AXE Chickipedia - The Superstitious Girlfriend - Episode 23

Uploaded by bindass on 16.09.2012

Don't move!
The luck will change, India is about to win!
I am struggling on one leg
I prayed to God for India to win yesterday
I don't want you to spoil it
See, you couldn't even do that much
I had prayed since yesterday, so that India will win
If my leg would have helped India to win, I would have cut off my leg for them
Why are you behaving like those uneducated people who believe in stupid superstitions
What did you say?
Uneducated, Stupid. Is Karan Johar uneducated, is Ekta Kapoor illiterate because she believes in superstition
NO, For you only I am only uneducated and stupid
Actually, everything I do seems to be a problem for you
For some women there is no use of Logic,Practicality and Common Sense in their lives
They give anything a superstitious angle for any small reason
There is no limit to this superstitious angle and your irritation does not seem to stop building
Why did you call me now, It is the Rahu period
Here take this lucky charm, tomorrow you are meeting father and everything will go fine!
Again your sleeping flipped over!
The night of Amavas, we should avoid going clubbing from now on
Sanjana is a witch, you drink water from this special glass, she will go away!
This will keep us together for 7 lives to come
Baby listen, let's break this toilet and put a balcony in that place because that direction is wrong
Stop the car!! The cat just crossed our path
Why are you cutting your nails on saturday, Oh My God!
Now something bad is going to happen for sure
Baby, there are some guests coming over today
Oh ya, who is coming?
I don't know, but listen, that crow is making so much noise right now
If your girlfriend is superstitious like this, then she will listen to the sounds of crows more than you
Arguing with them is going to be of no use, because winning is out of the question
Listen to me, and take what she says into one ear and let it out of the other
It will be a problem if you do not listen to me
My mother is ready to meet you now
and my father is very happy when I told him about you joining MNC
Wow baby, Thank God they were happy about that
Do you know who deserves credit for this happy time, the black crow
who I gave a roti to on Tuesday, when it was made on Monday
Thank you brother crow!
But I was the one who gave it right
Anyways leave it, go get ready
I am ready
But you are wearing a black color t shirt when your lucky color today is blue
and take a bath too
Why don't you tell me which color soap I should use
Come on baby let's go
Here take this red ribbon, tie it on the steering wheel of the car
If something like this is happening to you as well, then get it in your car
and before she can get it, just drive off, and keep driving till the area pin code changes!
Because by mistake if you marry someone like this then she will seek career advice from crows,
travel advice from cats and conversation advice from dogs
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