Pokémon LOL - League of Losers [ENG subs]

Uploaded by JapoCW on 27.12.2011

During the season of migrations, solitary Pikachus move to…
Breaking news: Team Rocket strikes back with a bombing attack, making a Voltorb explode in Celadon City square...
Free treatment for your Pokémon, open 24/7 in your town!
...shameful that Dittos all over the Country are exploited as sexual slaves in Pokémon Daycares!
This is NewBore Town, which, as the name suggests, is a fun place. Our band of losers have always lived here, in complete harmony with Pokémon.
How come you never, ever win a fight?
What's up, Lass Helen?
Hi Beauty Barbara and Pokémaniac Jake. Same old story: I've been losing since I started to train this little twit.
Sorry, sweetie...
Ehi, Beauty Barbara! Did you know that mine is the strongest Rattata EVER?
Wow, sweetie, it's such a good news! See you, baby, byeee!
You know that NOBODY cares about it?
Who was it?
Youngster Mark. Ever since he started to work at Pewter City Gym he's excruciating. He's always calling me.
Youngster Mark works in a Gym?
Then maybe... with his advice... I could become a Pokémon League Champion!
Listen to me guys, it's a bad idea. Youngster Mark is full of himself, obnoxious, a true nightmare. I wouldn't be surprised if he only washed the floors of the Gym...
Hey guys!!!
Youngster Mark! Hello, sweetie!
Pokémaniac Jake, Lass Helen...
what's with your faces?
I tell you, Brock always says that. Find yourself the right challenge, and aim to be the best, then nothing is impossible
I've always known I was destined for more. I just need something that suits me...
Hey, check this out, the Pokémon League Preliminary Rounds start today...
Oh Beauty Barbara, the League Tournament! You're right, it's a sign of fate! We gotta join the competition!
I said nothing like that...
We don't even have a badge!
It doesn't matter, Lass Helen is right! There's a moment in your life when you gotta show your guts, and face your limits. Now or never, we're gonna be Masters or die trying!
Let's not get carried away...
It's gonna be totally AWESOME! Who's with me?
You have my Krabby.
And my Rattata.
…and my Ditto.
Wow, the Pokémon League. It's a dream for any Champ in the making!
But why is everybody here and not inside to fight?
You're late too, buddies?
The matches started nearly an hour ago. They sold out even the tickets to assist...
I can't believe this...
This day could not go worse...
Mankey, use Close Combat!
LET ME GO! Mankey, use Close Combat!
Mankey, use Close Combat!
LET ME GO! Mankey, use Close Combat!
Cubone, I choose you!
Surrender to Blackbelt Arash!
Shouldn't we help him?
Nah, he'd better deal with this himself.
Feeling better?
So what is it?
I'm just disappointed at how it ended.
I told nobody, but one of the reasons I wanted to come here for is I was hoping to find my sister, PokéKid Claire.
She left ten years ago to go catch a Pikachu...
I've not seen her since.
I'm sorry...
Well, at least we got here.
For people like us, it's something.
People like us?
Those two are bad news.
Really bad news!
Well, let's go check'em out!
We should be safe here!
C'mon, let's open it!
What is this place?
Must be the Training Gym.
It's Fisherman Eugene. Must be urgent. Hello?
You gotta see how my Barboach grew up! It's astonishing!
Give it to me! You gotta see how my Barboach grew up! It's astonishing!
You gotta see how my Barboach grew up! It's astonishing!
You dumbass!
Take a look at this...
...Here we got some nosy kids...
Prepare for trouble.
And make it double.
To protect the world from devastation.
To unite all people within our nation.
To denounce the evils of truth and love.
To extend our reach to the stars above.
Rocket Grunts
Blast off at the speed of light!
Surrender now, or prepare to fight!
Woooh! You guys ROCK!
You may tease us as you wish, but this time we're close to winning!
The best trainers are focusing on the League matches,
so we got to steal this inestimable Action Replay.
By using this, we'll be able to fill our Nintendo DS with cheat codes, and generate any Pokémon we want!
They'll have multiplied EXP...
And every unobtainable item...
No man or Pokémon will be safe...
Somebody gotta stop them...
You can't be a loser forever. Even someone bound to failure, sooner or later will do the right thing.
We're gonna fight.
Let's show everyone that losers can be heroes too.
That we're not gonna be lame for life!
Take out your PokéBalls! From now on, we'll be the League of Losers, and nothing will stop us!
My turn first!
Excuse me? Very nice, but you should be fighting!
Wasn't it a Guitar Hero challenge?
The crisis...
Krabby, Watergun, now!
You brat! You'll pay with the worst enemy of a Water Pokemon... the HAIR DRYER!!
Easy for you, to deal with kids! Leave it to me!
Beau-ty! Beau-ty! Beau-ty! Beau-ty!
Ehm, guys? We're KO....
What? Nobody can defeat my girlfriend’s Pokémon!
Go Rattata!
Cubone, I choose you!
Youngster Mark, I'm honoured to fight by your side!
Yeah, you don't know, but he's a pupil of Brock, the Gym L-E-A-D-E-R!
Rattata, start with... er...
What's the matter, Strongest Rattata Ever?
Wait a sec, I've seen you at the Gym... You're the guy from the Catering Service!
Catering Service?
It's a lie, isn't it?
I knew it!
It's true.
So, you actually make coffee.
Beauty Barbara!
What? It's true!
Pathetic. Koffing, use Smog!
Let's quit playing and go. There's just one moron left.
Pokémaniac Jake, do something!
But they defeated all of your Pokémon, Cubone can't do this alone...
We'd need someone with the strongest Pokémon ever...
You mean...
My sister... is that really you, Pokékid Claire?
Hurry up, Pokémaniac Jake! To defeat the Rocket Grunts, we need Pikachu's ultimate attack, but if he can't discharge the electric recoil, he'll die!
So we need a... ground lead?
Cubone! You're a Ground-Type... you know what to do!
Oh, no! It's the Pikachu constellation!
Team Rocket...
Blasts off at the speed of light!
The League of Losers saved the day.
Too bad nobody but ourselves can tell so.
You're wrong. THEY can!
It's unbelievable... lemme take a look... those ugly faces... hi!
So when you meet us in-game...
...and you probably defeat us...
…don't just call us “lame”.
We're like a MasterBall to your Mewtwo.
We're the League of Losers.
And without Losers, you are no Master.