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Today the documents and proofs that Ravi Verma has...
...presented for the property case of Ravi Verma...
...and Sir Juda, it clearly states that Ooty command's...
...entire property's real proprietor was Ravi Verma's...
...late father Mr. Shanta Prasad Verma.
He had given partnership to Sir Juda because of...
...his friendship and trust. But after his death...
...now Sir Juda wants to capture his entire property...
...from his helpless family and son.
So the judge's decision is that this entire tea estate of...
...Ooty command, tea factories and palace that were of...
...Mr. Shanta Prasad, it must be handed over to...
...Ravi Verma and not to Sir Juda.
We've won the case, Kamini.
I'm so happy.
5th January, 1959. Today Sir Juda has lost the case.
And only you're responsible for this. Mr. P. P. Roy.
The famous advocate of India.
But, sir. I don't know how that boy presented...
...the real documents in the court.
And he reversed the entire case.
And now Sir Juda is thinking of reversing you.
But sir, we'll go to the supreme court.
God didn't give speech to Sir Juda...
...but He has surely given him a brain.
There'll be some other advocate...
...in the Supreme Court, Mr. P. P. Roy, not you.
Come, Kamini. Come, Charanjeet.
Sir Juda says, we've come to know that Ravi Verma...
...loves your sister? Is it true?
My sister has affairs with many people.
But this boy is very rich, sir.
Then you and your sister both can become rich.
If you get married to Ravi Verma before 8th January...
...and become Mrs. Ravi Verma.
And by the 11th of January if you become a widow.
I mean Ravi Verma...
And by the12th of January if you hand over...
...all his will to us then by the 15th of January...
...we'll make you the queen of that estate.
But who will the real possessor of the property?
It’ll be Sir Juda.
You'll get 25000 rupees per month.
And Ooty's palace will be transferred to your name.
But if you change your mind after becoming the queen...
...then you also will be lying dead like him.
My advance?
Congratulation! Congratulation, brother-in-law!
What are you waiting for? Click the photos.
C'mon, hurry up. Yes, click. C'mon, one more.
Ramsingh. Get that luggage down. Hurry up!
Congratulation, queen. I also came to know that...
...your son has won the case.
But you didn't give me the real congratulations.
You didn't see this decoration? These arrangements?
I didn't get you. - I'll tell you, uncle.
Brother has got married in...
...Mumbai and is coming here with sister-in-law.
That's why mummy is so happy.
He got married? - Mr. Satnam, the time is changing.
Now the parent's life's aim is their children's happiness.
Mr. Sharma, did you send the special car...
...for Ravi at the station? - Yes, queen.
But sir has decided to come alone in a jeep.
But why he did this? - You'll never understand him mummy.
Brother is very clever.
He might be showing the estate to my sister-in-law...
...and making an impression on her.
Very nice. Kamini, you know I love this tune very much.
It seems the radio station also knows that I'm...
...taking my bride home.
Thank you radio station.
Kamini, this is our tea factory. Verma Tea Estate.
Hi Robert! How are you? - Bye!
What happened? - Your jeep is not ready to move.
No, madam. Actually, my jeep has given me a chance to do some romance.
Do you want to reach home or not? - Home?
Oh yes! Yes!
Today mummy will get angry on me.
If her son will go out somewhere alone.
She'll make all the telephones...
...and wirelesses of the city occupied.
There's no water in the regulator.
I'll arrange it from somewhere.
I'll just be back, darling.
No matter what you say, darling.
A wife's love is always special. It gives lots of thrills.
Mother's love is also very nice.
But too much love creates a problem sometime.
Too much love, you see.
Now when we reach home you’ll just see. How she'll welcome you.
She’ll tell you Daughter, have a seat here, rest there, get under the fan.
Oh my Gosh, my daughter-in-law has god a cold. Go and bring along a doctor.
But she doesn't know nowadays...
...daughters-in-law don't like all this.
Kamini! My mother is very sweet.
You just touch her feet when you reach home. Just impress her.
But... Do you know how to touch the feet in respect?
This is the problem with modern girls like you.
Look, I’m enacting how to touch the feet. You just do this way.
Bow before her like this and tell her, mother, bless me.
Mummy will say. Be happy, my daughter in law.
Live long life!
What are you doing, Kamini?
Why are you driving the jeep on me?
No, Kamini! No. No...
Ravi! Ravi! No... No... this is not possible.
Such a big injustice is not possible. You can't leave me.
You had promised me that you'd come back.
But not in this state... -Brother! Brother!
My only young son.
My pearl. No...
I won't let you go.
I'll come with you.
Your mother will come with you. - Brother!
Your mother will come with you.
Leave me... leave me... leave me.
I want to go with him.
I want to ask her. To this mother...
...who has snatched away my young son from me.
You didn't feel anything watching him die?
If you're a mother then I'm also a mother.
I'll see how you don't return me my son.
You must return me my son.
Ravi will have to come here. At this place. In this house.
To me. He will have to fulfill his promise.
He will have to pay off his mother's debt.
He must pay off his mother's debt.
Brahma! Vishnu! Mahesh!
They came to this world so many times.
They took many births.
They came in so many forms.
It says that if a man's wish remains unfulfilled before his death...
...or if he misses somebody
His wish surely gets fulfilled in the next birth.
Our friend Mr. Ravi Verma's story...
...is also somewhat similar to this.
Who took rebirth for his mother.
At some other place. In some other form.
As... Monty.
"1... 2... 3..." 4....5....6..
"7... 8... 7, 8, 9, 10."
"Money... this money..."
"Money... how's this money?"
"Nothing can be compared to this money."
"If it's with you it's a problem... And if not, is also a problem..."
"Yes, a problem... Yes, a problem..."
"7... 8... 9... 10..."
"Money... this money..."
"Money... how's this money?"
"Nothing can be compared to this money."
"If it's with you it's a problem... And if not, is also a problem..."
"Yes, a problem... Yes, a problem..."
"7... 8... 9... 10..."
"1... - Money... this money..."
"2... - Money... how's this money?"
"3... - Nothing can be compared to this money. - 4..."
"Money... this money..."
"5... - If it's with you it's a problem..."
"6... - And if not, is also a problem..."
"7... - Yes, a problem... - 8... Yes, a problem..."
"7... 8... 9... 10..."
"Saw love. Saw affection."
"Saw friendship. Saw a friend."
"Saw a love. Saw the affection."
"Saw a friendship. Saw a friend."
"Saw across the heart. Saw the entire world."
"Above and below. In and out. Far and near..."
"Climate is same everywhere."
"Money... money... money... - Money!"
"1... - Money... this money..."
"2... - Money... how's this money?"
"3... - Nothing can be compared to this money. - 4..."
"Money... this money..."
"5... - If it's with you it's a problem..."
"6... - And if not, is also a problem..."
"7... - Yes, a problem... - 8... Yes, a problem..."
"7... 8... 9... 10..."
"1... 2... 3..."
"4... 5... 6..."
"7... 8... 7, 8, 9, 10."
"1... - Money... this money..."
"2... - Money... how's this money?"
"3... - Nothing can be compared to this money. - 4..."
"Money... this money..."
"5... - If it's with you it's a problem..."
"6... - And if not, is also a problem..."
"7... - Yes, a problem... - 8... Yes, a problem..."
"7... 8... 9... 10..."
"1... - Money... this money..."
"2... - Money... how's this money?"
"3... - Nothing can be compared to this money. - 4..."
"Money... this money..."
"5... - If it's with you it's a problem..."
"6... - And if not, is also a problem..."
"7... - Yes, a problem... - 8... Yes, a problem..."
"7... 8... 9... 10..."
There he comes.
Just a minute, please. Stop pushing!
Please. - On this, too. - Just a minute.
This is a railway ticket, sir. Have a look at it.
Thank God that you recognised your old friend.
It was a great day today. Bigger than the biggest thing.
After all! who made him? I'm the maker.
Who made Monty a star? - You.
Mr. G. G. Oberoi. - Thank you.
Sir, Mr. Ratanwala has offered 50000 rupees...
...if Monty will sing at his daughter's wedding.
Don’t be silly! Monty never sings in private parties.
This is my strict contract with him.
I can't lose millions for thousands.
Sir, but... - No ifs and buts.
I'm the maker.
If Monty sings there, he'll have to pay a fine in laces.
And will have to see off his career permanently.
I completed doctor's degree in Delhi...
...and came to Bombay hospital in search of job.
Here I came to know about your show.
So I came here. But I was afraid whether...
...you'll recognise me or not, after so many years?
Now you stop your prating and come home with me.
Joseph, is mummy at home?
Tell her one of my very close friends is coming home.
We'll have dinner together. The food should be A-1 quality.
Ok? - Mummy?
You had told me you don't have parents.
From where did these parents come from along with money?
You know I used to sing in the trains like an orphan beggar.
God gifted me the voice. And also sent an angel to...
...make that voice reach millions of people.
Angel? - Yes. He's a rich businessman
Mr. G. G. Oberoi.
I live with them and consider them my parents.
You just come home.
You'll come to know how fortunate I'm.
Actually, I'm the maker. Star maker Oberoi.
But Mr. Oberoi. You've also made business from this.
So what? But who's the maker? I'm the maker.
Here comes Monty. Ask him.
Daddy! He's my friend. Dr. Dayal.
If an orphan child calls me daddy with love...
...what's wrong in that?
Monty, they are my friends. They have come from London.
Will you keep on talking or leave?
Look at the time.
Monty, we're going out for dinner to the Taj with Mr. Pereira.
Yes, let's go.
Actually, my daddy is always occupied with his business.
I'm for millions of people... but nobody is for me.
Wealth and fame; God has given me everything.
But what’s a mother’s love, I just hear from other people, pine for it, and then feel saddened.
I don't know why but I always miss a mother.
If I had a mother, I would have loved her so much that...
Monty! You're such a big star and you're crying?
Look, I can't fill this void
But you can do one job of mine. - What?
You know my boss, Dr. Daniel?
There's a party at his place. You must come there.
For what? - You're such a big star.
If you come, it'll boost my reputation.
It's the question of my job.
Ok, I'll come. - Sure? - But where?
10, Mad island road. At 6:30.
It seems you're new in Bombay.
But my friend had asked me to come at 6:30.
Right. But have you ever seen any rich man’s party...
...starting before 9 or 9:30?
Dr. Daniel is staying here only?
Yes. But he's sleeping upstairs.
He won't come down before 8:30 or 9.
Shall I bring something? - No, thank you.
Can I sit there near the piano?
Yes, sure. Please come...
Joseph! - Yes. - Did you clean the glasses or not?
Tina is doing it. - She's very much involved in the work.
What are you looking at, my dear?
I'm seeing how this instrument is played...
...and how is he playing it?
C'mon, let's do our job. C'mon.
Please bring a glass of water for me.
I'm telling you. - Aye! My name is not this.
Joseph, throw him a glass of water.
Throw? - No. Go to hell.
These flowers are very nice, aren’t they?
It seems these are roses, right?
Or they may be marigolds.
Even you don't know?
I know. They are artificial.
There are flowers here and a bloody fool too.
We want a song! We want Monty.
We want Monty. - Silence. Silence.
We want Monty. You have to sing... you have to sing.
You have to sing. C'mon.
You please listen to me. Why don't you listen to me?
According to Mr. Oberoi's agreement...
...Monty cannot sing in any private parties.
If he sings he'll have to pay millions as fine.
And will also ruin his career. Am I right?
Absolutely. Please try and understand me. Please.
Look, I've called all my friends for you. Now you must sing.
Papa, please tell him.
Look, Mr. Oberoi is my friend.
I've also invited him to this party.
If you say I'll call him up.
No, uncle, please. Don't Embarrass me. Please.
I'm helpless. - No... only one line please.
Look, I've called so many musicians for you.
Why don't you understand? Monty is a star.
He's a star. And he's also my friend, sir. - Dayal!
Dr. Dayal!
For Dr. Daniel and Dr. Dayal's sake...
...if you want I can play some musical instrument.
Yes... let's do that.
"Stinging heart..."
"Throbbing heart..."
"You made my heart go restless."
"Stinging heart..."
"Throbbing heart..."
"You made my heart go restless."
"I was just a poet before..."
"I was just a poet before... you've made me your fan."
"Stinging heart..."
"Throbbing heart..."
"You've generated in my heart."
"Stinging heart..."
"Throbbing heart..."
"You made my heart go restless."
Shall I sing? - Yes.
"Your fascinating eyes are creating rhymes..."
"Your fascinating eyes are creating rhymes..."
"This paean is not For me... it's for you."
"I just wrote what You made me write."
"Stinging heart..."
""Throbbing heart..."
"You made my heart go restless."
"Stinging heart..."
"Throbbing heart..."
"You made my heart go restless."
"When and where everybody has disappeared?"
"Where all the shadows have lost?"
"Friends’ party is over..."
"We are left alone."
"When and where everybody has disappeared?"
"Where all the shadows have lost?"
"Friends’ party is over..."
"We are left alone."
"What did you do?"
"Perhaps you've brought down the curtains."
"Stinging heart..."
"Throbbing heart..."
"You made my heart go restless."
"Stinging in a heart..."
"Throbbing in a heart..."
"You've generated in my heart."
Please sing...
"Within a short time... We'll get separated."
"Within a short time... We'll get separated."
"How will I search for you... as all the paths will be lost."
"you haven’t even told me your name."
"Stinging heart..."
"Throbbing heart..."
"You made my heart go restless."
"I was just a poet before... you've made me your fan."
"Stinging heart..."
"Throbbing heart..."
""You made my heart go restless."
"Stinging heart..."
"Throbbing heart..."
"You made my heart go restless."
"Stinging heart..."
"Throbbing heart..."
"You made my heart go restless."
I must say...
all the big personalities cold not make you sing.
But just one girl’s eyes made...
...you sing.
What a radioactivity!
But this radioactivity has really worsened my situation.
Having fixed a radar, I kept a watch.
She shone like a moon. She spread moonlight.
And she vanished.
Who's she? From where has she come from.
Try and find out something about her.
She came from the kitchen and went back to it.
That means her menu card will be in the kitchen.
I'll get the information soon.
Listen! - What's the matter? - Be careful. You're drunk.
Hi Monty! Can we sit here? - Yes sure. - Thank you.
Meet them. They are my friends.
- Hello, everybody. Thank you. - You've really sung a nice song today.
I'm a big fan of yours.
Now what are you doing? - I'm waiting for my friend.
We attend all your programs.
Not at all.
What? - Excuse me, please. Private talking. Just a minute.
Excuse me! - You please forget that girl.
She's neither a maid nor a queen.
She had come to see Mumbai from Ooty...
...in her school tour. - Had come? - Had come.
The cook Francis here is from her village.
He went to meet her. And got her here for few hours...
...to show her a grand party of Mumbai.
Now she's going back tonight by the 11:30 train.
By now she might have left.
So you please forget her considering it...
...a beautiful dream sequence and eat this chicken.
You can't insult me like this. - I didn't insult you, daddy.
Don't call me daddy.
Remember, you're not my son.
You're an employee under contract. A strict contract.
My money... my name... - Money... and money...
You need money not me.
It might happen that because of your...
...restrictions and hatred, Monty Might leave your money and...
...strict contract and go to some other world.
What happened?
It's a question of money. I didn't do anything.
You convince him. Little lovingly.
Hello! - Hello, Julie! - I see.
So Mr. Monty is hiding here from his fans.
I'm trying to write a song for last four days for my fans...
...but I'm not getting the proper words.
But that day you made our party remarkable.
What a song you've sung! Look at the photographs of that party.
Look at it. All my friends were praising you so much.
They were telling me Julie, if you hadn't inspired Monty...
...he might not have sung such a beautiful song.
After all to sing a song and to write it...
...one needs some sort of inspiration.
You are right, Ms. Julie.
You can say I've got my inspiration.
Have you ever loved anybody? - Yes.
Have you ever gone crazy after anybody? - Yes.
I did too.
Young men of my age...
Do not fall in love with anybody.
Young men of my age...
Do not fall in love with anybody.
I have lost my ease and sleep by falling in love.
People never lie...
...that nothing is dangerous than love.
We lose all control of our heart after falling in love.
We lose all the control on our heart after falling in love.
Nothing in this world can cure the pain.
So sing... Om! Shanti Om.
Shanti, Shanti om!
Om! Shanti om. Shanti, Shanti om!
Ohm! Shanti om. Shanti, Shanti om!
Ohm! Shanti om. Shanti, Shanti om!
Look at me... I've spoiled my nights...
...by offering my heart to somebody.
Look at me... I've spoiled my nights...
...by offering my heart to somebody.
I've still not received...
I've still not received any answer from that side.
If she'll refuse I won't hesitate to commit suicide.
If she declines I won't hesitate to commit suicide.
If she accepts then too I'll die with happiness.
So sing... Om! Shanti Om.
Shanti, Shanti om!
Ohm! Shanti om. Shanti, Shanti om!
One who has hidden just after giving a glance of her.
One who has hidden after just showing a glimpse of her.
Now I take her name every time I breathe...
With her name...
I have millions of fans but now I'm her fan.
I have millions of fans but now I'm her fan.
If you come across such a situation...
...in love then sing this song. Sing...
Om! Shanti Om.
Shanti, Shanti Om!
Ohm! Shanti Om. Shanti, Shanti Om!
Ohm! Shanti ohm. Shanti, Shanti ohm!
Ohm! Shanti ohm. Shanti, Shanti ohm!
Ohm! Shanti Om. Shanti, Shanti Om!
Om! Shanti om. Shanti, Shanti om!
Om! Shanti... - Shanti, om!
Om! Shanti. - Shanti, om!
Om! Shanti. - Shanti, Om!
Ohm! Shanti. - Shanti, ohm!
Om! Shanti. - Shanti, Om! Om! Shanti. - Shanti, Om!
Om! Shanti... Om!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
We want... Monty!
Yes! Yes, Monty.
Try to remember...
Try to remember do you know that...
...woman who was driving the jeep? - No.
That boy whom she was murdering? - Not at all.
You might have seen such incidence in a film? - Never.
Somebody might have told you such story? - No.
Any book, any novel? - Not even in my dream.
Then how these images emerged in your mind and when?
Yesterday night when I was playing the high notes on my guitar.
Sister, give him the guitar.
Close your eyes and play that tune again.
No... no, doctor, this time I've also seen something else.
A deserted valley.
Goddess Kali's temple. There's one palace.
And also a pond. But she was the same girl and same boy.
Dr. Daniel, when this doesn’t concern his life...
...is not related to any trauma
Isn't it possible that this Is related to his past life...
Past life? - Yes. - What nonsense, Dr. Shashtri?
You're talking about reincarnation...
...and rebirth in today’s time?
Dr. Shashtri, finally you've proved yourself.
You may not believe this.
A 5 years old child in south India could recite the entire...
...Geeta and Ramayana in Sanskrit.
And he had described his last birth's...
...parents and village in detail.
In the beginning people laughed at him...
...but when this was proved true
people considered it a miracle of God and kept quiet.
Dr. Shashtri, let go off this. I think it's a case of psychosis.
Let's go and discuss the rest in the consulting room.
According to me, Monty needs to take complete rest for a month.
And he shouldn't play that disturbing tune...
...till we don't reach any conclusion.
Doctor, if Monty takes a month long break...
...we'll suffer loss in millions.
Then do you wish to finish him off permanently?
Monty, according to me you must go to some hill-station.
For example, Kashmir, Darjeeling, Ooty.
No, doctor. No hill station can relax me without music.
There's one hill station that can soothe him.
And that is Ooty.
Ooty? - Yes, sir.
That song of his... stinging heart... throbbing heart.
It's super hit over there. It's played there daily.
Ooty! The beauty!
Yes, doctor! I would like to go Ooty. I'll go to Ooty.
Stinging in my heart...
Throbbing heart...
You have made my heart go restless.
Wow! Wow!
I was just a poet before...now you've made me your fan.
Then what happened? - Then?
Then he became my fan. - Really?
Do you think I'm lying?
You all are his fan. But he became my fan.
I made him crazy. He was staring at me and singing.
What he was singing?
What he said... it was very nice.
We'll get separated... what was it?
Within a short time... We'll get separated.
Within a short time... We'll get separated.
How will I search for you... as all the paths will be lost.
You haven’t even told me your name yet...
Stinging in my heart...
Throbbing heart...
You have made my heart go restless.
Tina, what's the matter?
You're sitting in the library till 6:30 all alone!
He had called me in the college restaurant at 6 o'clock.
You didn't go there? - No.
Rita, I'll swear by God! my heart is beating very heavily.
I just can't think of anything. I can't decide.
I'm totally blank you know. - This is his love.
But I didn't go to meet him. - This is your love.
What nonsense?
My dear, this is a storm that nobody can stop.
More you try to stop it, it'll blow with full force.
If it's blowing away, let it go.
If it's coming to you, let it come.
Look at him. He's staring at me.
He's just staring at you. He's not touching you.
Shall I ask you something? - What?
You know my friend Rita?
She was telling me that city boys are like the wasp.
They hover over the flowers and then escape.
Meaning? - It means first they sing songs, then they fall in love...
and slowly they take the girl to a hotel.
Then... - Then?
I hope you won't do that with me? - What are you saying?
No. Actually, Rita was telling me that you should...
...be careful from the boys before marriage.
What do you mean by being careful?
You're very innocent, Tina.
I'll marry you first and then... - No.
Not even after that. Let Kabir uncle arrive first.
Kabir uncle? - Yes. He's everything for me in this world.
He's abroad for last so many years.
He has left me here under the care of queen.
He had sent a note that he'll come anytime in these days.
And he'll surprise me.
Not bad. After 10 years, Kabira is back to his city after being released from the jail.
But I can't see any change here.
There's one change, Sir.
You've made an impact after going to the jail.
You're the talk of the town.
There are benefits of going to the jail.
Where is the queen nowadays?
She is on a foreign tour.
And my sweet daughter Tina?
She's studying very sincerely.
And we're taking her monthly expense from the queen.
I also have spent 10 years in jail because of queen.
But there's one problem, sir. - What?
Roxi has betrayed us.
You had given him your house in his bad times.
He has captured it through forged documents.
And he has converted it into a beer bar.
I lost everything for love and friendship.
Are you betraying your friend?
Watch out for Kabira now.
I don't know you.
In today’s time, people forget...
...others’ favours in few days.
And this is a 10 years old matter. It's too old.
Such a long duration can weaken a debtor's memory.
However let me remind you about me.
This orphan took birth in the streets...
One kind Muslim man found me in a basket.
And I don't know why he named me Kabir.
Brought up by a Muslim family.
Made friendship with Hindus...
...and hobbies were like Britishers.
But I'm not that Kabir who was a real human being and also a saint.
I'm Kabir, the king. I'm grateful to God.
And devil for a wildly person like you.
When I had given you a house
You considered me your friend.
And today when I've come to ask for my house back.
You've started taking me as your enemy?
Kabir, you better go and ask this question to the law.
Now Roxi owns this place.
Those who do not listen to the saints repent for years...
get kicked wherever they veer...
Wow! Kabira! Wow! - Kabira!
Are you threatening me?
Do not talk.
Scared people hurl threats and challenges.
I'll come tomorrow morning at 6:30 to get my house back.
You better arrange for yourself before that.
C'mon, right. C'mon, left.
He has clearly given us a threat.
Bikhu, you gather your men and reach here before 6:30.
I'll ruin this Kabir otherwise I won't call myself Roxi.
That means Roxi has taken help from the police.
Then why did he call us in the early morning?
He might have got scared of Kabira.
Police is coming towards us. C'mon, Jaggu.
Did you see? This is the magic of this uniform.
And Kabira is having fun.
I'm very much punctual. Do not rub me the wrong way.
Now that the kings is here, you better save yourself.
Enough, Kabira! Stop it!
I'll send this bottles to Roxi's house.
Don't beat him so much, Kabira.
He'll be all broken.
He's also from a swine's society.
Enough, sir! - Sir, don't recite so many couplets...
...that the sermon finishes altogether.
This bastard has a family. - He has a family?
Who knows about this? - We know.
I never knew. If he has a family...
...then take him to the hospital.
Left and right, I hope you didn't say anything to Tina about me.
We only told that God has made your uncle...
...Vasco-de-Gamma of India.
Whom government has sent around the world for ten years.
I've forgotten her face too.
Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! - My daughter!
Uncle, you might have forgotten my face...
...but I didn't forget you. I got all your gifts time to time.
Everything. Also the money. But I won't talk to you.
I didn't get a single letter of yours.
My child, I was taking a trip from one country to another.
It was government's responsibility.
Now I've come. And I've told the principal...
...that now my daughter will live with me.
With you? - Yes. Till you get married.
Uncle, now I've grown up, haven't I?
Grown up? My daughter has grown up more than you.
Gentleman, if you can find a nice boy...
Please tell him about my daughter.
Because I'm very much tensed about her marriage.
Uncle, what do you have in your hand?
Nothing... nothing, my child.
I know. You've got gifts for me. Right?
No... no... - I know. Please show me. Please.
C'mon, let's complete the formalities at office.
Yes, c'mon. - All girls of my school have passed...
...all have grown up. But my daughter is still unmarried.
Is he your uncle? - Yes.
Show me what he has brought for you from foreign?
Today uncle reminded me of my father.
Tina, it seems your uncle still considers you a baby.
Here's your gift.
Why are you laughing? Uncle thought I'm still a small kid.
He considered you right.
Intellectually, you are still a kid.
No, now I've grown up.
You've grown up? - Yes.
Let me see how much you've grown up?
The girl is really beautiful.
Mister, send the girl here.
Help! Help! Is anybody there?
I see... there is still one left?
Don't worry, sister. Kabira says...
Monty, what's this? You stupid! Idiot!
What are you doing? He's my uncle! Kabir uncle!
Kabir uncle! - Not bad. - I'm very sorry, sir.
I didn't know. - Shake hands, my friend. - Yes.
My child, you're still a student.
- Uncle! - Do not talk. - You didn't even understand that...
...you were not beating me. I was getting beaten.
Fighter's association. Your drama is over.
Now get lost.
Anyway, I liked your hero.
With muscular strength you also need courage to fight.
What's your name? - Monty.
Occupation? - I sing. - I also sing.
What's your occupation?
Uncle, he's a big singer in Mumbai.
Everybody is a singer.
How do you earn your bread and butter?
I earn by singing.
God has given me everything. - Not bad.
You also believe in God. - Yes.
Do you love Tina? - Yes.
Do you intend to marry her or Or you are just having a fling?
No, I'm intending to make her my life partner.
Left and right. - Yes, sir.
The boy who protects the girl. He has the permission for marriage.
Uncle! - Thank you very much, sir. - No, sir. Call me Kabira.
What's your age? - I'm around 21 to 22.
But this innocent boy seems to be of just 17.
Even an old man looks young when in love.
A girl looks like Juliet While the boy seems to be Romeo.
You've passed Kabira's test.
Now you can go and sing some song. I mean duet song.
A couple song. - C'mon, Monty. Let's go fast.
Left and right. - Yes, sir.
You'll keep following them. I mean... - Censor.
what’s your age? - What's your age?
I'm 16. - Then I'm 17.
16. - 17. - 17? - 16?
We might fall in love. Keep away for a year or two.
Keep away for a year or two.
Don't blame me if anything happens.
I'm 16 and you're 17.
I'm 16 and you're 17.
We might fall in love.
It's very difficult to stay away.
Don't blame me if anything happens.
You're 16 and I'm 17.
You're 16 and I'm 17.
We might fall in love. - Keep away for a year or two.
Don't blame me if anything happens.
What happens if the heavy clouds
collide with the mountains?
There'll be a rain.
What will happen if your heart meets mine?
There'll be a procession.
God knows when there'll be rain...
...and when there'll be a procession.
My heart wishes tonight to be the night of our union.
Why? Why? - Because...
You're of 16 and I'm 17.
You're of 16 and I'm 17.
We might fall in love. - Keep away for a year or two.
Don't blame me if anything happens.
One day true lovers meet
Now I'll see when we meet.
What's the hurdle in our meeting now?
We have the same destination.
It's at a distance and not so close.
Now it's not good for us to meet frequently.
Why? Why? - Because...
I'm 16 and you're of 17.
I'm 16 and you're of 17.
We might fall in love.
It's very difficult to stay away.
Don't blame me if anything happens.
Keep away for a year or two.
Don't blame me if anything happens.
I'm 16... - I'm 17.
I'm 16... - I'm 17.
Love is not so easy. Understand this.
It's an ocean of fire...son
...and you must drown and pass through it.
I had told you to sing.
But I didn't tell you...
...to involve so much that you faint.
Now go to sleep. Everything will be fine by the morning.
C'mon, Kabira.
Finished! Everything finished!
I'm old Robert. I'm still as it is.
Everything has changed in these 25 years.
Everything is finished.
Verma factory finished. Now Sir Juda factory.
He's Mumbai's businessman. He's the owner of this factory.
Verma family was a great family.
But they are finished. Their son Ravi Verma...
...was coming from Mumbai after marriage.
He met with a car accident on the way and is dead.
Mummy! Mummy! It's me. Ravi! Yes, Ravi from Mumbai.
Mummy, I'm Ravi. - Ravi, how are you, my child?
I'm fine, mummy. We've won the case.
Yes... yes... Sir Juda tried to bribe but nothing worked.
Now that property and land is on my name.
God is always there with the truth.
Give it to me, mummy. I want to talk. - Here.
Hello! Congratulations, brother. I'm Pinky.
Now you must bring many imported dresses for me.
Yes, I remember the entire list of your demands...
...Miss Jyoti Verma. - Jyoti Verma?
Have you taken a peg? - I'll slap you now.
Beer and I? - I'm getting it's smell on the telephone.
Ok, swear on me that you didn't have it?
Ok I did have one.
Go ahead. - Look, mummy says liquor can spoil the entire family.
Talk to her.
Mummy, it's a lie... ok, mummy. I'm sorry.
Now I'll never have it. - You come home soon, my child.
I'm feeling very restless.
Mummy! - What?
Shall I tell you one secret? I hope you won't get angry.
Have you seen mother's anger lasting for more than a moment?
Mummy, I've got married.
With whom? That Kamini? - Yes, mummy.
I had to take this decision today itself.
Otherwise her brother and uncle were sending her to London.
Now that you’ve married, what I can say in this?
Bring her home soon.
I'll arrange your marriage with full pomp.
Mummy, I hope it didn't hurt you.
Parents’ happiness lies in their children’s.
Oh mummy, you're great. Mummy, you're great!
I love you. - You come home soon, my child.
We're waiting for you.
I promise you, mummy. I'll definitely come.
I'll come, mummy. I'll come.
I'll come. I'll definitely come, mummy.
I'll come back soon.
Monty! You're so stupid! Idiot!
How come you left from home without informing?
I've good news. The queen has come back.
Tonight there's a party in the palace.
And you're invited there with me. For me.
No... for us. - Leave it, Tina.
No excuses. C'mon, we have to go home early.
What's this, Tina? - We have to go for a party.
And you must wear a first class suit.
And Kabir uncle was saying that I'll go with him first...
...and then you'll come. C'mon, now sit inside.
What are you doing? You please drive it.
Do you know how big the party is? Big personalities will be coming there.
This strange incidence is Making me restless, Dayal.
You please keep it to you only.
Otherwise people will just laugh instead of believing it.
I've seen it personally.
That same city, same palace, same factory...
...where I used to live during my last birth.
My last birth's name was Ravi Verma.
But the face was totally different.
I don't know anything about my last birth's...
...mother, sister and wife's whereabouts.
So I think I might have to live here for few more days.
Tonight, I'm going to meet Tina's queen...
...who has educated and provided all her needs from her childhood.
I'll write to you about the rest later, yours Monty.
You stupid, you idiot, can't you see?
I can see... I can see...
But you can't see what I can.
Rebirth... different face.
Rebirth... Ravi Verma.
Monty! Monty!
I've been waiting for you For the past half an hour.
The party is at its peak inside.
So many big personalities have come. Queen is also there.
I've told her everything about you.
Why are you standing here? C'mon...
Look, behave very innocently in front of the queen.
I know. Why are you instructing me?
Don't forget your limits. Shut up!
You must listen to me. And listen...
...if she requests for a song, do not refuse.
If the queen gets impressed, everything will be fine.
I can’t see the queen?
You just wait here. I'll just come.
Excuse me! Good evening, Queen.
The person I had told you about has come?
Will you please meet him? Please... please...
Queen, he's the one.
Who lives in this palace, guard?
A queen lives here who has everything from...
...servants to wealth, but no one else.
She leaves in the morning and comes back in the evening.
I don't know sir where she comes from or where she goes.
But they say that you should never try...
...to know too much about the rich.
What shall I do? I am just an employee.
I do my work, take my salary and go away.
No discussion. Just coming and going.
Ravi Verma died in a car accident.
This news was given by Kamani Devi.
But within 1 year she threw both the...
...helpless women from the house.
That time Kamani Devi had become the owner...
...of the palace and the factory.
What could I do? I was just a servant.
One day her plan succeeded.
Why don't you just ask me to commit suicide?
By mixing poison in my food, you want to kill me.
Why are you after my life?
What a shameful thing to say, sister-in-law?
You are putting such blame on me.
Will I try to kill my brother's wife? - Shut up!
It was good that I fed the cat first.
Otherwise my sister would have been lying dead.
Today a decision will be reached.
I will call the police and if I don't put these...
...two women behind bars, then my name is not Charanjeet.
They are jealous of my sister's fame and fortune.
Today, police will come into this house.
No police has ever come to the household of...
...Shanta Prasad Verma, and nor will they ever come.
Daughter-in-law, our tears after my son's death haven’t dried yet.
And before the Verma family is disgraced in the society...
...we will go to some place else and shed our tears.
Come on, daughter.
Times are so bad that we have to leave the house...
...built by my husband and son.
Daughter-in-law, the house is yours. Take care of it.
We are going far-far away.
Where the mother and daughter went, no one knows.
Sir, that day even I quit the job.
If someone says that they are dead...
...then I won't be surprised.
What is it? - The big car has come.
Okay, I know. You go away from here. - Yes.
What happened, Trilokchand? What happened? Speak up?
Old horse with red reins. - Oh, God!
Beautiful shot!
Let's move ahead.
I am saying the truth, S. P sir.
6 years ago our neighbor Mr. Mathur crossed the...
...railway line and went into the forest of Champapur.
And hasn't returned till today.
People thought that maybe some tiger ate him up.
But the villagers say that Mr. Mathur is seen walking about...
...along the railway line.
And when anyone goes near him, he disappears.
Despite being the magistrate of this town...
...you believe in these ghost stories.
I am sorry! I don't believe in ghost stories.
How can a person come back after dying? It's not possible.
My daughter says the same thing, but for God's sake...
...don't talk such stuff, otherwise I will get nightmares.
Very nice party. - I am glad you could come.
May I help you, madam? - Oh yes! Thank you.
Yes, Mr. Monty lives in this very guest house.
But these days, he leaves very early in the morning.
- And comes back late at night. - Who are you?
I am Chanda. The maid-servant.
Did you see, uncle?, how he has become?
Since he saw that queen, he does not care about me.
I have heard that everyday who makes a trip to the palace.
What do you want?
What do you want? I said what do you want?
Who allowed you to come in? Jorjee! Jorjee! Mangaram!
Go away from here. I said go away from here.
Get out of here.
You! - Shut up!
Do you know whom you are speaking to?
Kabira, take him away! Take him away!
Come on, let's go! - No.
Come on, let's go home. - No, I want her.
I want her, Kabira! - Monty, let’s go home.
I want her, Kabira! I want her. Monty let's go!
Leave me! I want to talk to her. I want to ask her questions.
Let us go!
Your feelings for the queen...
...is betrayal towards Tina...
I am not betraying Tina!
I am worried about the betrayal I endured.
If you don't want to tell me your story, don’t.
But if you want to know the truth about the Queen, then ask me...
Who has spent 10 years in the lock up because of her.
What do you know?
10 years ago, my childhood friend and...
...Tina's father, Ramcharan, was an old servant at the palace.
But because of his drinking habits he could not give...
...love to the motherless Tina.
Tina always used to search for her Kabira uncle.
It was a Friday night.
When I reached Ramcharan's quarter, I saw Tina crying.
Ramcharan was drunk.
That day we fought
...over Tina again like always.
Neither did he allow me to take Tina home...
...nor did he look after her properly.
In his drunken state he abused me and...
...his destiny and left the house.
I started consoling the poor girl.
When he went out, Ramcharan heard the queen...
...and his brother Charanjeet...
...who were being scolded by a few strangers.
God knows what secrets he heard...
...that he came back to his senses.
But the queen's brother saw him and followed him.
The person who knows the secrets of the queen...
...cannot live in this world, Ramcharan.
Ramcharan, what secret was he talking about?
Ravi Verma, Kali Temple and the Queen!
After uttering these words, my friend passed away.
But big people have bigger connections.
God knows how the police got a wind of it and landed at the scene.
I accepted my crime in front of the police.
That's when Tina came crying in front of me.
I picked her up in my lap and took her to the Queen.
Your highness, this is a orphaned child...
...of your faithful servant.
Now, her burden is on you, like the one on my heart.
Before dying Ramcharan spoke about the secret of...
...Kali temple... I will leave, now.
The very next day the Queen came to meet me in prison.
She was very worried.
What secret do you know?
Such secrets are not spoken behind bars.
Only in the courts are such secrets...
I asked you what secret do you know?
What is the relationship between the Kali Temple and Ravi Verma?
This secret.
What is the price to forget this secret?
My daughter Tina should have the upbringing of the highest class.
I will perform my responsibility loyally. I promise.
Kabira is the second name for loyalty, madam.
This deal was finalized between the two of us.
But for 10 years I kept thinking...
...of the relationship between Ravi Verma and the Kali temple.
I will tell you, Kabira.
I will tell you what is the relationship between...
...Ravi Verma and the Kali temple.
You? - Yes me!
This story is beyond the beliefs of the world.
But it has happened to me in reality. - To you?
Yes, Kabira!
Just think.
A boy loves a girl. He breaks all norms and marries her.
And days after their wedding, the girl kills the boy...
...just for the sake of his wealth.
But thanks to the nature's miracle, that heart beats again.
And 21 years later, he sees that the same girl has become a queen.
Verma High School is my life.
On the occasion of my husband's...
...birth anniversary, here is a cheque of 50,000.
Verma Convent School belongs to the Verma family.
It belongs to Shanta Prasad Verma. To Ravi Verma.
I want to know where is the Verma family?
Where is this Ravi Verma's sister? Where is his mother?
No one knows anything, Kabira. No one knows anything.
Oh God! You are that Ravi Verma? - It is the truth, Kabira!
This has happened with me.
The mountain is on my shoulders.
I am no mad person to tell you these stories.
I have gone mad, Monty.
I can't even think where that woman must have...
...kept your mother and sister.
I have gone mad searching for them day and night.
No one knows anything and can't say anything.
Don't worry! I know a few elders of this village.
God willing, I will find both of them.
After Shanta Prasad, people will have...
...only one name on their lips, Ravi Verma.
He will clear the debts of the Verma family.
He will bring back the fame and fortune of the family.
My son, then you shall see the glow on this widow's face.
I shall start 2 more schools in his name. - Mother!
Pinky? - Don't call me Pinky, my name is Jyoti Verma!
And I have won this award for excellence in sitar playing.
And not for tuning some guitar.
First in sitar and zero in studies.
Here, first in studies and as far as guitar is concerned...
...one day I will learn that as well.
You have broken 12 guitars in the span of one year.
And still you don't even know how to play seven notes.
Pinky! - What Pinky?
You have to take rebirth to know how to play the guitar.
I searched the whole world.
I found the whole world.
But I did not find the ones I was searching for.
No one knows where the mother and her daughter...
...disappeared years ago.
I know. The snake which can bite Ravi Verma.
It is not difficult for her to kill two helpless women, Kabira.
Monty, even snakes are afraid of the wrath of the Lord.
Not this snake, Kabira! Not this snake!
If this fact is true then I swear on my mother and sister...
...I will not let her live for more than a day.
If I get hanged then I will accept that.
I am ready to die a thousand deaths to take revenge.
To kill that Kamini.
I won't spare her.
Oh God, what have you done to this young man?
Give him peace or I’ll start quarrelling with you.
Kabira sits on your doorsteps asking you to fulfill everyone’s wishes.
Let the estranged people meet. Let them meet.
Chanda! - Chanda has not come today, sir.
I have come to replace her.
Bring one jug of water.
Tea is ready, sir. - Now, I will not drink tea but only alcohol.
It is not good to drink alcohol in the morning.
Stop talking nonsense and get water.
Wise men have said that a household gets spoiled due to alcohol, sir.
You? - My name is Laxmi.
I work as a servant in a bungalow at Talegaon.
Chanda is not well. So she sent me here.
Laxmi? No.
If I have made a mistake then forgive me, sir.
But it is not good to drink alcohol at such young age.
Your name cannot be Laxmi.
Yes, my name is Laxmi. I live at Talegaon.
You are lying. I know you. Your name is Jyoti.
No! No, I am not Jyoti! I am Laxmi.
You are lying. You are Jyoti, Jyoti Verma.
Please don't say this, sir. Don't mock my poverty.
Why don't you say that you are the daughter of Shanta Prasad Verma?
Shanta Prasad is dead. Verma family is dead.
I have no relation with them.
I am a beggar woman. I clean up other people's houses.
I am a widow who goes from door to door for work.
To feed my old mother and my 2 children.
What do you want from me? Why are you mocking me?
Why are you pelting stones at me?
Why do you make fun of me? Why?
Did you call me Pinky, sir?
Yes, Pinky!
You did not recognize me but I recognized you, my sister.
Sister! Did you call me, sister? - Yes, Pinky!
Aren't you the sister of Ravi Verma...
...who used to call you Pinky out of love?
Ravi Verma? How do you know Ravi Verma?
Did you see?
Such a violent storm came and now it is silent.
Today, atheists like me will start believing in God.
I did not understand? - I am Ravi Verma...
I am Ravi Verma's...
No, my father was a friend of Ravi Verma.
Brother used to keep going to Bombay.
Your family portrait is at my house.
My daddy had told me to find out about the Verma...
...family whenever I come here.
He too searched a lot but he did not get any news.
We have died for the world, sir.
After brother's death life only gave us darkness.
I and my mother are alive like two corpses.
Your mother? How is mother? Where is she?
I want to meet her immediately, please.
What is the use of meeting mother, sir?
She is a blown out candle...
...who thinks that one day there shall be light.
She's gone crazy.
It's been 21 years since brother's death.
Since that day she hasn't been able to speak or hear.
During this poverty, I got married.
But within 3 years, my husband passed away...
...leaving on us the burden of 2 children.
And the burden of troubles kept on increasing.
Give it to me! I will wash my clothes myself.
Shut up, you are small now!
Grandma, if Aseem washes my clothes without soap...
...so won't they tear off?
Who will bring soap? Your uncle?
Grandma, Aseem is teasing me.
Why are you troubling grandma? Can she hear?
Let mother come! I will tell her everything.
Just wash the clothes. Don't trouble grandma.
We cannot afford to go to the doctor.
We have tried all types of medicines that a village doctor can prescribe.
Mother probably does not even know what sleep is?
She keeps looking at Ravi's picture for hours.
Ravi has come!
You have come, son! - Grandma! Mother!
Mother, grandma has started speaking. - The Village doctor.
Ravi you have come. Come! You must be very tired.
Pinky, Ravi has come! Ravi has come.
I knew you would come late, but would definitely come.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Ravi! The apple of my eye! Aren't you my Ravi?
Why don't you say anything? My son, Ravi.
Mother! - Madam, sit down. This is not your son.
He is a big shot from Bombay.
Shut up! Don't speak nonsense.
This is my son Ravi. - Mother, sit down.
You are not well. Come and sit down.
This is my son Ravi!
Ask a mother's heart?
Ask his soul.
He can cheat everyone, but not a mother's heart.
Mother, this is not your son.
Don't separate me from my son.
He's my son Ravi.
God, if you exist come down, look into my eyes...
...and say whether this is my son Ravi or not?
Mother, please sit down.
Talking to much not better for you.
Please leave her alone.
Sorry sir, but she has received a mental shock.
Didn't I tell you to leave her alone? - Let's go.
Sir, will handle everything.
Aren't you my son, Ravi? - Yes, mother.
Yes! I am Ravi!
Nobody recognized me, but you did instantly.
Saw, my son recognized me.
He recognized his mother.
Mother, now I have come. You will listen to me? - Yes!
Take rest for some time, mother.
Yes, I will take rest.
Now that you have come, I will sleep.
Mother, who is this uncle?
I am your uncle. From now on you will live with your uncle.
My messiah heals the wounds. He Himself inflicted.
Pinky, go to your brother's house.
Days of sadness are gone, happy days are here again.
Wait and see the games Kabira plays.
Monty! - Move away, Kabira!
What are you doing? - I will finish her off.
Law may not punish her, but I will. - And law will finish you.
Because law and police have no evidence or witness...
...to prove that Ravi Verma was killed by Kamini devi.
Yes, there is one witness. The Lord.
Maybe that's why he has sent you here...
...so that you force her into accepting her crime...
...in front of the world and the law.
Yes, Monty. We have to make her suffer.
At every step we have to place a trap.
What happened, Charan Singh? What is in your hand?
Somebody just came and said this was your birthday gift.
But no one here knows that today is my birthday.
Let me see!
What happened?
Your car has given up, madam.
What are you doing here?
Get the hell out of my car. Come on, get out! Out!
Why are you after me? I want to know.
Who gave you this car? Who let you become a driver?
Driver? Your highness, I am not poor.
But yes I am weak at heart. You must have got my gift.
Be thankful I did not inform the police.
Police, law, I will accept everything.
Even if you send me to heaven, I will comeback.
Shut up! - I want to remain quiet.
But what can I say I have to clear my heart.
That I fell in love with you, at first sight.
Nonsense! Get lost will you?
It is not good for a lady to stay alone...
...out in the wilderness, Miss Kamini.
Think about it?
Excuse me! - My name is Monty.
See, your car has broken down.
There is a garage in the village down there.
And cars are repaired only in garages.
It's amazing, it's amazing, it's amazing.
We fakirs know...
We fakirs know the condition of everyone's heart.
It's amazing, it's amazing.
It's amazing, it's amazing, it's amazing.
It's amazing, it's amazing, it's amazing.
We fakirs know the condition of everyone's heart.
It's amazing, it's amazing.
Oh Fakir check me up...
...give me medicines for the sweet pains.
Oh Fakir check me up...
...give me medicines for the sweet pains.
I will chase the ghosts away and kill the illness.
I will chase the ghosts away and kill the illness.
But what do I do with this, this is love sickness.
It's amazing, it's amazing.
It's amazing, it's amazing, it's amazing.
Oh good man of God, come answer me.
How many stars are there in the sky, give me an answer?
Count all the flowers in the world.
Count all the flowers in the world.
The number of flowers are equal to the number of stars.
That is my answer.
It's amazing, it's amazing.
It's amazing, it's amazing, it's amazing.
Young girl, you also ask some question.
Clear your heart's doubts.
I will tell you, fakir.
On her lips many love stories are there.
On her lips many love stories are there.
Again her love stories are getting younger.
Younger! Younger!
You are too immature...
You are too immature, use your brains.
He who is in your heart, hold his hand.
You have knitted this net with your own hands.
It's net, It's amazing.
It's net, It's amazing.
It's amazing, it's amazing, it's amazing.
We fakirs know the condition of everyone's heart.
We fakirs know the condition of everyone's heart.
It's amazing, it's amazing.
It's amazing, it's amazing, it's amazing.
Mithu, now nobody can say that the queen is getting old.
Mithu, I am so happy tonight. Good night, sweet dreams.
No! Help
No, Monty!
Oh, no!
Please no.
Monty, he is dead!
Anyone who tries to harm you will meet the same fate with Monty’s hand.
But why?
It is not what you think.
I don't want your riches.
I want you and your love.
Someone to tell me she is mine.
Well done, Jagawar! Amazing role.
Here is your 400 rupees and your role is done.
Hail Godess!
Ravi! Ravi!
Still he hasn't come back.
It is so late at night and still hasn't comeback.
Yes, he is coming in a jeep, with his wife.
But, why hasn't he come yet?
I will go and check myself.
Stop, don't go ahead. Stop!
Brother, see what has happened to mother.
There is nothing to worry about. Thank God she is safe.
She is lucky.
Where all will you search for me?
How many more times will you be hit? I have come.
I will take away all your sorrows.
Keep all the promises.
Just look at me once.
Open your eyes.
Ravi, you have come.
See mother, I am in front of you.
Let's go home. Take me home.
Yes, mother lie down now. I will take you home.
I will take you to the same house, where I had left you.
Stop it!
Where did you learn this tune?
This tune? It's very old!
There is a story behind it.
Whose? - My husband's! Ravi Verma's!
Ravi Verma? - Yes!
He liked this tune very much.
Monty, please. With this tune... - You feel something? - Yes!
Okay, I will not play in the future.
What are you seeing? - Your destiny in your hands.
What is written on it? - Amazing!
Someone's murder is written on it.
Murder! Don't be silly, Monty!
You have murdered me. - You?
By making me fall for your...
Now I know why Monty did not get my telegrams.
If you have understood, Mr. Oberoi...
...then there is no use in arguing.
So have you decided to leave me? - Yes!
Oberoi means fame and fortune.
Those only last for 2 seconds, Mr. Oberoi.
I will sue you. - With pleasure. - I am leaving.
I won't stop you. Goodbye.
Who was he?
He was the guardian of my destiny.
What will happen now?
He doesn't know that my destiny is in this palace.
But Monty, I feel claustrophobic in here.
Let's go out somewhere.
What happened? - Your car has given up.
1 minute.
My mother in Bombay does not allow me to drive at night.
If I am ever late, she wakes up the whole town.
She calls up everyone from the police, hospital...
There is no water in the radiator.
But you don't worry. There is a container here.
I will get the water. I love you.
In the name of the Goddess Kali...
...may your attack never miss its target.
Let justice be done for all lives.
It's getting colder. So I was talking about mother.
Why are you sweating in this cold weather?
Monty! - What's wrong you seem worried?
Ghost! - Ghost? What ghost?
I saw ghosts.
Looks like you are listening to too many ghost stories.
That is why you are hallucinating.
Don't worry darling, I am with you.
I am with you.
Monty, look over there. Ghosts are going in that car.
Ghosts? Where?
What happened to you?
I didn't see any car or any ghost.
There! - What's wrong with you?
Have gone nuts? There is nothing over there.
You didn't see anything. - There is nothing there.
Monty, what has happened to me?
You need rest.
Your Highness, it isn't safe for you to have so many medicines.
The doctor has already cautioned you.
Monty, cannot come for the opening of your hotel.
I am not responsible for this.
If you want to see the truth, you can see it for yourself.
How my golden bird is trapped in your palace's cage?
These are your Kamani Devi's doings.
Yes, sir?
See Rita, I had told you.
He is having an affair with that woman.
See how much fun they are having. I can't bear to see.
You tell me what is happening?
He has opened the door of the car. - Then?
She got down. - Then?
She is going inside. - Then?
She has stopped. - Then.
Monty is going nearer to her. - Then.
They are laughing and talking. - Then.
Now they are behind the pillar. - What?
I can't see anything, Tina. I think something is wrong.
You haven't told me anything about your life and husband.
Although you had promised me.
I will tell you. But not now. - Why?
First, let me trust you completely.
Lovers don't ask for trust certificate, Kamini.
Monty, I know we have come close to each other...
You betrayer! You fool!
You make promises to me, and love her.
You sing songs with me. I hate you. I hate you!
Stop it, Tina! Stop it, Tina!
What is this childishness, Tina!
I'll run away! I'll die!
Let her go, Monty! This was bound to happen.
You saw what she did?
If I had married her, then my life would have been destroyed.
I know, I know!
This is the difference between a girl and a woman.
I love you.
Monty, Monty! - What happened?
Tina is leaving this town. - What are you saying?
She has left this letter. She has left home.
Kabira is searching for her everywhere.
'I can't stand this shock, Kabira uncle.'
'Don't try and look for me. Think that Tina is dead.'
Shameless girl! Juliet's niece! Trying to kill herself for love.
You don't know, he was talking cheaply with the queen.
Shut up! I am no fool!
He is already worried, and you are increasing his worries.
What is he worried about?
For you, who else.
My money is with the Queen.
Don't we need money for your and Monty's wedding?
My wedding?
Marriage? It's taking place? Good! Very good!
Even I have a daughter. Exactly like Tina.
We have called you to perform for the charity function...
...organized on the occasion of the...
...silver jubilee of Verma High School.
I believe that if you participate in this then...
...we can collect thousands of rupees for the school.
It is my good fortune that I can do something for Tina's school.
It is so nice of you! - Very good!
You are a very good boy.
If you know any boy exactly like you, then do say.
I have a young daughter.
We have come here for the school board meeting, Mr. Baptista.
You please come, sing and dance.
Teach our girls also. Our girls are very talented.
Even I have a girl.
Mrs. Kamini Devi will be the chief guest on the occasion.
And that is when she will inaugurate...
...the Ravi Verma Memorial hall as well.
Ravi Verma Memorial Hall. I will be there.
I will definitely come.
Hello! Hello!
Yes this is Mrs. Kamini Verma.
This is Ravi Verma!
Ravi Verma? Who Ravi Verma?
Your husband, Ravi Verma.
What nonsense? Who is speaking?
If not the looks, recognize the voice, darling.
I am Monty. - Monty? - Yes!
What kind of a joke is this?
What if we have different faces?
Actually I am Ravi Verma, darling, not Monty.
What nonsense?
I have no proof, Kamini, with which I can tell the law...
...and society that you murdered me.
Yes you murdered me when I was Ravi Verma.
In front of the Kali Temple with a jeep... - Shut up!
What has happened to you?
Oh no?
Who is this? - This is Monty, darling.
Who is this? Hello! - Your father is speaking.
Monty, did you just call me?
Me? How could I have? I am here.
Don't kill yourself like this.
Monty, one day I will go mad. I will go mad.
You have already become mad, Kamini devi. - You?
Yes, me. Servants of Sir Juda.
What do the servants want to say?
Sir Juda has called you. - For what?
He has come to know of your actions.
This is my private life, do you understand?
Sir Juda's servants have no private life.
Get out!
Get out of here! Get out! - Okay, let's go.
Monty, I don't want this wealth and fame.
I'm fed up of my life.
Please, take me some place else.
I don't want to live in this palace.
I will take you, day after tomorrow.
To Bombay, to my home.
Why not today? Why not now?
I have promised to sing at a function in Verma High School.
Do hell with Verma High School!
For so many years you have lived like a queen in this palace.
Everything should be done in its proper time...
...and with proper respect.
I have called my mother and sister to the same function.
Mother will be so happy to see your status in the society.
When you meet my mother there...
...as a respectable daughter-in-law. - Really?
The reality is this that my mother is fine now.
She only has to drink the milk with her medicines.
There, again you have dropped milk.
Pinky, when he was small, he used to drop milk like this.
I never scolded him, but he is scolding me today.
Where am I scolding?
I just want my mother to get well soon so that I can...
...take my lovable mother to the Verma High School function.
Verma High School? - Yes mother, Verma High School.
Our school.
After sometime, we will go to that hall and...
...you shall inaugurate the hall.
People will applaud and envy the pride and status...
...of Mrs. Shanta Prasad Verma.
God bless you, son! After that we will go to our palace.
Yes, mother! We will go to our house.
Did you see how much my son loves me?
And for such a long time you kept that love away from me.
Now he has come back, so why are these eyes shedding tears?
Yes, probably they want to wash your feet.
His name is Monty, sir!
Sir, this is not what we were thinking?
It is to do with Ravi Verma's property.
Okay, sir!
#Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu, Shiri-Farhad.
Their true love is still remembered by the world.
I have thought of a name, which disrespected...
...love by cheating her own love.
This is the story of love.
Someone took life, and someone gave life.
There was a beauty, there was a lover.
That was the age and those were the times.
There was a beauty, there was a lover.
That was the age and those were the times.
One day they met, they kept on meeting daily.
One day they met, they kept on meeting daily.
Then their love blossomed, and...
...everything was destroyed.
Where are you lost, listening this story?
People are confused, because they are unaware.
To the alley of love, we were just talking about.
I kept visiting that alley,
There was a beauty, there was a lover.
That was the age, those were the times.
There was a beauty, there was a lover.
The beauty said, listen to me beloved.
This sky and this earth are nothing without you.
I will die for you, that is how much I love you.
The matter was something else, she was a betrayer,
In her heart lay the love for wealth.
Love at that time was just an excuse.
There was a beauty, there was a lover.
That was the age, those were the times.
There was a beauty, there was a lover.
Disloyal lover cheated on her love.
She cheated her love and killed him.
The young man died.
The young man died.
And now listen to the story.
He took birth far away.
Again he reached there.
With the face of a stranger and totally confused.
When they faced each other.
When they faced each other.
The same things happened again.
This was his debt.
This was his debt.
He had to repay his debt.
Who are you?
Who are you?
I asked who are you.
You are not Monty.
It is not true. It is a lie.
You cannot be Ravi Verma.
You cannot be Ravi Verma.
You recognized me perfectly, Your Highness.
Look at me properly. I am Ravi Verma.
Daughter-in-law of Shanta Prasad...
The Queen of this town and...
...servant of Sir Juda, see.
Look at this miracle of nature.
I might not have the face of Ravi Verma...
...but the soul remains the same.
The same Ravi Verma who was squashed...
...to death by a jeep in front of the Kali Temple.
The same Ravi Verma who gave you love for love.
The same Ravi Verma who gave you...
...fame, fortune and everything, but you?
What did you do?
You have maligned all women
But today your reign ends.
This palace is not yours, Kamini Devi.
It belongs to Shanta Prasad.
It belongs to his son Ravi Verma.
It belongs to his old mother, who is coming into...
...this house after ages, to take rest.
Ravi we have come to our house.
This house belongs to Ravi Verma's sister...
...who spent her youth trying to keep her old mother...
...and her two children from starving.
She is coming to her brother's house to ask for her rights.
Kamini devi, this house belongs to the Verma family.
Those members of the Verma family...
...who didn't get anything except darkness.
Today they are coming into their house, their palace...
...to step into new light.
Do you have any proof which denies...
...that you killed Ravi Verma?
Do you have any proof which denies...
...that you did not throw out his sister and old mother...
...from this palace and forced them to...
...clean the houses of other people.
Say that you had killed Ravi Verma. Say it.
Remember, Kali Temple, Ravi Verma! You killed him.
Say that you killed him!
Say that you killed him!
Say that you killed him!
Yes, yes, yes! I killed Ravi Verma! I murdered him!
What do you want to say?
I killed him! I killed him!
Ravi Verma, he cannot be alive. He cannot be alive.
Did you see S. P? She has accepted her crime.
Your Highness, God works in secret ways.
But when He hits the target, it hurts badly.
Kabir uncle!
Kabir uncle, this pistol is real. It has bullets.
So now I get it how foreigners invaded our lands.
Roxy, I had told you earlier that I was raised by a Muslim family
Had Hindu friends...
and have luxurious hobbies
But as an Indian I won't let foreigners rule here.
Sir Juda says that you hand over Kamini to us.
Tell your mute boss, that a person whose tongue is...
...chopped, shouldn't stick it out.
I will sacrifice my daughter but... - No, Kabira!
It would be foolishness to sacrifice Tina for this vamp.
Judah, we will hand over Kamini if you hand over Tina.
We agree.
Kamini, will walk one step from there...
...and Tina will walk one step from here.
But if there is any movement, the bullets will be fired.
Roxy, leave Tina!
You vamp!
Sir Juda, your game is over.
Shoes from Kanpur are having fun.
You will have more fun in getting beaten up.
You witch, you vamp!
Brother! Brother!
Open the door! Open the door!
Light the fire.
Open the door!
Kabira! - Don't worry about me.
Mother and Pinky have gone out. Go and save them!
But I can't leave you in such a condition... - Go, go!
Uncle, Mother and grandma are locked in that house.
Look after the kids.
Mother! Mother!
Kabira! - lay down! lay down!
Brother, see she is running away!
You look after mother.
Sir, looks like the woman has gone mad.
God bless you! Come back soon! - Yes, mother!
This time do not disappoint me.
No, mother! I will come!
Hurry up, Monty! We have to go to Kashmir.
We have to see honeymoon.
I have heard that honeymoon over there is a lot of fun.
What are you saying?
Let's go, dear. I will drop you off at the station.
Stay away for a year or two.
If something happens, then don't complain.
I am sixteen years old, I am seventeen years old.