101 VL Christian & Oliver - (2011-06-24)

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Hey. Will you be alright?
It wasn't your fault.
I always knew you were a bonehead, though.
But it's true.
If I hadn't called out to Philipp, he wouldn't have stopped. And the accident would never have happened.
Olli, it was bad luck.
An accident.
Stop beating yourself up because of that.
Yeah, I know. Thank you. It's okay.
Hey, Christian.
Are you...
If there's any way I can help you, then...
Well, we...
...could talk, for example.
Thanks. I don't feel like it right now.
Take care.
Honey, are you asleep?
Not anymore. - Oh.
Sorry, was I too loud?
It's okay.
I was at Olli's.
Oh, man, he's stuck in this movie playing inside his head.
He really thinks the accident was his fault.
Just hold me really tight, okay?
That can be arranged.
Olli. Oh God.
You startled me.
What are you still doing here this late?
Can't you sleep?
Do you want me to make some tea for you, or...?
I've got some valerian.
That's kind, Dana, thank you. I...
Go back to bed.
Have you already had breakfast?
Great timing.
Come in.
Good morning, Olli. Well?
Yeah, that always happens to me too, that I'm falling asleep on the couch.
And the next morning, you've got all these chip crumbs in your hair.
You mustn't forget to shower before you go to work.
Imagine you're putting a drink in front of somebody and a peanut puff falls out of your hair.
That would be embarrassing, wouldn't it?
Fortunately, Olli doesn't have long hair.
Coffee or tea?
Shit. He's still not doing any better.
Doesn't look like it.
Yeah, that was already quite good.
I think we can take the focus off cardio and concentrate on muscle build-up.
Yep. Whatever you say... Coach.
Let's continue later, okay?
Dana. We should talk about your times, too.
I saw the newspapers.
When I saw that headline, I really thought...
So did I, even though nothing happened between Hagen and me.
One kiss.
That will never happen again.
If you say so.
Tell me, have you talked to Olli yet?
He's pretty much out of it right now.
I've tried.
I'm really worried.
Those feelings of guilt regarding Philipp. He's obsessed about that.
I have the feeling he can't get out of it anymore.
I think so too, but what am I to do?
Can't you talk to him?
I have the feeling you're the only one who can help him.
Do you know how often I've tried?
But we have to do something!
All I know is that I'm the last person he wants any help from at the moment.