Behind the scenes of GSL : Baneling - Ep 10, Part 1

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GomTV Studio, Mokdong.
Q)How do you like the Baneling show? I like watching the show because
the casters are speaking their minds openly.
Q)How do you like the Baneling show? As expected, Mr. Park is making the show really fun to watch!
Q)How do you like the Baneling show? I love the show! Keep it up!
Q)How do you like the Baneling show? I wish DaeJang wouldn't be like a CGI (computer generated image)
all the time… he should talk some more. Also, I wish he wouldn't use so much dialect.
Q)How do you like the Baneling show? I think the show is great! Mr. Park is especially fun!
Q)How do you like the Baneling show? I actually know a lot of 'Behind the scenes'
stories of the casters on that show.
Baneling fighting!
Baneling fighting!
Baneling fighting!
Baneling fighting!
Baneling fighting!
Barbecue! *clap*
It's a barbecue Baneling party.
We're missing a Baneling member today.
Our 'Cutter Chae' seems to have
some stuff going on right now.
He retired.
Mr. Chae is not here today,
so instead we have the colossus caster Guhshin here.
A lot of people posted on the forums that
Guhshin is extremely funny and that
they wanted him on the show.
All the fans wanted you,
so we invited you here today.
Thank you.
Come, sit here!
Since that other guy isn't here today.
I said some things about my girlfriend (GSTL Interviewer girl)
on broadcast once and still have to
live with the aftermath of that.
She didn't hit me too much but…
It's natural. You wanted to be fun on the show and then said some things...
Ah yes, that was pretty fun.
I just wanted it to be entertaining so it turned out like that.
But actually, the Guhshin I know is very different.
He only has eyes for one girl.
And he doesn't like foreign girls at all!
Oh? It seems like you don't know Guhshin at all.
It's true that he only likes one girl, but his eyes keep wandering.
But the fact that he likes this one girl and only her for even a week...
And that one girl that he likes changes every 5 minutes.
He says that he loves every single girl that he dates.
Every 5 minutes?
Yes, 5 minutes
I am working hard to love every moment.
I really need to learn more about this spirit.
DaeJang, your route is very different from Guhshin's.
I think you guys are too nice to Guhshin because you like him.
You said he changes every 5 minutes,
but I think 5 minutes is really the maximum time length.
But even a cheese rush takes over 5 minutes!
You know Guhshin well, right?
Whenever Guhshin is on the show, you start talking so much.
He likes me a lot!
Well, I'm someone who has lived together with that guy.
What's up with the intonation?
Why do you stress that so much?
I saw a lot of things while living with him…
I know many things.
You know what I mean?
Back in the day, we lived together for 2.5 months while working.
We became close friends then.
Ok, then tell us some secrets about each other.
Guhshin, you should counterattack.
Considering that you got owned so badly last time you came on the show.
Gisado is a very clean guy,
I can't really say anything.
He keeps the house very clean;
his computer is a bit dirty though.
When you check his computer,
you can find girls of every nationality on it.
Ah, that hard disk!
Ah, but I can't help it.
I mean, it's just a matter of location.
Let's say for me, it's my computer.
But for Guhshin, it's his cell phone.
That's the difference.
So you can't give up on that hard drive.
You really do have a special taste!
Is it multi-national?
Europe, South America, Middle East, Andromeda, Mars Invasion...
Oh, stuff like that exists?
Movies like, “Let's Do It While Bungee Jumping”
or “Teolminwaiter 3” (Korean wordplay).
These are the movies he likes watch... hehe, just kidding.
But you know… men have their secrets.
Secrets that you store in certain folders.
You live a very clean life, always afraid that
someone might find out..
Okay, I'm just kidding, but we're very close so
I know everything. If you have any questions,
let me know on the forums and I'll tell you.
I'm personally really curious about
Mr. Chae's secrets. You know any?
No matter how close you are with Mr. Chae,
he never talks about his dating life.
Even to his best friends, he doesn't talk.
If I’m like, “Please talk to me about some of those things.”
Then he’s like, “Why would I do that?!”
He’s the total opposite of me.
If I like a girl, I try to let as many people know as possible.
So others can't interfere right?
When several guys like the same girl and fight over that, that's messy.
It’s a bit Zerg style.
I spread creep everywhere in my territory, so others can’t build pylons there.
That way, you avoid fighting over things like that.
Whenever I’m like that, Mr. Chae has this question mark floating over his head.
“Why are you doing this?!”
That’s why I don’t know any secrets about Mr. Chae.
He’s not here today, so just let it all out!
But I’m always scared of him…
Okay, last week during the broadcast…
Mr. Chae enters the scene....... Why does he come now..? =(
Oh, well yes, that’s how StarCraft II needs to develop! (They are changing the subject quickly.)
When I cast with Daejang last week, I told this.
"Daejang knows the time of when to stop talking." Then he said, "No, I don't"
I said it like that because it was on broadcast,
but I actually thought
He’s good at avoiding Mr. Chae’s sharp criticism by doing that.
Mr. Chae is surveying the scene from the back.
Mr. Chae, you’re here earlier than expected!
You really came at the perfect timing.
How did you manage to arrive right at this timing?
Of course! We get appearance fees here,
so I came to earn some money.
I watched last week’s show and
we may have teased caster Kim too much.
There are a lot of people who are flaming me for that.
People are saying, “He can’t get married because he keeps acting like that!”
But that’s NOT the reason!!
But you know… personalities can be faked.
It’s not because of my personality.
It’s because of the parts of me that I can’t fake (my face).
That’s the reason!
It’s all about the "teeth". (Korean slang - "way with words")
I’ve been to the dentist and have paid about $1000 for a procedure,
but I’ve been so busy with work that
I don’t have the time to get it done.
Can I go instead?
Haha, you’re really an Ajumma (Korean middle aged lady).
“Are you throwing this away?
If you’re gonna throw that away, let me have it~!”
The dentist called me to ask why I wasn’t coming.
But I had to cast Code S for 4 days
and do my job as the GSL Director.
I have to go back and forth between the studio and the office,
working till late at night and getting home late.
So I’ve been like that and then the dentist calls me.
I really need to go now. I just thought of that
when you talked about men being all about the teeth.
Teeth are really important!
When a tooth goes bad or there’s something wrong
with the root canals you can really become irritable.
When you keep casting like that it’s hard, so you just talk less and less.
Mr. Chae has been in the broadcasting business
for a really long time. Acting like teasing is just a concept.
We’re pushing him into this image of a guy
who always criticizes sharply.
It’s a really common character on shows.
Yeah, well, it’s about 80% real and 20% concept.
As for caster Kim… rather than not saying anything,
I thought it would be better to give him
the image of being the caster who is bullied by his co-casters.
So I’m not gonna give any excuses.
I met Kim today and asked him if he saw the show and he said,
Lee Hyun Joo (female GSL caster) was also there
and with her motherly feelings she said something like “Ahh, poor caster Kim”.
But she knows how the business works, so she didn’t say anything else.
And Kim said that he still wants to be on the show regardless.
Even if it’s like that, he wants to be on the broadcast.
But I came here in a hurry,
so I couldn’t bring him with me today.
Recently in the Round of 16… ah the spit! Haha.
Sorry! Sorry!
Please use mosaic distortion to hide this.
Caster Kim’s curse!
Kim said that he’d like to see MKP and Squirtle
in Code A and what happened?
They dropped to Code A.
Gisado also was the only one that said that MVP wouldn’t make it.
Yeah, those two have good premonition.
Gisado’s and Kim’s curse is becoming a hot topic recently.
Kim said those things out of his own selfish interests
and it becomes true.
As Code S casters, we don’t especially want
one guy to advance over another guy.
All the Code S players are so strong these days that
it’s always great, regardless of who advances.
For Code A, the casters often hope that
certain players drop down.
They want to pull them down with their own hands.
If you pray enough, it might happen.
Symbol is really impressive these days.
The guy lost his first set and was so down after that.
He overcame that and afterwards he just…
You need to have the ability to make the right decisions
about when to take chances.
Symbol is a great macro player, but when you don’t have that instinct
about when to take chances, it’s hard to win a series.
That day, Symbol was waiting for Squirtle to rush in
and then made a roach drop play that crippled him.
I think this kind of play shows that he’s a complete player.
Playing standard and safe at first and then
suddenly tricking your opponent like that…
He did not even play that many matches yet
He could become a royal roader (winning GSL during first Code S appearance).
Symbol is getting stronger and stronger
every match. He’s really a scary player.
What I think is even more scary about
Symbol is that when I was watching
the TSL Zergs practicing recently,
he hadn’t even shown 1/5 of his builds yet.
There are so many builds that he did not use yet.
That roach drop, for example, was
one of those builds that they practiced a lot.
That’s why I’m calling DongRaeGu vs. Symbol
for this season’s Code S finals.
I think it’s going to be Protoss vs Zerg,
but not sure which players.
Also, Seed made it through this time.
I saw him at the group selection ceremony
and he seemed like a ‘honey bee’ (harmless).
But then when you see him in the game, he just…
Yeah, although it’s Symbol vs. Seed in the Round of 8,
people have been saying it’s Nephalem vs Wasps.
It’s the bees from Act 2 in D3, haha.
Yeah, those wasps stop the Nephalem from going outside.
Nephalem vs. Wasps. I read that and laughed pretty hard.
In D3 you can just die and do graveyard runs,
if you die a few times, it’s over!
These storylines always seem to continue to get better.
I really think the guys in our community are great.
It’s part of our job as casters to create storylines
and package information very well.
Back in the day, the casters had a 100% influence on
these things because there was not much information
about the players and much of the data was not public.
That’s why the role of the casters was
and still is very important… to build stories
and make it interesting.
But nowadays, there are a lot of good stories
coming from the community.
Now there is a lot more information out there
and they also have all the data.
Also, there are so many witty people in our community.
I mean, we are just a few casters,
but the community is tens of thousands of people.
One time, we mentioned something about NesTea,
that he is a god, that he defeated another god
and then mentioned the Nephalem.
The community picked that up and
suddenly everything was about Nephalem.
In StarCraft II, it’s now just like back
in the days with StarCraft I.
We are building stories around it together, with everyone.
What's also really important is the group selection ceremony.
These players now have these stories associated with them.
They know it and build rivalries with other players.
Sometimes I feel like I’m reading a fiction book.
Like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.
They are making these stories about a king and his kingdom
and other kings trying to usurp him.
It feels like a story from the Three Kingdoms (historic period in Korea).
Recently, it’s really like the Chun Chu Jeon Guk Era (Warring States period)
*Historic period in China, rapid advancement and enlightenment.
There are so many good players and anyone can drop to Code A.
Also, no matter who advances, it’s really interesting.
And players are starting to become so good that their skills reach the skies.
Back when I did casting for SC1, it was pretty hard to find
newcomers who showed potential.
It was mostly a fight between the established kings.
In SC2, everything feels more open and wide,
that’s why every season there’s some new impressive player
that can become the king.
I believe the reason for that is that SC2 is a more of an open game.
In SC2, the players and the fans are really close.
They also talk to each other a lot via Twitter, for example.
When you look at MC, he’s doing an event with
these StarCraft II Gallery guys.
That shows that he’s really close with them.
Also, because the players stream their games a lot,
everyone knows everything about the players
(there’s the negative side of your strategies leaking).
The fans know as much about the players as the casters do.
There are fans who know much more than the casters, actually.
So, these fans create a story and some other witty community member
picks it up and continues it.
And then maybe we pick it up on broadcast and
then it really starts to become big and goes on and on.
It’s like a Pyramid scheme.
I think it’s like that because the scene is ‘open source’.
When we started out with SC2, there was a severe lack of stories.
People didn’t really know who is who, because everything was new.
So, we as casters had to forcibly create some things,
like nicknames or memes for a player.
However, nowadays, this is not needed anymore.
We don’t need to push for these things to happen.
The players themselves can promote the side
they want to be known for.
And the fans pick that up and comment on that.
So the casters also know this and then
introduce the player as so and so.
You have to mention those things and the players often so it catches on.
Actually, when you try to force a certain image on someone,
it often fails.
It’s better to let this naturally happen and then our job,
as casters, is to highlight it.
You like to have things served to you on a silver platter, eh?
Hehe, just joking.
I really hope that the very open community continues to stay like this.
Because when you create walls and make it hard to enter,
then regular guys who maybe want to become progamers can’t do it
and have to give up.
At least give them the chance to try and if they fail,
they still make some memories and can remember that they tried to become a progamer once.
And then they can find their own way.