Seadev Social Media Race 2012 - Foursquare Challenge

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(♪ Europe Band: "The Final Countdown")
What are they doing?
(Alex) Try your best...
(Alex) To win the first prize
(Alex) 2 nights at... (Duy) Hyatt Regency (Sinh) Two nights
(Alex) It's a 5-star Resort
(Alex) We can do it!
(Alex)Let's win that first prize
(Alex) 2 nights at Hyatt (Sinh) At Hyatt (Alex) Hyatt!!!
(Sinh) Let's do this!
(Alex) Are you ready?
(Duy) Yeah, I'm ready!
(ALL) All right!
(Alex) Let's go! Run! Run! Run!
(Alex) C'mon
(Alex & Sinh) Jumping Jupiters, it's Tiffany
(Duy) Woah... Tiffany!
(Tiffany) What the heck are you guys doing?
Why are you in such hurry?
We're in a race
(Duy) It's the Social Media...
(Alex) Social Media Race
(Alex) 2012... By Seadev
(Tiffany) Social Media Race? Oh, this?
(Alex & Duy) That's it, sis!
(Tiffany) Why are you killing yourself exercising?
(Alex) It's a race, sis.
(Sinh) Because we're Racing, that's why!
(Tiffany) You don't need to exercise so hard.
(Tiffany) It's called Seadev Social Media Race: The first thing you gotta do isn't running!
(Tiffany) You have to go to Seadev Facebook page, and click...
(Tiffany) How'd you know that?
(Sinh) We've known it for ever!
(Alex) I'm a Facebook pro!
(Tiffany) You guys are so good! (Sarcasm)
(Tiffany) Each team will need 2-4 members
(Duy) One!
(Alex) Two!
(Sinh) Three!
(Tiffany) Uh! Four!
(Tiffany) That's enough people!
(All) YEAH!
After signing up for Foursquare, we need to have a smartphone with 3G.
(ALL) Uhm...(Disappointed)
Don't worry! I have a smartphone. So, I am the team leader!
(ALL) Ugh...(Hesitant)
(Duy) I mean..Okay! (Alex) Yes ma'am! Whatever you say!
Tiffany - The Team Leader!
First of all, you need to download Fourquare from the Appstore, GooglePlay, or another application marketplace
... and install it on your smartphone.
Don't worry about anything. It's a FREE app!
Later on, you need to sign up to have a Foursquare account!
Each team will need 1 smartphone and 1 Foursquare account during the race.
30 teams need to check-in on Foursquare at 15 different locations in Danang City.
... with different roadmaps.
All teams will start at Seadev office at 3.30 PM, July 21
... and gather at the last location at 7.30 PM
Do you need to exercise for the race?
You guys don't need to worry.
Seadev places no restrictions on means of transport for the race
For example,
My bike!
Go on! You can do it! Keep up the good work!
But, no matter what mode of transportation you choose,
... team-work is always required.
Go on! You can do it! Keep up the good work!
The group gathered at Seadev (630-632 Ngo Quyen, Danang), to receive their clue for the first destination of the race
It's Seadev office! Let's check-in!
Hello, we are group 5!
Can we have the clue for the next location?
Receiving first clue of the race
Always very busy during night time,
Kids and adults come here to take photos
It moves, but it stays at one certain place
It rotates around an axis, which opens a path
Opens a path?
Rotates around an axis?
Taking photos?
It moves, but it stays at one certain place?
(Tiffany) Merry-Go-Round! Merry-Go-Round!
(Tiffany) Park! Park!
The four young friends went to March 29th Park, because they assumed the Merry-Go-Round was the next location.
They are really excited...
... Because they found the location so easily!
To know the next location, teams must look for the clue at the location they have checked-in
No more time for games. We have to search for the clue
They started searching, but they couldn't find any clue envelope
Where's the clue?
Where's the clue?
Where's the clue?
Where's the clue?
Where's the clue?
I can't find it!
... they felt really nervous!
Tiffany, I can't find the clue! What are we supposed to do?
I can't find it, sis!
I give up, it's hopeless!
When you need help, you can call the hotline numbers, but score deductions will apply.
You missed the detail "Rotates around an axis which opens a path. The answer is..."
Han River Bridge!!!
Are you ready to join the SEADEV SOCIAL MEDIA RACE - FOURSQUARE CHALLENGE on 21/7/2012?
The Seadev team is looking forward to welcoming your team. The registration fee is 200,000 VND.
If there are 2 people in your team, each member only has to pay 100,000 VND.
If there are 4 people in your team, each member only has to pay 50,000 VND.
Register now!
(♪ Carly Rae Jepsen : "Call Me Maybe")
Seadev wishes you the best luck�