Culture of Vultures? Absurdity Today: Episode 30

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Welcome to Absurdity Today, I'm Julianna Forlano.
The Hostess Company is officially out of business. If you are looking for Ding Dongs, check the
house of representatives.
last year nearly a dozen executives received an 80 percent increase in pay, all while worker
benefits were being cut, and people laid off. This scenario is a perfect example of corporate
raiding vulture capitalism, typical in all ways but one:
This time, Mitt Romney was not involved:
Unfortunately the US has a LOT of Mitt Romneys.
Hostess is legally set to sell off its assets. According to the company’s lawyer, the liquidation
could raise over a $1 billion, of which the workers will probably still be left holding
their sno balls.
And nothing else…
Asperger's Syndrum is being dropped from the next edition of the psychological diagnosis
manual. From now on people who have difficulties in social interaction, and hyper focused,
repetitive behavior and interest patterns will just be called “Engineers.”
People are flocking to see the movie Lincoln- which has a surprise ending…at least…for
the millions of American’s who went to public highschool.
In creeping surveillance state news- I saw this on the New York City subway:
What’s Next? Watching Out for You. To improve your safety, we’re installing
surveillance cameras on 1150 more busses. First of all, who’s “WE”? I'm not sure
I feel better about this?
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