - A million and a half?
lt's very nice
He likes it with the car
l had to leave at this here
Do l have to leave here?
l want a very cheap price
- l love a great bargain - ok
- Try to check your email - l'll check
Hey, how?
Andrew! Andrew!
- Leave a message here - off
This office centers, anyone can help?
lf an emergency please provide reply
- Who killed them? - l'm finding out
- l do not know who did it - l wonder who?
- Definitely one of the gang - l'll figure it out
You can not do it alone, it is very dangerous
Hello, detective, how are you?
Well, have not met
- Damn you! - You did a very bad thing!
You will not find any here
ltems l stole, l already saved properly
You think l'm a fool? l can find very easily
- Who is this? - Why you should know it?
Maybe we could kidnap him
Camero! Camero!
Please, do not do anything!
You pity him?
What if we kill?
That would be nice
Follow him Silently
l have not seen anything
- There's someone just entered - Target has entered
- Watch him well - We're doing it
There must be a cop here
- Police! - Where?
- lt's in the car! Down! - All bow!
- How are things? - All current
All right
Keep an eye on it!
- Why is there a truck? - Wait! Wait!
- How? - l'm doing a job l had
ok, everything is ready
Back off! Can not?
This address, store well
Hey, do not you say anything there, do something
This is all free!
- He cried - You do not need to take care of it
l'm ready
How are things there?
Tell me
- What's this? - Why not open loketnya?
Target has just come out
- You see the guy with the black jacket? - Yes, l have understood, sir
Do not let him escape
Technicians have come
- We'll take care of it - Do something
So then we come
No nothing here
The fridge is also empty
What you get?
Just look for the guide
You have to do it carefully Do not let anyone know
Congratulations on duty
- There sebuag black jeep - l'm looking at it
There is someone
Dark here, no light
- How? - lt's your money
- This is for you - Well once
- l did not find any - How do you do it?
only a professional person
What will you do today?
What if going to dinner?
Just you and me
l know you want with me
Why are you embarrassed?
- Do you know where it is located? - l do not get the information
lt was very precious Can not be arbitrary
Valuable, yes?
No one knows where it is
Not even myself
You are good at all, l do not think like that
l've been in this job longer than you
All people can think like that
- Why did you become a very tough guy? - Myself always like that
And l was born like this
Nobody can trap me
l have to go
So fast?
- How are you tonight? - Good
Are you going to pick me up?
l think this guy will not do it
our mission fails
You will feel the consequences
Today is indeed very unfortunate, due to the woman
We have to get out of here
Why are you so hurry? Anybody want you to pursue?
- We can not do it - Who said that?
l have to go
Do not stop me!
What would you do? Are you tough?
Do not make me hate you so? You will know the consequences
Understand You ladies are tough
Are you sure you want to know where it is located thing?
- You guys ready? - Tell all
- Not as easy as that - Tell
l will sell to the Macaw and also to Moscow
- Then we will be safe - lt will not be easy
- What will you give me? - What do you want?
We can split the proceeds evenly and fairly
- What guarantees will you give? - lt is up to whatever you want
- Where you position now? - l've been there on the outside of the building
l'm going to go off the road behind
You will be very sorry that you refuse this agreement
- Why are you silent? - l do not need you
Why? Samaran you uncovered?
- Are you safe? - Safely
She got into the white car Follow them!
They left the site
All safe here
- l've walked into this room - Did you see something?
Here is very dark
They had arrived here
Do your job
They've entered
l will help you
- Need help me? - Take it easy
Ah, shit
Fusan not we come from?
lt seems not a little help
Do not ask who l am, if l do not
Money 1 million is not small money
This is it, l return the money of 1 million
l still have a business anymore
Well, forget it
- Merchandise - Where are the goods?
of course, in a safe place
Good thinking
Ready for duty
Watch it all, to be careful
All right, everyone get ready
This might not have happened
Where is he?
- He was trapped - Why is that?
Why do you randomize my room?
We do not know that room
This time
You're in big trouble
ls not that true?
Wei Hong
You could drink whiskey?
l'm used to Who are you?
Actually, there are two people here
There were three people
But it did not seem to feel at all
- l want to finish it - Well, the price of five thousand
See your face should you drink it slowly
ln this case is like this
once again
Not a problem
Better get out of here
Really? You're a jerk!
Better act fast!
- Ready! - Fast acting!
Do not move!
There's a bomb! Everything is down!
- You still going here? - Do not want to if there is no you
Come on!
Be careful!
Do not act recklessly!
Well, we're moving
Sir, there was a shootout there
- Dear - Are you ready?
- Are you ready earlier - But this elevator would not move
- lt's fast finish - All right, wait a bit
- You can not - Yes, you wait a minute
lf not we are going to get hurt!
You can not relax like that!
lf the elevator is not moving, it will hurt
None of the above
Report, report, will take action
Hey, hurry up
- Are you able to do? - l'm going to try
What do you say?
- All right - Quickly you did!
Should you go first
You have to do it
No way l'm leaving you!
- What? - l said it was impossible
- Do it - What?
You finish up now
This is definitely a curse!
Why is it always been like this?
Are satisfied?
lf you do not do it again
lf it all goes well not be like this
ls it?
All of my destiny
Everything is getting ready!
- lmmediately take action - Stop!
Why so troublesome?
From the beginning l told you
- Ready? - okay
The suspect fled
Follow that car!
Ready, we were chasing the suspect, he menujuh is currently hiding
Hands up!
What's wrong, officer?
Did l do something wrong?
You must not wimp out!
on what charge?
[Sound SHoTS]
That's great
That's all l can do
Look out!
[Sound SHoTS]
Hello Hello!
ls there any progress?
- Did you catch the suspect? - What?
Do it fast!
lt's very serious
Excuse me!
Hey you!
Hey where you going?
Do not run anymore!
Stop you, do not run again
Look out!
Watch out if you get caught you later!
Look out be careful!
- l give up - lt's better
You'd better give up
Ah stop stop!
What's this?
Did you steal it?
Yes, this is Kool
He is not a suspect
He was injured
Unfortunately l was
How unlucky l am
Unfortunately my fate
l've done what you told me to
You did very well
No, l'm just doing my job well
Can we have lunch tomorrow?
of course
This is for you!
This is the first team prepare to ambush
oh oh fortunately there are of you
There are criminals
He entered into the house
Where, is he hurt?
He holds a very big knife
- Good - Am l safe?
- Please just, went out - Thank you
- Please you wear these while - Sorry for bothering you
- Thank you - You're welcome
They are easily fooled
l am now rich
Finally l managed to mendapatkanya
No, no
l gotta get outta here
Do not move!
We are friends
Thieves are always paired with the police
Wei hung!
[Sound SHoTS]
[Sound SHoTS]
Drop the gun!
[Sound SHoTS]
[Sound SHoTS]
No suspects were injured
No suspects were being injured
Hello hello
[Sound SHoTS]
What? - Excuse me, are asleep earlier
What are you looking for?
l was looking for something
l'm want to buy cigarettes, can borrow money?
l'll change, if l payday
Do you want to go?
yes, of course
l am also no money
Want a drink?
Give me a soft drink
l also want to drink soda with a little ice
Can you backing her desk
Please you go again
oh, bye!
Do you like my picture?
Not really!
l can accept criticism
Did you know that you're very pretty
oh, you do not need to be embarrassed like that
Are you married?
l like a woman who already has husband
lf the woman is married
lt would be beautiful
Will you drink with me?
l was damn nice!
You really have no shame at all
This is a message for you!
Damn, why he is here
Big Brother
When are you coming?
Why did not you tell me first
- l really miss you - Stop it!
What is it?
Do you run away from your husband?
Yeah, like that
Are you new to man
Yeah, l've found
oh, my god
Hello! good afternoon?
- Did you find him? - l have not
Find him immediately!
l'll give you a gift
l'm going to do well
You do not worry
l believe you
You're going to finish everything well
Are you sure?
- lt's your drink! - oh, thank you
What did you say?
l believe you, you can finish properly
Are you looking pensive, l've attention
l'm on the phone
What are you doing here?
To show my love
ls it true what you said?
Do you not believe what l say?