aetbaar part 3 w/eng subs

Uploaded by Sha0allyss on 05.04.2009

What happened? Very scared?
You have a problem? No problem!
l won't charge anything extra to tutor you!
Give me the magazine
''Jerk! When you don't have it in you, why do you come here at all?''
Let's go
''Come with me, lover-boy... l'll take you around paradise''
Lesson number one... hunk
Take off your clothes
You want to strip me?!
''A case from Grant Road, sir. She's a prostitute''
Three fractures in her jaw-line and her face is in a bad way
She had an argument with a customer and a fight broke out
You got the X-ray? -Yes, sir
Which cursed monster could have done this?
You? What are you doing here?
l'm trying to see how you're alive, despite staying away from me
Please. Go away!
l will. But not without you
Someone might see us!
So let's go to a place where no one will watch
Class is in progress!
And l'm skipping a beat
We'll get caught!
lf we keep sitting here like this
Didn't l say none of you would come here today?
lt slipped my mind
Move it
ls this where you live?
Out of helplessness. Till l find a proper job
Don't your parents live with you?
They used to. Before the accident. When l was just eight...
their car collided with a truck on the Bombay-Poona highway
l've been all alone ever since
But now l'm not alone at all
You ran into my bike near your college, and l had found you
lt's so strange
l lost everything to an accident
And l find everything in an accident
You haven't told me what you do for a living
Till l'm unemployed, l'll sell cars
You could call it part of my helplessness
Till l find my goal, l play a salesman in a car-showroom
But what is your goal?
Oh my God... I cant't believe this...
ls that me...?
Yes. Ever since l have seen you, l haven't been myself
You're fantastic.
l'm not so beautiful even in real life
This is better than me
What are you doing?
lf there's anything in the world that is more beautiful than you...
this is what l'll do to it! There's nothing better than you!
l've burnt enough in the fires of loneliness
And for you, l can set the whole world on fire!
You've become a habit for me, Ria
Should someone try to separate you from me even in my dreams...
l will kill him
Even if that person is you yourself
l feel scared of you
l feel scared