The Odyssey -gerbil style- E01

Uploaded by bekajman on 21.12.2010

After the Trojan War our hero Odysseus had mocked Poseidon, the god of the sea.
Poseidon became very angry. So he swore to himself:
they will never see their homeland again.
But Odysseus was reckless,
so he and his crew began their way back home to Ithaca.
Land ahead!
Finally! Ok boys,
I will send three of you to explore the island. We need more food and water. Don’t stay too long.
Yes sir!
But after several days ...
Oh, what take them so long? They are gone for three days now.
Men, the time has come to look for them.
Boss, look, they’re just sitting there and eating. But what?
It's a flower ... Lotus.
They’re lost, doomed. Whoever eats lotus gets poisoned
and does never want to go home anymore, until the lotus is developed.
what should we do?
the only thing we can do is lock them up in a barrel, and bring them to our ship.
On the count of three. One …. Two … three
Got them!
now quickly, get back to our ship. And don’t eat those flowers.
snuf snuff … I smell cheese!
Ok boys, off the ship,
Let’s follow this heavenly smell of cheese
The smell comes out of that cave!
Who dares to eat My cheese?