Michelle Obama, Justin Bieber, and The Glendale Bear

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JASON SKLAR: Today on the show, Michelle Obama, Justin
Bieber, and the Glendale Bear.
No, it's not the messiest three-way ever.
It's the Tweekly News.
And it starts right after we tweet out the start of the
Tweekly News.
RANDY SKLAR: You got to hit send.
JASON SKLAR: I am hitting send.
It's not--
RANDY SKLAR: What are you--
why are you holding it up?
The router's down there.
JASON SKLAR: Yeah, but the signal rises up.
RANDY SKLAR: It's not like smoke.
JASON SKLAR: It is like smoke.
JASON SKLAR: Hey, welcome to the Tweekly News.
RANDY SKLAR: Where now through Labor Day all Katie Holmes
silent divorce jokes are half off.
JASON SKLAR: I'm Jason Sklar.
RANDY SKLAR: And I'm Randy Sklar.
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We are @Sklarbrothers.
RANDY SKLAR: This week Justin Bieber reached the milestone
of 25 million followers on Twitter.
JB marked the occasion with this tweet. "25 sitting on 25
mil hashtag drakelyrics hashtag motto."
JASON SKLAR: Now, most people follow Justin for his
re-tweeting of Drake lyrics.
We follow him for his European debt crisis analysis.
Will the Spanish banks collapse?
RANDY SKLAR: Never, say never.
JASON SKLAR: All right, pay attention people.
It's time to re-learn.
RANDY SKLAR: Just like Ex helps people re-learn life
without cigarettes with its free quit plan, we re-learn
this week that animals are sentient beings.
The Los Angeles Times published a cover story on the
tweeting Glendale bear, also known as Glen Bearian.
JASON SKLAR: Glen Bearian?
RANDY SKLAR: Well, he lives in Glendale and has hair all over
his body, so of course he's Armenian.
JASON SKLAR: Glen Bearian, there you go.
This week Glen Bearian was shot with a tranquilizer gun
and dropped back in the woods.
Then he tweeted this, "After all these tranquilizer shots,
they may need to drop me off at Celebrity Rehab."
RANDY SKLAR: I'll tell you this much, if I had to go to
Celebrity Rehab, I'd rather bunk with the Glendale Bear
than Tom Sizemore.
Glendale Bear also tweeted, "What an insane dream.
I fell asleep in a tree and woke up back in the woods.
I gotta lay off the trash for min."
RANDY SKLAR: Yeah, you and Kid Rock.
OK, sports fans, it's time to pummel that horse.
This is @sports.
RANDY SKLAR: This weekend the world's finest golfers are
competing at St. Anne's golf club in the British Open.
But on the eve of the major, the amazing Improv Everywhere
staged an Open inspired stunt that blew up on Twitter.
JASON SKLAR: @BroBible tweeted out the video, "Improv
Everywhere turns a mini golf course into the British Open."
CHARLIE: He's got a different swing than most.
MALE SPEAKER: It's very unconventional, Charlie.
He drags the putter along the greens and makes
contact with the ball.
RANDY SKLAR: Even Daniel Tosh would say that club work was
hard to watch.
JASON SKLAR: Improv Everywhere, those guys
totally nailed it.
You gotta check out the whole video.
Here's another great moment.
MALE SPEAKER: Here's our leader board.
Isaac and Max are in the lead at plus 1, with Alex right
behind at plus 2.
MALE SPEAKER: Aiden, of course, wearing his Sunday
green representing his home country of Ireland.

JASON SKLAR: The only real difference between the mini
golf British Open and the actual British Open, better
food at mini golf.
RANDY SKLAR: I love their sliders.
JASON SKLAR: They're like mini hamburgers.
RANDY SKLAR: Also, Tiger Woods has only slept with half of
the mini golf gallery.
RANDY SKLAR: It's an election year, so it's
time for 2012 in 140.
With the London Olympics less than a fortnight away, the US
basketball team took on Brazil in an exhibition game.
But Twitter was far more interested in
the courtside action.
JASON SKLAR: @NBA tweeted, "A presidential smooch.
President Obama accomplishes his mission and sneaks in a
smooch on Kiss Cam.
With a kiss.
RANDY SKLAR: But the kiss was not without controversy.
Initially, it didn't go quite as planned.
@Mr. Michael Lee tweeted, "Michelle Obama resists the
President's advances on Kiss Cam.
The first couple gets booed.

BOTH: Boo.
JASON SKLAR: Of course, he doesn't understand the rules
of the Kiss Cam.
He wasn't born here, is what I would have tweeted if I were
handling Donald Trump's Twitter account.
RANDY SKLAR: Former Bush White House press secretary, Ari
Fleischer, found a way to politicize the kiss.
"Good thing the Kiss Cam has never been on President
JASON SKLAR: Well, it depends on what your
definition of has is.
you Fleischer.
Your tweet forced us to make a 14-year-old joke.
You Jeff Zucker looking mother [BLEEP].
Now before we log off it's time for tweets to re-tweet.
JASON SKLAR: Where we highlight tweets from people
we follow who we think you should follow too.
This week the hilarious Jordan Rubin dropped this
thinking man's gem.
"I wish I had more of a sense of entitlement in my life.
Not that I deserve it."
RANDY SKLAR: That's a bit of a back door humble
brag if you ask me.
JASON SKLAR: Yeah, but I feel like he's earned
the right to do that.
RANDY SKLAR: I think he has.
JASON SKLAR: Hey, thanks for checking out the Tweekly News.
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JASON SKLAR: Hey, remember when Truman dropped the big
one on Bess during a Washington Senators game?
Hey, watch out for the router.
Get Together
RANDY SKLAR: Get togeth--
Mash it up.
JASON SKLAR: Smush them together.
RANDY SKLAR: Smush them together?