5 Tips for Online Learning Success!

Uploaded by NiagaraCCC on 11.05.2010

If you're ready for a change your life experience try online learning
at NCCC!
Hi my name is Jennifer and I'm a mother of two and I work full-time
most of my classes are done online that gives me the ease of earning a degree on
my terms
and also the flexibility to raise my family.
If you think that you're ready for on-line learning
here's Jenn's 5 tips for success
tip one
manage your time
always set aside
a certain time of day to log on and complete your work.
Tip 2...
never procrastinate
it's very hard to play catch-up in an online class.
Tip number three...
increase your confidence
you'll be communicating with your classmates through your computer
giving you time to decide
and organize what you're going to say
you don't have to worry about being face to face
tip number four, actively participate in class discussions
I frequently log time
participate in the discussion
and always have data to back up your statements
tip 5...
utilize the resources provided to you
in online learning you're able to log on to your class a week early
get famililar with Angel
see what you class requirements are
and always
ALWAYS ask for help when you need it
those are my 5 tips for success
they work for me and I hope they'll work for you too!