HOW TO WIN USING DMH ONLY! FUN over KD 01 Dead Man's Hand Modern Warfare 3 YouTubeDude

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YouTubeDude Modern Warfare 3 Dead Man's Hand only
Domination on Bakaara. Brought to you by Pampers diapers.
Because you're going to shit your pants!
Ok, let's do this.
I'll take B flag. Are we going to triple cap them the whole time or?
I say we just try and keep two [flags]
Actually, I say we try and keep as many as we can
I say we try and hold two. A and B.
We have triple capped before, but we just end up losing.
Right, because then the spawns get messed up.
Well triple capping can push people around the map pretty good
Especially if we can't shoot? That's not a bad idea.
We should have certain people focus on certain flags.
[I don't have a tactical insert]
Like two of us just stay on B and "double Y" on it.
Are you blocking [the flag] Orkey?
I guess, I don't know.
Ok we'll take A [alpha flag]
I'm still capping A, he has no idea.
Got it, yeah!
Ok, some of us stay on A and some on B now.
Yeah, exactly.
I'm right behind this guy!
Claire, one heading our way.
I know, he got me.
He has no clue I'm behind him.
I'm going to go mess with B [bravo]
Just to pull them back.
This guy has no idea. He's wondering "Why am I not capping C right now?
Right, he's like screw this, I'm running away.
Did he just run away? I think he did?
He did! He said screw this, I'm not doing this.
Claire, you going to help me on Bravo?
Yup, there's a guy in the building next to us.
Oh, you're backing up to him.
Ok, I'm at 50%, 75.. got it!
Why is that grenade symbol just chilling right there?
That's a glitch from Claire's C4.
I wondered, because my c4 got whacked there for a second.
Boom, baby!
I protected B.
Get that sentry gun out of here.
What? Are you serious?
I got my death streak.
Orkey, distract this guy please.
I'm trying, I have Dead Man's Hand, but I can't get him for some reason right now.
That's the problem, when you get a kill, you got to get the freaking death streak back!
I can't do math fast enough, do we need to get one more? [flag]
B is heavy, go to C, go to C.
There's one guy on C, so look out.
Look at this guy, he has no idea what is going on
He finally found me.
I'm headed to B with Dead Man's hand. I repeat, Dead Man's Hand.
How did that not kill him? They keep getting head shots so it won't work.
This guy is an idiot. I'm getting B right now and he's in front of me.
What an idiot!
Dang it, I wasted my Dead Man's Hand! Mother scratcher.
Wait, is he capping Alpha? He is, damn.
No I'm here, he's not getting anything.
Take C, take C. We're so close.
He's looking right at me, he has no idea.
I'm trying to help on Alpha. They're headed to B.
Oh! [Triple kill]
We're getting Alpha, in the corner and this guy has no idea.
Yes, nice.
Oh my god.
No bueno
Yeah, you're screwed.
This is it.
This is it.
Yup, this is it. Nailed him!
We got it.
We got it! Yeah!
Wooooo :D
I put down the controller and I'm clapping, this is awesome.
That was great.
4 and 32.
That was awesome.