Dune (1/9) Movie CLIP - The Guild Navigator (1984) HD

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[ Breathing ]
- We have iust folded space from Ix. - Yes ?
How was your iourney ?
Many machines on Ix. New machines.
Oh ? Yes.
Better than those on Richese.
You are transparent. l see many things.
l see plans within plans.
l see two great houses,
House Atreides, House Harkonnen, feuding.
- l see you behind it. - Yes.
You must share with us.
The Atreides House is building a secret army...
using a technique unknown to us.
A technique involving sound.
The duke is becoming more popular in the Landsraad.
He could threaten me.
l have ordered House Atreides to occupy Arrakis to mine the spice,
thus replacing their enemies, the Harkonnens.
House Atreides will not refuse because of the tremendous power they think they will gain.
Then, at an appointed time,
Baron Harkonnen will return to Arrakis...
and launch a sneak attack on House Atreides.
l have promised the baron five legions of my Sardaukar terror troops.
So the Harkonnens will rid you of House Atreides.
Yes !
[ Navigator ] One small point.
Here it comes.
We ourselves perceive a slight problem...
within House Atreides.
Paul. Paul Atreides.
You mean, of course, Duke Leto Atreides, his father.
l mean Paul Atreides.
We want him killed.
l did not say this. l am not here.
l understand.