Metal Shaping with Lazze: Copy And Make A Pattern On Challenging Surfaces

Uploaded by lazzemetalshaping on 16.02.2011

Hi I'm Lazze and I'm back here on YouTube with more tips and tricks.
On this little short video clip I going to show you how I did the layout for the firewall section,
because that's that main part where I'm starting when we build a car body like this thirty-three
three window coupe. So I must start with zero point and I need the firewall first so we
have something to attach the cowl panel on and then continue with the rest.
So if this is a stock firewall or it's a new one it doesn't matter, but I'm going to show you how I did
the layout for it. So I actually made a cardboard paper that fits inside here, like that. Then I have those earth magnets
and I can hold the paper with that. Then you can see it little more exact, like that.
So I actually cut out the paper so it fits there and if it was little short somewhere I can always tape a new piece on
there and modify the edge. From there when I have this paper I can always add whatever
I need for the flange that comes up here. And I can also mark where the bead is
so I can actually cut out that so I can put that on the sheet and mark that. Because it's very
important that you know how to start the project to get it right in the end,
because if you start wrong the piece going to come out wrong as well. Then I take this paper out so this
what I have now it's flat. And then what I did I already cut out one here for the next
step two class. So what I did here is I added three quarter of an inch all the way around
and then I cut out this paper. And then I also took a Sharpie pen and marked this and
so I know where to run that in the bead roller. So this show you how to make a simple layout
for the panel that you going to make. And you can use this for many different application.
So better spend time to do it in paper first and then you do it right in the metal.
If you start with metal and cut that out little rough it's never going to be right. So that
was the tips and tricks for this video. And if you have more time to spend on YouTube
I recommend to go to my YouTube channel Or to my new website that we going to launch
in the middle of the March 2011, See you there.