MiWuLa News TV Juli 2012

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Welcome to MiWula-News
After months of planning and building, we finally made it!
Since July 18th at 8 a.m.,
a larger entrance and shop are open to you.
Our bistro will follow in a few weeks.
Until then, the old bistro will still be in service.
Greatest advantages of the reconstruction: More space and comfort for our guests.
Let's begin with our entrance, which we dropped one floor down.
Nowadays, it is much larger and friendlier.
We installed a lot of technology to make orientation easier for our guests.
We laid almost 50 km of cables which are invisible for the guests right now.
From the cash counters you can reach our new, generous shop area.
All goods from the old shop in the third floor were assorted anew.
Of course, we've added many new items.
From the shop you'll reach the bistro area which is still unfinished.
We'll not only have a much larger kitchen,
but also offer many new dishes.
The cold storage is already in place, other equipment will follow in the upcoming days.
Here will be the new food counter.
Besides fresh salads, there'll be many more specials.
The seating areas will be almost twice as large as before.
The ICE-corner is a distinctive feature.
The seats, as well as the illuminated frames of the windows,
convey a feeling of sitting in a real train compartment.
Everything was furnished with electronics in do-it-yourself manner.
In the future, our guests will be able to enjoy their meal
from this dining car while pulling by the most beautiful landscapes
in Sylt, Hamburg, and Switzerland.
From the shop or bistro, you can reach the old bistro
and the model layout by way of a new staircase.
Soon, the old bistro area will be reconstructed,
to make way for new staff rooms and new layouts, of course.
Until the third floor is filled with the future layouts Italy, France, and England,
we'll use the space to show our special exhibits on a permanent basis.
One of the most laborious tasks of the past weeks
was the transport of our new air conditioning system.
These rather large and heavy modules had to be lifted with a tower crane
and a platform to be placed right underneath our roof.
After several hours, all parts were in place
and assembled on the 5th floor.
You'll learn more about this big construction site in a new edition of Gerrit's Diary.
Secretly, far from sight of our guests, a new and spell-binding project
is developing in the upcoming months.
In the cardboard models shown here,
you might recognize sections of the Hamburg HafenCity,
which is still under construction in parts.
Of course, the Elbe Philharmonic Hall is the most interesting object, and, at the same time,
it will be the largest building gracing our Hamburg layout.
We'll keep you posted on how the building is developing,
and when it will be completed, prospectively.
We're curious, which Elbe Philharmonic Hall will be finished first…
In the past months, we've built a special model in cooperation with the University Kiel/Germany:
With the support of scientists, a small section of the Baltic Sea evolved here:
the Schönberg Beach.
Head of the model making department, Gerhard Dauscher, explains:
The issue is coastal protection:
We wanted to show a model of how coastal protection is being practised currently at the Baltic Sea shores;
the attempts to stop, or minimize erosions and landslides at the cliff line of the sandstone coast.
There're rock groynes,
artificial reefs, and much more.
We've tried to make the diorama somewhat dramatic
by showing an unprotected coast line on the one side,
which increasingly falls victim to erosion.
At the other side of the diorama, we show how a protected coastline looks like.
The beaches and the cliff line are now stabilized
by vegetation, like grass, bushes, etc.
For us, this is a very interesting topic,
not only thanks to the cooperation with experts,
but also because of topic-focused work.
There's no fantasy depicted; we're rather replicating the image of real role model situation.
When finished, the model will be exhibited free of charge
in an especially built climate pavilion in the spa town Schönberg.
You'll also learn more about this project in a MiWuLa report coming up, soon.
The building and the illumination of Dammtor station are finished.
With the aid of tiny beamers, the architecture and the facades were highlighted.
Of course, also the illumination of the platforms and the train service indicators are done.
Thus, we could actually install the station in the layout.
However, many of our model makers are currently involved with the reconstruction of the second floor.
When that's finished, they'll set the train station onto the Hamburg layout.
That's it for this edition. Thanks for watching.
That's it for this edition. Thanks for watching.
We'd be happy to greet you here, soon!