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Mine is from Canada
This one is to be spread on top
Demonstration from the teacher
Look! Mine has not been cut opened yet
How do you do it?
Just follow teacher like that and squeeze it out will do
Hyomin mom teaching step by step
Following own style of decorating on the cookies
How come it became like that?
Didnt i said before? That Qri unnie dont know how to cook
No its not
Mason, hand me the red colour one
What are you doing?
Writting something
It doesnt seemed like
What is that?
Dokbuki! It looked like dokbuki
But this is a map
Is it because the small deer ran too long causing the legs to bleed?
Why do you have to say like that? Cant you have a little childlike heart?
Mason is done...it seemed like very delicious
Waa~ Qri unnie's one is very beautiful
Its pretty isnt it?
Then how about mine?
Seems like theres a little bit feeling about it...Not bad
Even though outside is still snowing, the weather is also gloomy
Jiyeon and I had the most beautiful ones
Its indeed the most beautiful ones.
Lets make a superman
Adding "M" for Mason
Qri mom's cookie, small christmas fan
Hwayoung mom's cookie Infinite loves towards Mason
Boram mom's cookie Motherly love towards the 3 brothers
Eunjung mom's cookie Running deer and signal light
Mine are "Friends" and "Snowy tree"
Mason's cookie Name with first letter "M"
Soyeon mom's cookie Cute christmas
Jiyeon mom's cookie Snowing Christmas
Mason, which one is the most beautiful ones? Please choose
Mason, there are some over here also
Choose this...choose this
I liked the one i made the best
Mine is the best
Whom you going to give this to, Mason?
Mason loving the cookies the most
Are you crying?
You should give this to your father
Didnt you make this specially for your father?
Since we had finished baking cookies, then we will eat them during the christmas party
Until then you cannot eat them...But Mason is hungry. What to do?
I want to eat right now
Eat them later
Mason~ Just bear with it for a while
With all these beautiful cookies, the preparation for christmas party is done
First event, Christmas Party
Decorating the christmas tree
Santa claus appeared?!
What really happened in the party?
Second event, 3Brothers 1 year old birthday party
Will it turn out to be what they imagined?
Can they invite a lot of people?
Will be revealed later
Its the day for their christmas party
Where is here?
Ah Mavin, ah not Mavin Maden~!
Just only for this christmas party, i had already booked earlier
Are we having party?
Please hand me the key
Use this to go up
Its over here I had already booked here before
T-ara Family Christmas Party Room revealed
Beautiful cards and magnificence christmas tree decorations
Elegant size christmas tree
Christmas party preparation complete
Take a look at this~
1 Headband made the Christmas party atmosphere rise up to the next level
Mason is not an exception too
Am i beautiful?
Ah too pretty~ Aigoo~ Its a bit big
It seemed like the headband is a little big for Mason
Small deer light emmit Mason got the smiling virus from his moms
Gave Mason a christmas hat
Am i pretty?
Too pretty
Mason, come over here for a while
Mavin addicted to the balloon
Where did the balloon went?
Mason also join into the balloon game
Even though its just only 1 balloon, Mason and Mavin still can play happily
Christmas tree appeared
The christmas tree became 2 parts
But these children only attracted to the balloon
If you insert this in the combination of christmas tree is complete
Come decorate the christmas tree
Do you want to hang? Mason, this one...just hang it up like this will do
Like this?
Well done
Because of this christmas tree decoration, T-ara Family became more united
Do you want to hang this?
Hang some over here?
Waaa~ The face must be seen
Mavin still addicted to the balloon
In order to make the christmas tree more brighter, Hyomin prepared lightings for the tree
Waaa~~ Take a look at this
Waa~ So nice
Singing Christmas song~
Excited Eunjung mom even wanted to finish the ending
The pitch is too high
Christmas tree done
Absolutely beautiful
Beside the christmas tree, a mini piano is being set up
Because of the piano performance, the atmosphere rose up
Teacher Mavin goes directly into the performance state
There are some spirit come for the christmas
Look at their expression
Hyomin even prepared a must for the event "cake"
Still, only the food will get the most attraction
The atmosphere slowly rose up
Chocolate cake that the children loved the most
Also, their own made cookies
Cookies we made
Our own hand made cookie~ I handle them with care and brought them here
No matter how you look, the t-ara brand cookies are still beautiful
Lets lit up the candle, then sing the christmas song, make a wish and then blow it
Who want to help? Mason help insert in the candle
Inserting the candle at the right position of the cake
But, why there are so many candles.....?
Hu~ Mavin already excited wanted to blow the candle
Ah~ So cute
Mason and Mavin seemed to be inserting too much candle
How many times we had our chirstmas including this?
Even our candles seemed to be a little more, but this is our first time all of us celebrate this christmas
Then, we will just lit 1 candle
At the same time, we had 2 members birthday at the same day too
12th is Eunjung and Qri's birthday
Then let celebrate it together
The red ones for celebrating christmas
Yellow colour represent T-ara Eunjung and of course the pink colour ones will be Qri unnie
We just needed to lit up 3 candles
Lets sing Qri mom and Eunjung mom birthday song
Singing birthday song~
Lets blow the candle together~
Performance from the Pianist, Moon brother
Singing christmas song~
Moon brother solo performance start now...
Dances just appeared themselves
Suddenly become fast
Music had become faster
Waaa~ So happy~
Without even realising, the christmas party become a dancing skills party
The performance slowly approaching the final part
All the members watch with the utmost concentration
So cute
But the music is a bit scary...
Pianist Moon brothers performance had come to The End
Now is the time for christmas dinner
Dont you all look forward how the cookies we made taste?
T-ara's cookies
Eunjung mom looking forward for the taste of the cookie
I think its nice only just to see
Try to eat!
It smell nice
Not bad
I need to go out for a while
Where you going?
I need to go to toilet for a while
Eunjung unnie, your birthday wish~
Firstly, Mason, Mavin, Maden all healthy...Till next year still can happily live together with the moms
Also, wish all t-ara members healthy and Merry Christmas
How do the cookies taste?
My christmas wish is wished for Mason and Mavin kiss my cheek on both side
That one we can do it immediately
Mavin, wish your mother happy birthday. Go kiss her
So she wanted that
Mason, please dance Crayon Shin-chan's dance as a present for your moms
Shin-chan...the dance... Didnt you dance with moms before?
I didnt see that...do again once
Compared to Shin-chan, my dance are better isnt it?
Lets do it together
How about Mavin?
Mavin also want to dance?
2 Brothers do together....start~
I got most of my presents from the santa claus
Will the children recognize Hyomin mom?
They cant recognize me now
Our children
Mason and Maden
You did a lot of good deed