Mahabharat - Episode 42

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Bravery dictates its own rules
Jarasandh was a brave courageous warrior
He could have selected Arjun for the duel
Had he selected Arjun ...
... he could not have been defeated
Had Arjun lost the duel ...
... Yuddhistir's Rajsuya ritual could not take place
Had the Rajsuya ritual not been performed ...
... the story of Mahabharat ...
... would have ended in lndraprasth
However, as a brave man Jarasandh ...
... was compelled to choose Bhim for the duel
Which is why this wrestling match ...
... is the backbone of this story
I, Krishna, and the sons of Pandu, Bhim and Arjun ...
... pay our respects to you
We are bearers of good news
From today, you are all free
Bhim has returned your kingdoms to you
Victory to Lord Krishna!
Victory to Bhim and Arjun!
O Lord Krishna
I beg your forgiveness ...
... for my father's crimes
Allow me to perform the last rites of my father
O King of Magadh
You do not need permission to perform the last rites
We merely did our duty
We will not stop you from doing yours
You called me King of Magadh
Yes. Why not? You are worthy
You are the rightful heir of Magadh
Be successful!
The prisoners were freed ...
... and made independent
Thus the Pandavas made friends ...
... and won their love and respect
With Jarasandh vanquished ...
... the Rajsuya ritual could now be performed
Leaving Yuddhistir behind in lndraprasth ...
... the four brothers left for a victory tour
Bhim went East
Arjun went North
Nakul went West and Sahadev went South
When kings welcomed them with bowed flags ...
... peace treaties were signed with them
Those kings who were hostile ...
... were vanquished
Soon, the brothers returned from the victory tour ...
... and began to prepare for the Rajsuya ritual
All the kings were invited
However, Yuddhistir thought it appropriate ...
... to send Sahadev to Hastinapur ...
... with the invitation
Bhishma embraced Sahadev
Sages Kripa and Drona blessed him
Shakuni spoke very sweetly ...
... and said it was good news indeed ...
... that Yuddhistir was performing the ritual
Duryodhan was disturbed by his Uncle's behavior
My friend Duryodhan
Why should Uncle be so happy about the news
It would seem that ...
... he had been waiting for Yuddhistir's ...
... Rajsuya ritual so that he could ...
... go to lndraprasth
Whom are you telling this?
Uncle is not here and ...
... I cannot answer for him
I have always disagreed with him
As if Uncle was not enough ...
... even father is supremely happy
His happiness was not false
Was Uncle's happiness false?
Everything about him is false and deceitful
Whom are you praising Karna?
Deceit is important for survival, Karna
Everyone fears the Pandavas after Jarasandh's killing
But do not forget that ...
... I, Shakuni, have many more weapons to combat them
And you, Duryodhan ...
.... learn to benefit from your elders' experience
If they perform the Rajsuya ritual ...
... and you do not attend ...
... everyone will call you petty minded
Besides, they have already turned ...
... Khandavprasth into another Heaven and ...
... won the hearts of the people
Do you want them to win over Hastinapur?
Hastinapur is not a plate of porridge ...
... which they can lap up
There's a difference between Poetry and Politics
There can no metaphors in Politics
What exists cannot be denied
I was saying ...
That is your fault, Karna
Or else you would have been a very useful person
You talk too much and do not listen
Learn to hide your claws like a cat
If you have been invited, you must go there
And if you do not have a smile, take it from me
Do not forget this basic truth of Life :
Never let your enemies know of your anger
This is my strategy
If you adopt this strategy ...
... you will sleep well at nights
Sleep now, my lord
I wish to sleep, my dear
But what can I do? I cannot sleep
Even the doctors have no cure
Do you remember, my lord?
Vidur had once said that ...
... insomnia affects three types of persons
One whose adversary is very strong
One who has lost everything ...
... and a thief
I have all three faults, my dear
My strong ambitions are now my adversary
When I heard of Yuddhistir's Rajsuya ritual ...
... I was not truly happy
I am also the weak person ...
... who has lost everything to Vidur's Ethics
I am also a thief
I have stolen half a kingdom from ...
... either Duryodhan or Yuddhistir
Look at my helplessness, Gandhari
I cannot even blame Vidur
He is secure in his Ethics and Religion
Learn to face the reality of your life, my lord
I wish to learn Gandhari ...
... but my heart is not in this learning
I am like the withered stick ...
... which burns itself to keep away the winter
But believe me ...
... when I tell you that ...
... I am happy at Yuddhistir's success
Everyone is talking about Yuddhistir's Rajsuya ritual
All roads in lndia lead to lndraprasth
All the kings are going to lndraprasth ...
... in their own chariots, flying their flags
Friends and foes ...
... they are all here
Hastinapur is represented in full force
Grandsire Bhishma, Dhritirashtra ...
... Sages Kripa and Drona ...
... Vidur, Duryodhan, Dushasan ...
... Vikarna and Karna are all here
From Dwarka has come Demon-killer ...
... Lord of the Three Worlds, Krishna ...
... and his elder brother Balram
Jayadya, King of Sindhu is here
Recognize the flags and name the kings
However, I am more interested in King Shishupal of Chedi
We have already spoken of him before
The son of Krishna's second aunt, Shishupal ...
... is on his way to attend his cousin Yuddhistir's ...
... Rajsuya ritual in lndraprasth
It is necessary to listen to his story ...
... before he reaches there ...
... because it is not enough to know ...
... that he is Krishna's cousin
His story is that his death was decided ...
... on the day he was born
Today, he is going towards his death
This is his last journey
So, let us glimpse at his first journey ...
... because the Future is born from the Past
So, let's go to the Past ...
... and do not be frightened
I'll bring you back to this very place ...
... because I can never stray from the path
I am taking you to the royal palace of Chedi ...
... where the child was born ...
... who is today known as Shishupal
The story begins on the day he was born
The queen has given birth to a demon
What do you order?
- Throw the baby away - Yes, my queen
O God! What kind of a test is this?
Do not throw away the child. He will be a brave warrior
He is the heir to the Future
Tell me O God!
How will the child meet his end?
He will be killed by the person in whose arms ...
... his extra organs will disappear
One day, young Krishna ...
... and his elder brother Balram ...
... went to their aunt's palace
Put the baby in my lap
Why? I am elder to you
Of course, you are elder
Do not cry, Sister
God works in mysterious ways
Give me my nephew
Look how he is smiling
It's my turn now
Here, son
It's my turn now
What crime will you commit, my son ...
... that Krishna should kill you?
No! Krishna cannot do such a deed
I will not allow him to do it
What's wrong, aunt?
Will you kill my son, Krishna?
Why do you ask me?
That's what the prophecy said
The person in whose arms the child's extra limbs ...
... and eye disappears ...
... will kill him
Was this the prophecy or did you ask a question?
I asked a question. But ...
How could a mother ask about her son's death?
Had you not known this secret, it would be better
Will you really kill him?
If it has to be done, I'll have to do it
The prophecy never lies
Do not be stone-hearted He is your brother
Can you not have mercy on him?
Of course. It will be an act of mercy
How can it be merciful?
It is called release from rebirth
I don't know all that I only know ...
... that he is my only son ...
... and you are going to kill him
Give me a boon, my child
I entreat you
Please don't do this
I am helpless
I will continue to plead ...
... till you give me your word
What do you wish?
Think of me and forgive my son ...
... every time he commits a crime
Only Lord Shiva can grant such a boon
However, I give you my word
I'll forgive a hundred crimes even if each crime ...
... is worthy of the death sentence
The Lord has forgiven ...
... a hundred crimes
Lord Krishna has promised ...
... release from rebirth
This child grew up to be Shishupal ...
... who is now going towards his death
Krishna and Balram are on the way
May you live long!
Are all well in Dwarka?
Yes. Everything is fine
All the way I was thinking of ...
... whether Subhadra has adjusted or not
Here she is!
Did you see that? I am the elder brother ...
... but he gets Subhadra's affection
It's too late to think of that
Now, only you can get me justice, aunt
The elder brother gets the honor while ...
... the younger brother gets the affection
That's it. Now let me talk to my dear sister
There's no point in asking if you are happy or not
You must be happy in your aunt's house
No. This house is no longer mine
This is now the house of my daughters-in-law
Okay. I'll ask again
Is my aunt happy in your house?
This house is not mine
It is my sister's house I only serve her
Did you hear that mother?
She says I have made her a mere servant
Ask your sister if I have given her trouble
Draupadi, you are talking as if ...
... you are not my sister
In fact, you have been a sister for longer than her
Yes, I agree with Krishna
This is the first time you have agreed with me
Hail Queen Kunti!
Sage Vyas is on his way to the palace with other sages
Greetings O Sage!
May you be successful!
Be happy!
Please be seated!
The Lord welcomes the guests