Infinity Blade 2 Gameplay & First Impressions iPad, iPhone, iPod app

Uploaded by AppChat on 01.12.2011

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\f0\fs42 \cf0 Hey awesome people I'm Elly and this is\
\ AppChat and these are my first impressions\
\ of Infinity Blade 2. So the first Infinity
Blade\ \
game was unbelievably impressive, it's graphics\ \
were so visually spectacular and it was mind\ \
blowing that the graphics and gameplay were\ \
available on a phone. There was criticism though\
\ the game revolved around your entire bloodline
fighting\ \
the god king as that was your whole family's\ \
purpose in life. However, so far Infinity Blade 2\
\ seems to have improved on the story side of
things.\ \
The game does continue from where it left off -\
\ you now have the God King's Infinity Blade
and\ \
must discover the truth behind it. \ \
As the game before, Infinity Blade is like immersing\
\ yourself in a movie. The game is mainly cut
scenes\ \
and these are even fitted into each battle multiple\
\ times. Combat is still fun but only limited
to various\ \
swiping and button tapping combinations for attacks.\
\ You don't have a lot of control in this game.\
\ There are now multiple classes of weapons
this\ \
being light, heavy and dual weapons. Heavy\ \
weapons, for example, take away the dodge\ \
ability but enables you to have a better block\ \
ability and do much higher damage. There are\ \
also now gems you can equip to your items which\
\ will improve the defence or attack power against\
\ certain enemies. The new infinity blade also
has\ \
the ability to do cloud saves if you're on iOS 5.\
\ Infinity Blade is $6.99US which is on the
pricier \ \
side for an iOS game, however, it has some of\
\ the best graphics on the app store. If you
have\ \
an iPad and you are interested in this game I\
\ definitely recommend checking it out. It's
great\ \
to just sit down, relax and immerse yourself in\
\ the Infinity Blade world. Don't forget this
game is\ \
also available for the iphone and ipod touch but\
\ don't forget to check the compatible devices
before\ \
you purchase. Older devices like the ipod touch\
\ 2nd gene can't run this game. If you're still
unsure\ \
about this one stick around for my full review. Also\
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