Miki Sato

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Hello! I'm Miki Sato, playing the role of Rukia in Rock Musical Bleach
This is my 7th year playing the role of Rukia, I'd like people to enjoy Rukia's songs and
dance. First of all I repeat to myself "I'm Rukia,
I'm Rukia". Then, I try my best to deliver the different faces of the character, such
as her power, her weakness, her kindness. Something I have not done until now. For example,
if we talk about Bleach, I'd say Orihime, a very cute character. Or on the opposite,
I'd also enjoy playing as a cool good looking man.
I look forward to coming to Europe where this very famous Anime will be performed on stage.
I'm willing to come with this happy spirit to Europe, hope you are all gonna come to
see it! We'll be waiting for you!!