Real Sloped Driveway (Sims 3)

Uploaded by TheSimSupply on 16.03.2010

Hey guys it's Flabaliki here, and I'm going to show you how to make a real sloped driveway
today. Now credits for this Tutorial do go to Tomvanroosmalen, a good friend of mine,
who actually has some awesome creations which you should check out. Umm, so basically, what
we want to do first, is to go grab a fence to map out where our driveway is going to
go. Now we want a one by six tile area that joins to the road, uh, so, that's about there
and we want a six by nine area for the actual sloped part of the driveway, so we got, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and then, again, at the end we need a one by six area
there. Now we want to fill that in with the floor tile of your choice, and also make sure
you have the grid turned on, see you can press 'G' to turn it on and off as you can see,
make sure you have it turned on we need that. So now you want to open up the cheat window,
[CTRL + SHIFT + C], and type in "ConstrainFloorElevation False", like that. And then we want to get
three connecting stairs and place them in a row. Just over here, not on the driveway.
And now we can remove them, we don't need them anymore. We just need that to get the
heigh, the depth of the basement, sorry, and then we need to drag this out and we need
to flatten this one by six area there. Now we can flatten that edge there. Oh, flattened
it too much, need to get that flat though, and now we can actually start making the slope.
So we want to go into lower terrain tools and want the smallest brush on the softest
settings, and we want to click down lightly like that and you get a nice slope like that.
Now we go into the level terrain tool, and we click in the corner of this square here,
and it'll flatten down, and you want to drag it out like that. And then we do it again
on the next tile, and we flatten it out, we drag it. So you just keep doing that, until
you get to the bottom, pretty much. And you'll see that a nice slope actually starts to form.
So as you can see it's relatively easy, you just keep doing that, like that, like that,
and, one more down here, and we just want to flatten out the bottom, and there you go,
there is a perfect sloped driveway. And now of course you can remove the little fence
here, like that, turn off the grid. And now you see, you have a perfectly sloped driveway.
Now of course you want to add your garage in there, so, we'll just do that quickly.
Umm, so we want to add our walls in, let's just say, like that, oh not floors, over here,
and then we want to get the garage door, like that, and then we want to get rid of that
roof, and now we want to place foundation around the edges here, of it. Oops, just get
rid of that, there we are. And we want to place it over the other side aswell, like
that, and finally along the back.
And there you go, you have a garage which is both under the house and has perfectly
sloping driveway toward it. Again, credits for this tutorial do go to Tomvanroosmalen,
a good friend of mine, he has some awesome stuff, check it out, don't forget to visit for more, uh, video tutorials just like this one and to check out our downloads
and uh, submit some of your um, your content that you've created, we'd love to see it there.
Anyways, I'm Flabaliki and thankyou for watching this tutorial.