Vegan Sweet Potato Soup - Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

Uploaded by healthyvegan on 16.09.2011

Hey guys! This is Heather from Today were gonna make a super simple, super
healthy and super delicious soup based on sweet potato.
Sweet potato is one of my favourite foods and itís actually quite a comfort food for
me, I was talking on my blog last time about comfort foods.
But the good thing about sweet potatoes is that they are really really healthy or you.
So making a very simple soup involving sweet potato, itís gonna be fun and nutritious.
So for those of you who what skip ahead to the recipe you can get that over at,
but for those of you who want to have some fun, today Iím ready to have some fun in
the kitchen.
I donít know why but Iím in a really great mood today. It could be the sweet potato,
it could be that I have my really big knife out; it could be that I just finished my workout
for the day.
Whatever it is, I donít know. But when youíre in the good mood itís a good time to cook
because you get more into the creative flow of what youíre doing and things just wind
up tasting better.
I donít know, I should also mention that if you guys want a little bit of an exercise
plan, I put together one in the series of 5 free videos that you can get if you head
over to, are you ready for it?, because itís awesome and those are all free
but youíll have to sign up by email to get them.
And you will see me doing a little work out which was pretty fun to film! Get outside!
Anyway, I think itís time to start cooking, and one of the very important thing I want
to mention before I get started, sometimes itís fun to have a kitchen glass. Philís
Mom and I when we make a special meal we always get a kitchen glass going and itís usually
wine but I got water today. Very important to hydrate and itís just more fun when you
drink out of wine glass.
Ok. So, sweet potato, what you gonna do? Cut the ends of the side and then peel them, and
then youíre gonna dice it, put it in a pot, put some water, get it boiling. Sounds fun
right? Yeah!
Cutting sweet potato can be really not much fun unless you have a big, sharp knife and
then itís easy. Iím also gonna throw some onion in there, and I just wanted to show
you guys as I was chopping this onion out I got it at the farmerís market and it is
so fresh and juicy that itís milking.
I donít know if you can see how white that is but itís awesome and look how gorgeous
this red onion is. Beautiful! Beautiful but got me crying a little bit.
So Iíve got water in the pot, Iím gonna add some salt which I used Herbamare, it is
a sea salt thatís been mixed with some dry herbs, dry vegetables and kelp powder so really
awesome for cutting down salt intake and also boosting the flavour of your dishes.
Alright, get that up to a boil, a low boil and once those are soft or actually just before
they soften, Iím gonna throw a zucchini just to soften up a little bit so I donít know
maybe 15 minutes all through the sky in. And last thing Iím gonna add is some kale but
Iím actually gonna not cook this kale.
Alright, so the sweet potato is very soft, the zucchini is just getting a little bit
soft. Iím gonna leave it like that because I donít wanna cook it too much. Iíd rather
leave that a little bit fresh for texture and nutrients some why not but if you want
to cook it more, make your soup smoother because weíre gonna puree this. You can-you can cook
this zucchini longer.
But for me, I am now ready to pop this over to my food processor. Alright, so Iím gonna
scoop these over to the food processor and you want to not get the liquid yet.
Because when you do this in the food processor you want just the vegetables first and I will
add the water that I cook it in to make it more soup like, fen it out if you will. And
the nutrients from the sweet potatoes, they will be some in the water so I donít want
to throw this water out, used it!
I so rarely got an opportunity to use this ladle so Iím kind of excited. Check out how
pretty it is.
Ok. Get the top on. Itís very important, otherwise the food will fly! Turn it on! Canít
wait! This is looking good and more importantly, smells amazing. Love the smell of sweet potato.
Oki dokie! So Iíve mention that I was going to put in this kale raw and itís looking
a little bit limp because itís been sitting in my fridge for a couple of days. Itís the
downside of not being able to go to the farmerís market every day.
A good portion of my meal tonight comes from the farmerís market the onion was, the kelp,
the zucchini was, only thing that isnít is the sweet potato and the seasonings that I
put in there. Ok.
So kelp in there and the kelp by the way is the reason that Iím actually using my food
processor to blend this, normally I would use my hand blender because itís just so
quick and easy but with kale a little bit tougher. I want to make sure itís really
get blended up in here.
And by the way you can leave out the zucchini; you can leave out the kale if you want to.
And you can just make this a sweet potato soup but I like to incorporate whenever I
can some green vegetables in here to lighten it up and to get more nutrients into my diet.
Ok! Next, seasonings! This little chunk of ginger that I have, Iím gonna grade it with
my ginger grader and then squeeze the juice out, this ginger grader is one of my favourite
gadgets so it has teeth to grade up the ginger and then it doesnít fall through the other
side so you can collect the pulp and then when you squeeze it, check that out.
Now you can do this in a regular grader, just wonít get as much juice. Go to a kitchen
shop and pick up one of these, theyíre really really cheap I think mine was five bucks.
And if you donít want to use fresh ginger although I highly recommend it because itís
very very healthy for you, it has anti inflammatory properties so for people with arthritis, heart
disease its good stuff. It also helps if you have sore throats or colds.
But if you donít want to go through with using fresh you can definitely just use ground
ginger and if you like it can be part of an Indian spice mix or curry powder which is
Iím gonna put in here, so Iím gonna use about that much. This is a mix of cumin, coriander,
cardamom, whole bunch of fun spices Iíll put a link to that in the recipe.
And the last thing Iím gonna pop in for flavour is a little bit of sesame oil. Yummy yummy
stuff that really adds to the Indian flavour!
Itís pretty awesome while this is blending there are steam coming up on top I guess sweet
potatoes are hot. Ok! Time to taste this and see if I need to add a little of anything
else, No! Thatís really good! I mean the only thing I need to add here is a little
bit water because itís a little, a little thick.
I like a thick creamy soup but not quite that thick. So, Iíll give that one last process
and then served it up and Iím gonna sprinkle some pumpkin seeds of top.
So thatís it for today, I hope you enjoyed that recipe. Be sure to leave me a comment
and let me know what you think of it. You can find the full recipe and direction over
my website at Thanks guys! Iíll see you next time.