Sweet Potato Cake for Dogs

Uploaded by TheFrostingGuy on 27.12.2011

Hi. This is The Frosting Guy here from www.K9Cakery.com. Today we're going to talk about making a sweet
potato treat cake for DogCakeWorld.com. This is a cake that uses real sweet potato which
is something that dogs love. And if you've noticed lately when you go to the pet stores,
you'll find sweet potato treats pretty much everywhere you go. It's a great product for
dogs, it's very healthy for them and it's all natural. So let's get started. You'll
see I'm holding in my hand a bowl of the basic dog cake mix from K9Cakery.com. This is the
base of every one of the cakes you're going to see here. Again, this cake can be made
in and of itself just as it is and it makes a great cake. But it's even better when you start
to add some of the things the way we're doing it today. So, for the basic cake, you follow
the instructions on the back of the box and you always start off by adding an egg to the
cake. Now remember if you're going to be doing this in the microwave versus a regular oven,
follow the instructions on the box because there is a difference. We're making this for
a regular oven. We've got a third of a cup of water and we've got a quarter of a cup
of oil. I like to use a whisk or a spatula to get that all mixed together. And you'll
see this comes out as a nice and creamy basic cake mix. The reason you see a dark brown
color here instead of the typical white is because we don't use bleached flour because that takes
out all the nutrients from your flour. We use whole wheat flour so that it's a very
healthy product that has all the proper nutrients in for you and or your dog. OK, so we've got
our basic mix here. Now it's a sweet potato cake so we're going to use real mashed sweet
potato. What we did is we took a regular sweet potato, we cooked it, we let it cool, and
then we mashed it up into the appropriate amount required for the recipe. We take that
out, we mix that in with our cake mix, and we add our half teaspoon of cinnamon. So we've
got that in and we're going to simply combine it with our cake mix. And you'll notice that
when you use the cooked sweet potato, it pretty much blends right in pretty quickly to your
cake mix. And if you've got dogs at home while you're cooking, once you put that cinnamon
in they're going to come running because that smell permeates everything and it just smells
so good. OK. So you see how well that went together. So now we've got sweet potato, cinnamon
and our basic cake mix. Our next step is we're going to take the mini cupcake mold. Let me
just stop and tell you. One of the favorite things I like to do is use this - the paw
mold because this makes individual size cakes for medium to large size dogs and it's right
for a party because you can make six of these from this one pan and this is a pan  made
exclusively by K9Cakery.com. But, for purposes of today, because our instructions are based
on the small mini cupcakes, we're going to use the small mini cupcake molds. These are
also very handy because again they are simple single serve servings for any dog. So we're
going to take a spoon of the batter, we're going to fill all the different molds, and
for the purposes of the demonstration, we then take some mini marshmallows, kind of put
those on top. Now if you think back to Thanksgiving when you have that platter of the sweet potato
with the marshmallows on top and the brown sugar, we're going to do the same thing. We're
going to take a little bit of brown sugar, crumble it over the top as well, so that by
the time this bakes up you're going to get a nice brown caramelized sugar and marshmallow
coating over your sweet potato cupcake. I guarantee you you'll try and eat it before
you give it to your dog because it's going to smell and look just that good. So this
is basically how we put together a sweet potato treat using the K9Cakery.com Cake Mix and
all the basic all natural ingredients. Now obviously marshmallows are not all natural
although you might be able to find those in a health food store somewhere. But we encourage
as much all natural as possible. And this is again one of the many recipes that you're
going to find on DogCakeWorld.com which is sponsored by www.K9Cakery.com. I'm The Frosting
Guy and we'll see you on our next video.