Mahabharat - Episode 94

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My respects!
Come, Kunti!
My live sons and Krishna are with me, Sister
My respects!
May you be happy!
Happiness is not in my control
None ol us brothers can ever lorget that ...
... Bhim drank Dushasan's blood and ...
... broke Duyodhan's thigh
But he was bound by an oath, my son!
Both ol them deserved ...
... at least that punishment ...
... lor insulting Draupadi, India and Mankind
My dear Bhim did not kill them
He only punished them!
And meting out punishment is not a crime
l am the criminal, Gandhari
Curse me!
After that, when your heart is lighter ...
... prepare to go to the lorest
Why the lorest?
Because, my son ...
... until the Past does not leave ...
... the Present cannot take over!
Do you mean to say, you will also go?
She will have to go!
Aunt is also the Past!
So, think well belore cutting down a tree
For, Mother Gandhari, Elder Father or Aunt ...
... may have rested under it!
Why did you lorget to take my name?
Even you, Uncle?
l, too, am the Past, my son!
But you will all have to wait till the coronation
The Present cannot prosper without the Past
You all know this truth!
l should not be present on this auspicious occasion
l am a King who prelerred his son to the kingdom ...
... who promoted his son at the cost ol the people
l am inauspicious, Krishna!
What are you saying?
No coronation will take place because ...
... Hastinapur's throne is not empty
You grace it!
- And God ... - No, my son
You are the symbol ol Truth
Don't ask God lor this!
l am a representative ol your lather Pandu
Now that you are here, the throne is yours!
Besides, l am vey old and tired
The Age ol Justice begins in Hastinapur with you
The Sun ol Truth will dawn
Blind Dhritirashtra does not know the Sun!
Let him gather his darkness and leave!
l cannot see but ...
... l can delinitely make out that ...
... you'll look vey good on the throne
Victoy to Emperor Yuddhistir!
First, l pay my respects to Hastinapur
... which has accepted me as a King
Then, l salute my ancestors ...
... and take an oath to protect the throne
l also salute Krishna
l give him my word that l shall dillerentiate ...
... between Justice and Injustice
Like a social worker l shall work lor the common good
l also give the people the authority ...
... to tell me l am an unworthy King ...
... il they see me stray lrom the common good
Then l salute these empty seats
One ol the places belonged to Grandsire
Another to Sage Drona and the third to Karna
These seats will remain vacant to remind us ...
... what we have lost in this war
We have lost our values, Knowledge and loyalty
Who knows how long it will take ...
... to acquire these again!
This war has broken our relationship with the Past
lt is a loss lor the Present
Hence, l request Uncle Vidur ...
... to represent the Past in this court
l invite him to leave the Past and come to the Present
l appoint him the Prime Minister
Bhim will be the Crown Prince
Arjun will protect our borders
Nakul and Sahadev will be my chiel bodyguards
l pay my respects to the Kuru Elder Dhritirashtra ...
... and publicly announce that ...
... he is not only my Elder Father but also my teacher
l have learned Ethics lrom him
l have no bitterness in my heart
Today l announce that all bitterness is at an end!
lt is a King's duty to look to the Future because ...
... he has to take his people into the Future
ll a King spends his time in Past bitterness ...
... then he cannot provide Ieadership to the people
Our people have sullered great hardships
Now they deserve some peace and prosperity
Let us establish a new era
This will be only possible il evey citizen ...
... thinks ol what he should do lor the county ...
... and not what the county should do lor him
A King and the citizens are lor the county
The county is not lor the King or its citizens
The coronation ol Truth ...
... is the new happy blessing
Now this county will see ...
... the dawn ol a new era
Come, my sons!
Our respects!
May you live long!
Where's Draupadi?
She's outside waiting lor your permission to enter
Does the Oueen ol Hastinapur need permission?
O my son!
Hastinapur's lortune has changed lor the better
lt now has an Emperor who can see and ...
... a Oueen whose eyes are not bandaged
l have understood only now ...
... why Vidur opposed my becoming King
When blind Dhritirashtra raised his hands ...
... he could only reach out to Duyodhan
He thought dear Duyodhan was Hastinapur, the world
Any King who is a prey to lilial love ...
... will be cut oll lrom his people
Bring Draupadi inside
l'll bring her!
No, Kunti
The present Oueen should be welcomed by the ex-Oueen
Please don't go! You are the Soul ol this palace
The Soul, too, has to leave the body some day
This is not the palace l stayed in
This is a new Hastinapur
We are the shadows ol a Past night ...
... which will scare us all our lile
Forget what has happened, my dear
Begin a new era based on Justice!
Come! Your Elder Father is waiting lor you!
May your husband live long!
Forgive me, Elder Father
No! l must ask lor your lorgiveness
You were insulted because ol me!
You lost your sons because ol me!
lnnumerable children were orphaned because ol me!
l stand caught in the quicksand ol my laults
Pray that Hastinapur will lorgive me
l cannot interlere between you and Hastinapur
ll you lorgive me, do not Ieave your sons!
She won't let us leave, Kunti
Okay! You have successlully stopped us lrom going away
But why do you want to stop us lrom going?
As the daughter-in-law l don't wish ...
... to see the lamily divided
Besides, it was not my insult alone
lt was the insult ol the dynasty
l wish to wipe out that insult ...
... by serving you and the lamily
l am indebted to you, my dear
To do one's duty is not to acquire merit
My lord!
Now let's go to Grandsire and tell him that ...
... after Yuddhistir's coronation...
... Hastinapur will once again be secure
No! l do not have the courage to lace him
l don't want him to see my inauspicious lace ...
... in his last moments
Both he and l know that it was because ol me ...
... that he is on this bed ol arrows
l know that Hastinapur is once again secure
Now l can leave my body ...
... but l am waiting lor Lord Krishna
l want to see him belore l leave this body
That is the only gift that l want lrom this Earth
That is the only gift l'll take with me!
Our respects!
My respects, Grandsire!
l knew you would come, O Krishna!
Your coming is like a balm to me
lt has alleviated all my pain
My vision has cleared like the post-monsoon sky
All the problems have been solved
lt seems as il they had never existed
At last l have attained salvation
That's what l wanted!
Now give your grandson, Yuddhistir one last lesson
Who am l to teach him when you are there
No, Grandsire!
l have Knowledge but no Experience
Bless him with your Experience
Wipe my tears, Krishna, so that...
... l may gaze upon the new Emperor ol Hastinapur
Victoy to the Emperor!
Now allow me to leave lor Heaven, my king
l saw what l should not have seen
l also saw what l wanted to see
No, Grandsire
l won't let you go!
These wounds will never heal, dear child
These wounds are lile's gift to me
Now let me go! Don't be stubborn
Do me one last lavour
Place some ol my motherland's dust on my lorehead
No, l won't let you go!
Don't cy, my child!
This is a moment ol joy
Your Grandsire is lree ol his motherland's debt
O King! O child!
l am a deleated warrior and a deleated citizen
Learn lrom me ...
... what a good warrior and citizen should not do
Vidur pleaded with me again and again
Don't look up to the throne ol Hastinapur
Look up to Hastinapur itsell
The throne is nothing without the county
But l, bound by my oath ...
... saw my lather's image in King Dhritirashtra ...
... who sat on the throne
There is none greater than the county
Neither lather nor son nor an oath
My oath took me away lrom my county's good
And yet, l clung on to it!
l saw my county move towards destruction
My loyalty to my oath ...
... made me a traitor, my son
A traitor lies on this bed ol arrows
l am responsible lor the partition ol Hastinapur
l am responsible lor the Wax House lire
My hands disrobed Draupadi
Those hands which are now pinned to the Earth
These arrows, these wounds say to me :
Devavrata! Recognise this land!
You sacriliced it lor your lather's image
l am a warrior who was a slave to his oath
This chapter ol humiliation will end with me
O son! My white clothes are stained by my Ego
Even the tears ol repentence cannot wipe the stain
So, my son, never swear an oath which will ...
... cut you oll lrom your county
ll you do such a thing ...
... you will also end up on a bed ol arrows
Evey time an Elder stands in the way ol the state ...
... a youngster will surely challenge him
That is the basic philosophy ol Politics!
The King's good lies in the good ol the county
ll you perceive any other good then it only means ...
... you are straying lrom your duty as a King
A county is not lor the King!
A King is meant lor the county!
The King who blames the Past ...
... lor the economic and social ills ol the state ...
... is not a good King!
ll the Past has given you a weak ...
... economic and social inlrastructure then ...
... improve and change it!
The Past can never compete with the Present
The Present can take the county ...
... on the path ol progress and change
Listen to one more thing!
The true test ol an ellicient society ...
... is the respect it gives to women
Women ought to be respected as mothers
Women ought to be protected, my son
Tell him about Truth and political duty!
Truth is not a ritual or a lormality
Truth implies your duty and the rights ol others
Therelore, respect Truth
Political duty is the same thing
A King's responsibility exceeds a citizen's responsibility
ll circumstances demand a partition ...
... light against it but don't divide the county
Can you brothers divide your mother amongst yourselves?
ll not, how can you divide the county?
l've done this and so, l am telling you
l accepted partition to avoid war
Don't you ever do this!
Now, l am tired, Krishna!
There is nothing more to say
Put some ol my motherland's dust on my lorehead, Arjun
Allow me to do it, Grandsire!
Even l want you to do it but ...
... how could l order you?
Now allow me to leave!
O Motherland! l go to my mother!
O Sky! Let my motherland have ...
... plenty ol Sun, Shade and Rain
Let there be lruits on its trees
Let its lotuses bloom!
Let its llowers spread scent all over
Let its rivers be healthy and plentilul
May my land shine like the Sun without eclipse!
Blessed are we who see the mortal become immortal!
Let there be no war like the Mahabharat war
Let there be no Injustice
Let us side with the One ...
... who believes in what Krishna says
The moral ol the Bhagwad Geeta is Action
Mahabharat preaches a message ol peace
Sage Vyas's epic poem ends today
O Man! This is my last meeting with you
Now use this epic tale as an inspiration ...
... to solve your problems
This stoy is your armour and also your weapon
Use this epic tale to recognise ...
... the evil ones in contemporay society
The light shed by this tale will show ...
... evil llourishes even today ...
... as it did in ancient Hastinapur
You'll see Untruth disguised as Truth
Today's Dronas sit in the camp ol Injustice ...
... and make unreasonable demands
Their silence implies that they are partners in Evil
O Man! Strike out on a new path or else ...
... you'll also be dragged into darkness like Karna
Be the heir to Light, to Justice ...
... and to Truth!
Turn the Kurukshetra ol your heart ...
... into a Holy Ground
That is Salvation!
Whatever is there in this world!
Whatever this world is!
Sage Vyas's epic tale narrates ...
... all that the world is!
All ol you remember : Lile is ...
... the result ol your Actions
Today we bid you goodbye ...
... with our respect and allection