Collard Greens Recipe: How To Cook Collard Greens

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Hey it's Zeke from We're back in the kitchen today cooking a Southern
favorite today, collard greens with ham hocks. Want to find out how to make them? Just stick
All right, we're going to start out with some smoked ham hocks. You can find these
in the grocery store. There's usually kind of a smoked meat section. If you can't find
smoked ham hocks, smoked neck bones, smoked turkey wing, any kind of smoked meat will
The object is to flavor our water with the smokiness before we put the greens in.
Obviously, the most important ingredient in our collard greens is the greens themselves.
Look for full, green leafy collards, and when you snap the stem, you want them to be kind
of crisp, not limp, not wilted. You want the freshest collard greens you can find.
We're going to put our ham hocks in a big pot and fill the water just to the top of
the ham hocks, put it on high and let that thing come to a boil. This is going to be
called the pot liquor, the liquid that is going to flavor our greens.
Go ahead and add in one chopped yellow onion, a quarter cup sugar and a quarter cup cider
vinegar. This will take some of the bitterness out of the greens.
We're going to let this pot liquor cook for about an hour or so, so that all the flavors
of the smoked meat and onions infuse into the water and eventually, that's what is
going to flavor our greens.
Make sure you wash your collard greens thoroughly. Even if you bought prewashed, bagged greens
you want to go ahead and do that. Never trust anything that's prewashed. A little sand
in your collard greens could ruin everything.
To take the stems out of the greens, all you do is fold along the stem, grab the bottom
and pull and discard.
Take three or four of your clean collard green leaves together, roll them up like you would
a burrito or an egg roll. You can slice them into strips pretty easily. Then you could
slice them crossways so you can end up with one inch bite sized pieces.
Well the pot liquor has cooked down really good and flavored. Let's go ahead and add
our greens. We're going to bring the heat down and let these greens simmer for about
a couple of hours or so. I like to cook them until the meat stars to fall off of the ham
hocks. That really makes good greens.
Well here they are. Delicious slow cooked collard greens with ham hocks. Man, these
things smell fantastic.
Mmm. Oh, that's good. I wish you were here to enjoy these with us. The complete recipe
is online at Try these, theys're well worth the wait.