Creationists: Put Up or Shut Up

Uploaded by cdk007 on 17.11.2009

Dear Creationists.
Last we chatted I accused you of above all, intellectual dishonesty.
I stated that you have nothing to offer the scientific community.
Yet many of you continue to state that there is direct verifiable evidence
that evolution is wrong and creation is correct.
You have claimed that your religion is not based on faith,
but on real hard evidence.
You claim to have proof,
well, here's your chance, we're all ears.
Now over the years your websites, videos, and books
have offered hundreds if not thousands of supposed arguments
for creation and against evolution.
And the one rule you have played by is
you assume you are correct until all of your arguments are proven wrong.
We show evidence against arguments 1 through 10,
you offer argument 11.
We show evidence against argument 11,
you offer argument 12.
With a nearly unlimited pile of ignorance from which to construct your arguments,
this process could go on forever.
Even if we disprove all 1 million arguments you could construct,
you would still not accept defeat,
rather you would construct argument 1 million and 1.
Therefore, I propose the following.
You claim to have the evidence, irrefutable observations, sound logical reasoning.
Well if that's true, then surely one argument,
just one of the thousands you have proposed could survive peer review.
What is peer-review?
It's a process by which experts in a field
the most qualified people to evaluate a work
anonymously review a manuscript prior to publication.
Is peer review perfect?
But in the least it is a filter that separates garbage and nonsense
from things that are most likely true.
In science we have the saying "Publish or Die".
All ideas must be capable of passing peer-review
or must be discarded.
So rather than copying and pasting all of answers in genesis,
quoting Ken Ham, or linking to the creation museum,
I ask for a single piece of peer-reviewed work
that supports creation and disproves evolution.
Now I can already hear you whining that science is a giant conspiracy
of god hating atheists that covers up all evidence against evolution.
Yes, that's right, a conspiracy involving millions of people, from all countries,
cultures, and religions, spanning more than the past century.
In my lab alone there are 3 self-proclaimed Christians,
1 Jew, 1 Muslim, and 1 Sikh out of 10 individuals.
Doesn't really sound like a bunch of god hating atheists to me.
But fine, if you still want to claim that none of your work can pass peer-review
because a self-proclaimed religiously diverse group of people
are actually all closeted atheists, fine.
I will accept in place of a peer-reviewed article,
a manuscript that has been submitted and rejected
along with comments from the reviewers and editors of the journal.
Give me the best you have.
You can't claim there's a conspiracy if you never submit articles in the first place.
Once I receive a peer-reviewed article,
or a rejected manuscript with reviewer comments
I will link to it in the video description.
You are the ones claiming to have the evidence,
so, put up or shut up.
If you want your ideas to be respected,
you need to play by a fair set of rules.
Until then I will continue to disprove each and every creationist argument, one by one.
I will continue to bring real scientific findings to a public forum.
I will continue to encourage people to do what you fear most,
I will get them to
Think about it.