Alejandro & Diego - 016 (English Subs)

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We feel a great love toward Rodrigo that we probably tried to revive it together.
Something like that. Don't you think so? -I think you're right.
You're a very beautiful girl but- -But I was your brother's girlfriend.
Sebas... It's a good thing we stopped this and didn't make a crazy thing, and betrayed his memory.
Rodrigo loved you.
He would always talk to me about you. -We were really good friends Sir.
He was like a brother to me.
you know... I lost a big part of his final years.
And now that he's gone forever...
I don't plan on making the same mistake twice.
Sofía, I think it's time for me to leave. This is something very intimate and I didn't even get to meet Rodrigo.
I know, Thanks for accompanying me. You have no idea how much I loved him. He was so special, so sensitive.
You know... Sometimes you remind me of him.
Look, the thing with Max is over. But to be sincere, I don't think it ever started.
You broke up with him? Because of what he did to me?
Your girl finished with you to go have fun with Cass.
Look at my nose, dude. It was broken in a fight, just like Diego told us that happened to him.
They broke mine into two. Here and here.
But I didn't give an F... I'm healed now. And you know what I feel like doing?
Giving it to the African-Latino. Break his nose. Just for pure annoyance.
Calm down, Gonzalo! Put your hands down, land on earth. You're like crazy, Rodrigo's dad is like half cop.
Do you fancy?
Who I fancy is you, my princess. -Enough Gonzalo!
Are you rejecting me? -Either calm down or I'll take you by the ears, Gonzalo.
This can't stay this, Max. We have to give this asshole a lesson.
Think, think, think! What can we do to him without him noticing?
Like you can remember very well... (SMS)THEN WE LOOK FOR A FREEZER.
In our last class we were discussing the importance of the president Abraham Lincoln...
on his handling of the Civil War prior to his assassination in 1865.
Well then, today you'll take a pop quiz to see what you learned on the 16th president of the of the USA.
Excuse me, Ms. Ana. But neither Gonzalo nor I were in class because of the suspension. We can't take the quiz.
To this point, all of you should know the basics of the Civil War.
And secondly, In that famous session in which one of you classified me as a racist fallowing with a strike...
I talked long and clear about the subject. So everyone is capable of taking this quiz,
Whose grade will of course count towards your overall grade. Or what? Are you going to call me a Nazi for quizzing you?
We're fucked with this. She's taking revenge on us. She wants us out of the school.
Look, In Mexico we say "He who laughs last didn't get the joke" And I myself will explain it to her.
Too bad she's so hot.
Time is up.
Let's see, let's see. Oh the M&M students. Máximo and Mendoza answered half of the questions and it was really easy.
It's a shame this will lower your grade. -Ms. Ana, first correct them, and then give out the grade. Okay?
You love to eat (big mouth) tongue tacos. -What an exquisite language.
I'm going to ignore your vocabulary Mendoza, because my course is not a literature one.
With all due respect, I think it's an injustice what you did. -That's true Ms. Ana...
What you should do is have them retake the quiz next class, no? -And YOU should study to become a lawyer, Nora.
And because at the moment you're a student, I'd appreciate it if you didn't get involved where it's not your place.
And you two, what did you do the two days you were suspended? On the web, every subject we study in my class is there.
You didn't study. It's not my problem.
You'll see what you do so I don't lower your overall grade so you can stay in football, which I understand, is the only thing that matters to you.
You know now. One strike. One blow.
Ms. Ana, please. I'm willing to do anything if I can take the test again.
I ask you, please.
Ms. I believe that- -You are not here to believe, Nora!
And if you think it's unfair for me to have you take quizzes in my class, you can invoke...
The outraged of the whole world so they can support you in your cause.
Let's see. Is there anyone else here that is bothered by the teachers having you guys take tests in our courses?
This is not going to stay like this.
Really? Oh well good thing you tell me. That way I can start to tremble right now.
I'm not afraid of neither your money, nor your vulgarity.
Max: (FUCK!)
Have a good day.
She hates us, Gonzalo. She hates us. Because of CERTAIN people's fault.
That woman is like an ass. -She doesn't see color. Just black and white.