How to Make a Scarecrow : Assemble Pants for Scarecrow

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

Now we're ready to start assembling our scarecrow. I've taken an old pair of ripped up jeans
and if you don't have a pair that are already ripped up, you can cut some holes in them
or you can just leave them anyway you want, but it's really neat to pull hay through there
so it gives it a real authentic look. We're going to start with the feet of our jeans
and you're going to want to take a small handful of your hay and the pants of your jeans, and
you're going to want place it just inside, so that it starting to stick out. You can
spread that out and then you're going to bunch up your pants leg, just like so, and you're
going to want to take your rubber band and you're going to wrap that around and pull
your hay through firmly. You want to keep doing this until you can't wrap the rubber
band anymore times. Pull that hay through and that hay is going to hang out the bottom
so you don't have to use too much but just enough to give it some life. Then we're going
to repeat the process on the second leg so that when we stand him up or sit him down,
he's going to have hay feet so I probably ought to finish that, for the legs of our