Hitler Upset at Pacquiao Mayweather Fight Cancellation

Uploaded by rebelskumm on 29.01.2010

The Manny Pacquiao fight will now take place here at the new Texas Stadium
We have located a sutable loaction on the outskirts of Dallas to have the most awesome after party
You name it
Unfortunetly there isn't much gambling action going on in that area
That's perfectly fine...
I have a bookie in the Forth Worth area that will take my action on Money May
My Fuhrer...
Mayweather will no longer be fighting Pac
He declined the fight because of the whole blood test issue
Paquiao will now be facing Josh Clottey
Anyone who is a nutt-hugger of
Leave the room
This is the biggest disapointment since Paula quit Idol!
14 fucking days and Pacquiao couldn't agree to the terms!?!
It's all that asshole Freddie Roach's fault!
Mayweather Sr. was Fucking right
Everyone knows that Manny would chop off his left nut if Freddie told him too!
Why couln't he get him to just make the goddamn fight!?!
Manny Pacquiao is being a fucking Pre-Madonna!!!
My Fuher, Manny Pac refuses the test due to religious reasons
That's a FUCKING CROCK, and you FUCKING know it!!!
My Fuher, he's has every right to decline; he's Catholic
Give me a fuckin break!
We all know, Manny Pacquiao cares as much about religion as Clay Aiken cares about pussy
He's a Player!!!
Manny Paquiao gets more action in the Phillipines than a Thai fucking hooker!
How many times has he cheated on Jinkee now?
Wake the fuck up people!
And don't tell me that bullshit line that he's afraid of losing blood
It's two tea-spoons worth of blood
I lose more than that when I take my morning piss!
Manny's got more excuses than that Cross-Dressing Faggot Oscar De La Hoya!
As for Mayweather, don't get me started on his punk ass
Not fighting looks like he made up the blood test
as an excuse to back out!
People are going to see it as ducking Manny
Not to mention Bob Arum and Richard Schaefer
Those Jew Bastards couldn't make a deal if Howie Mandel held their cocks
and stroked them off together
And Look at that poor bastard Miguel Cotto...
He took the Manny fight no problem,
Even though they made him drain the fuck out
And you didn't hear his sorry ass complaining
And that's after he got beat by that Douche Margacheato!!!
It's o.k. Anna,
Cotto will be back
All I wanted was to see the two pound for pound kings face off
Then hit up the Bunny Ranch for the after party
God knows how long it's been since I got some poone
Too long
That prick
Manny Pac
Call Jerry Jones,
Tell him to gather every Cowboy cheerleader and a Shit-ton of Kay-Y
I'm going to need some top of the line tail to make up for this shit
Don't forget my WaPacman costume