Dhol (2007) Hindi Movie w/Eng Subs

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"Drum! Drum! Drum!"
» ජය වේවා! «
Zikomo's world is that of crime.
My man who knows it inside out, how can I let go of him?
If he wants to leave... still I can't let him go.
Those who stay with Zikomo... they die with Zikomo!
She is breathing her last!
Still mother doesn't want to see my face!
She is asking for an oath.
I can't carry this burden all my life! Now let me go!
I beg you! Please! Let me go!
"When this darkness spreads."
"There has been an accident."
"Accident is the punishment of a fear."
"Some frightened memory."
"When this darkness spreads."
"There has been an accident."
"Accident is the punishment of a fear."
"Some frightened memory."
"Beloved! Beloved!"
"You don't lose your life."
"Beloved! Beloved!"
"Let no accident take place."
"Beloved! Beloved!"
"You don't lose your life."
"Let no accident take place."
"Some darkness. Some light."
"Some evil shadow on life."
"Don't lead a frightened life."
"Don't let this mistake take place."
"Whenever this darkness increases."
"Only then will there be no whereabouts."
"Beloved! Beloved!"
"You don't lose your life."
"Beloved! Beloved!"
"Let no accident take place."
"Beloved! Beloved!"
"You don't lose your life."
"Let no accident take place."
"These long twilights don't pass easily."
"There will be dangerous talks."
"Now don't say anything."
"Somebody might open his lips."
"Let this moment..."
"... become a lost saga..."
"Beloved! Beloved!"
"You don't lose your life."
"Let no accident take place."
"When this darkness spreads."
"There has been an accident."
"Accident is the punishment of a fear."
"Some frightened memory."
"Beloved! Beloved!"
"You don't lose your life."
"Let no accident take place."
Paresh! - What?
How much more time for half a cup of tea?
Yes! Do you go to Assam to get the tea leaves?
Or to the cow's shed to bring the milk?
What's the hurry! Till evening you people will sit here!
Get lost!
Hey! Pakiya! Hey! Pakiya!
What happened? What happened?
Somebody is abducting a girl!
Come on! Hurry up! Hurry up!
Come on, let's go. - That girl was crying.
Come on! Come on! Sit! Sit!
Come on, sit fast.
Drive carefully!
Stop the car! Stop the car!
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Do something, Goti! - I am telling them to stop!
Hey, do you think you are riding a plane?
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
You are abducting a girl! Scoundrel!
Sam, what are you doing? There is another one inside!
Beat him! Beat him!
Come on! Come on! - Hurry up!
My stomach is aching a lot!
Come on! Quickly take me to the hospital!
Goti, run!
"Drum! Drum! Drum!"
This is the limit! - Brother-in-law, it's hurting!
This is the limit! Useless!
What are you doing? Why are you beating him?
What has he done?
Do you want to know what he has done?
I have caught your brother red-handed.
5 liters of petrol used to be enough for a week!
Last week thrice my vehicle broke down!
So take it to the garage, to some mechanic!
Why are you beating him? This is the limit!
My vehicle is fine!
Your useless brother! You have spoiled him with your love!
He was stealing petrol from my vehicle...
...and transferring it in his bike!
I caught him! And ask him!
Where does he go early in the morning all decked up?
What does he do? Ask him!
My shoes! My belt! And for the past 3 months...
... my three underwear too have vanished.
I don't want a thief in my house! No!
Don't call Pankaj a thief!
I will call him without hesitation!
Why shouldn't I say it?
He is living off my earnings without any shame!
If he earns a single penny on his own merit...
...then I will praise him!
Till then I will call him a thief, a robber, a dacoit!
And when the need arises, I will inscribe here...
...that my brother-in-law is a thief!
Don't aggravate the matter!
Today you have to choose!
Either banish him or me from the house!
Get lost! Robber! Go on robbing!
Stop the bike! A girl! Stop it! Stop!
Hi, Kanika! - Hi, Kanu!
How was your day? You look very tired!
Hey! Get down! Get down!
Kanu, you must have seen bones in your medical college!
Someday count his!
Come! I will give you a lift!
You are already carrying a person!
I told you! Move! - Fine!
Move! - Fine! Fine!
God has given me feet! I will go on my own!
She is going on foot!
Come on! Otherwise she will come! Come on!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Hey! Stop!
Give my rent!
Aunt, we...
Two months rent is pending including this month's!
Come on! Give my rent! Give my rent!
First hear today's breaking news!
We will get a fixed job! - And what about you?
We... - Aunt is joking! Aunt is joking!
Aunt joked...
Aunt, our salary is going to increase 5 times.
You are lying! Forgot the provident fund?
Yes! Now no poverty!
I will pay one year's rent in advance!
Because this house is very lucky for me!
But since the time you people have...
...stepped into my house, my bad times have begun.
We too will marry soon! So many people are after us!
Why? To handcuff you?
No! We are receiving alliances from affluent families.
I don't know about you. But I won't give money!
I want an educated, nice and a working woman.
If her name starts from letter K, then it will be better!
Fool! What are you hearing? Go inside! Go inside!
Look! Now you people can't fool me!
No matter what the job is, if I don't receive the rent...
...within a week, then I will surely lock your room.
And what is going on in my house?
First you both were there! After that another idiot arrived!
And now a girl and a boy!
Get rid of them right away! Otherwise I...
Which girl? - Which boy?
What do I know! You go and check!
He is my friend Gopi! He works in a printing press.
And she is...
Come out! I will tell you. This way!
Come! Come! Come here!
Listen... it's a love affair. They have eloped.
Gopi is just like us. Pocket without any money.
And no comb for his hair.
And Neha is a billionaire. But it's futile now.
Because she has eloped.
And her rich father is after Gopi's life!
And they have no place to hide.
I thought generous people like you can help two lovers. So...
No, no, no!
We can't do anything! We can't do anything!
Just for 2 days! - No way! No way! No way!
That witch won't spare us!
I have promised them!
That's it! Take back your words! Hang on! Hang on!
He lives at his sister's place!
Yes! - Why don't you keep them there?
Because now that is no longer my house.
My brother-in-law banished me from his home.
Who? - My brother-in-law!
I have made arrangement of a room with a friend...
...who has gone out for 2 months.
After he returns, I will come here.
What! What do you guys think of this house?
Look! Look at this idiot! How is he sleeping!
As if his father has given him this bed!
He has made this house a charitable house!
Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen!
Will you tell them or shall I tell them? - Listen...
Will you tell them? - Listen...
Will you tell them? - Listen to me!
Friend... Pakiya has told us everything. But it's difficult.
Just for 2 days.
After court marriage, nobody's father can do anything.
But where will you both live after marriage?
How will you people survive?
I will live on the street... but with Gopi.
When I fell in love, I didn't know Gopi is so poor.
Now what difference does it make?
For a girl the most important thing is love.
Once she falls in love, then whether the guy is rich or poor...
...a robber or anything else, what difference does it makes?
He should just truly love her.
I swear. Not even in my dream had I thought that...
... Neha will love me so much.
If dreams have to come true, it comes true.
Let it be. We don't want to trouble you.
We will seek somebody else's help.
Something will surely materialise. Let's go. - Okay.
Thanks, man! - Sorry!
One trouble over another trouble.
Hey! You have your uncle's house!
You have your uncle's job!
Still you remain here the whole day!
Get up! Make tea!
At times do respect the real owner of the house! Pauper!
Take out the book! Settle the account!
Tell me! How much?
1000 of Pandey the vegetable vendor.
1500 interest. Close it.
What? - Close his account.
And this is 3084 rupees 50 paisa of Daya, the butcher.
Look! This is 8000 rupees of Satish, the sweeper!
But add this in bribery account, not loan account!
He wants to become a manager.
There is a shortage of 102 rupees!
So why are you bullying me?
This is that cruel man's money, not yours!
You just note it down! Don't interfere in my matters!
He takes police's salary! He accepts bribery.
And he acts as a moneylender!
Meaning benefit from all deals!
He will go to hell! Will he take his money along with him?
Who? Who will take my money?
Sir, Maru has brought 102 rupees less.
102! 102!
Where did you spend so much money?
I had gone to recover the loan. So 60 rupees for the auto's fare.
Auto! I will kill you!
Greetings. - Did you give the money? -Yes! - Fine!
You are a pauper and you want to lead a king's life!
My sister has given you such strong feet!
It's not for begging on the streets!
Where is the rest of the money?
Where is the rest...
I had some snacks!
Snacks! One banana is for 2 rupees. Half a cup of tea is 2 rupees.
It adds to 4 rupees! What did you do with the rest of the money?
Listen, Chaudhary!
Don't give him any money for a week!
Uncle, I will die!
I have not stopped your supply of air! Doing drama!
Come on! Sit at the betel shop! Come on!
And listen, I have counted the betel leaves.
If you will chew even one, then I won't spare you!
And listen! From tomorrow you will go to recover the loan!
Get a cup of coffee!
Isn't he Paresh? Wasn't he the waiter?
Yes! Yes! I will tell him!
Pant, shirt and tie! How come he is dressed up so finely?
Hey Paresh, come here!
One cold coffee! - Okay, sir!
What new form is this?
What good deeds would I have earned by working as a waiter?
So I started my own business! - Wow! What business?
I have opened a hardware shop!
From where did you get the money? Did you commit robbery?
I got it from the bank!
Go to the bank, fill the loan application form...
...and you will get the money.
It means anybody can ask for a loan and they get it?
Is it a bank or Shirdi's Sai Baba?
You should just have a shop!
Did you see that? Gradually they will reveal things.
They want this! Then they want that!
Nothing! Just a shop in a nice area.
The bank will give you 4 lakhs as loan.
From that give 2 lakhs to the company, as a deposit.
Then go to any company!
Be it a soap company or a stationary company. Okay.
The company will give you goods worth 5 lakhs.
Nowadays people buy things so quickly.
They way white ants eat the wood.
So it will take maximum 1 month to sell the goods.
The profit is 20% . So how much is monthly profit?
1 lakhs!
How much is the bank loan? - 4 lakhs!
Yes! So within 4 months, you will repay the loan.
In the 5th month, the shop is yours.
In the 6th month, you will have 1 lakhs.
And in the 7th month... - Stop! Stop!
Repeat what all things are to be done!
Fill the loan forms. Sign it.
Then the shop's papers, the Xerox...
...and 10- 12 Xerox copies of the ration card and passport.
File the papers neatly.
And express your good intention to the bank.
You will get it.
You sign on this form.
Bring the shop's documents, and take the loan.
But from where will we get the shop's documents?
What name will we keep for our shop?
Collage of colours!
Hey! The name should be easily pronounceable. - Spit!
At last you have shown your status!
Keep this name for your betel shop! Spit!
Money! Money! Money! From where will we get it?
No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no!
Uncle won't give!
If you want money, then sell me or mortgage me!
But don't take uncle's name!
He is that wicked man who can...
... pull out teeth from the corpse's mouth!
He will give you money? You are weaving such a dream!
Then wake up!
I told you! He won't listen!
How long will you endure uncle's beatings?
And he loves the lizard in his house more than you!
Because he doesn't have to incur any expense for it.
Even if you die for him, he won't light your pyre!
He will leave you in the jungle!
Because it will save his money!
Yes! And why all this? Because you are his slave!
Become our partner! 25000 per month!
Think! How much will you earn in a year!
Money means respect! Respect means fame!
You will sit in commissioner and minister's company!
Your uncle will look worthless in front of them! Think about it!
When you will stand in front of that pauper uncle...
...glowing with wealth, then how will it look?
Think! Think!
Very nice!
But what will you mortgage?
Do you have anything besides four underwear and vest?
Yes! - What?
I have a plan!
What name did you say? - Sunil Mehta!
What is his relationship with your friend?
He is his brother-in-law!
Uncle, he has a nice house and a nice job.
But I told him clearly. No friendship in business.
It should be give and take! - What! Clap?
No, uncle! Jewellery! Gold jewellery!
You will have the jewellery. They will have the money.
If they can't repay the money...
Then I will dig your friend's grave! Remember! Got it?
Bribery money is not a joke!
Hard earned money is earned just with toil.
Bribery is earned with toil and risk.
Uncle, if there is a problem, you can sell the jeweller...
...and recover the money.
Do you accept it?
First I will see the house! Then I will decide.
If there is any blunder, I won't spare you.
On what basis is he giving the money?
What have you guys mortgaged? - Maru!
He is Maru's uncle! He is a nice man!
We decided to start a business!
And he said he wants to finance.
We refused so he said to take money on credit.
But we will have to pay the interest every week.
There is no worry, sister.
We will earn abundant profit!
Teach your brother-in-law something. I will feel content. Move!
Sister. - Yes.
He is helping us so much. Give him sweets personally.
Please. It weighs 2 kilos. It has gold foil.
Is that so? Earlier it used to be silver.
Give this sweet to him personally.
And take the money from him and give it to us!
Along with the blessings. That's why we have come here.
Door! - He has come! Come on! Come on!
Here comes the scoundrel! - He has come!
The house is nice.
The furniture belongs to them or have they rented it?
They own it, uncle.
Please sit! I will go and call sister! Sister! Sister!
Who are they both? - They are humans.
They look like devils to me. - Two friends.
He and he and he. All three are friends.
I have brought the money.
You have to pay the interest every week at the rate of 10%!
The day you can't pay the interest...
...that day no gold.
Sister, he is uncle. Uncle, she is sister.
Greetings. You are helping them so much.
I am really pleased. Thank you so much.
Even I am happy. After all I am going to take the interest.
You are really generous. They were praising you a lot.
Sister, give him the box.
Yes! Take this!
Jewellery! - I see!
How much? - 2!
2 kilos! 2 kilos!
Gold? - Yes! Foil! Gold foil!
Yes! It's gold! Nowadays silver is not used!
Thank you. Here.
You keep this with you. Please get coffee for uncle.
Pankaj! - Go and get it! Keep it! Coffee!
Here is the agreement. And the shop's key.
Now for a year the shop is yours.
You can either do business or hold discourses.
It won't make any difference to me!
No, no, no! I can't give you the loan!
What are you saying?
The bald manager before you said...
...to show the showroom agreement and take the loan.
Yes! - He was bald! I am not!
How will we repay uncle's loan?
Shut up! Don't do that! We will be ruined!
We have taken a loan at high rate of interest for the showroom!
Look, if you didn't give us the loan...
...then our lives will become miserable!
I can't give the loan! This is my final decision!
Why? Does this bank belong to your uncle?
Get out! Get out, you fools!
What happened? - What happened?
Why are you crying inconsolably? - He beat me!
Who beat you?
He hit me here! He hit me here!
And I don't know where else he beat me!
If you won't say, then how will we find out!
Tell me! Who beat you! We won't spare him! Tell me!
Give us his name!
Uncle! - Uncle!
Uncle beat you!
Uncle won't spare you all!
Till the time you all don't repay his loan...
...I can't return home.
What do you mean?
As if we have invested the money in lucrative deals!
What is that scoundrel saying!
Here I am suffering!
Do you know... that monster had taken me to the dispensary!
That's a good thing!
It's a good thing! - Don't pounce on me!
He wanted to sell my kidney! - Did he remove it?
I ran away from there!
Now just watch!
Your eyes, ears, nose, nails, he will remove everything...
...and he will sell it in his shop!
Just watch! Just watch!
Don't sit like this! I am getting tense. Say something.
Hail Mother India!
What is it's connection to this matter?
You said to say something. So I said it.
Shall I say something else too?
Look! Look! Who has come! - Uncle!
Who is it? Has some hero come? Is there a shooting?
Tell me!
Isn't he your friend... who had come home with his girlfriend.
Gopi! Hi!
Hello! - You and here?
My office is here. - Here!
By the way... we have got married.
Is this car too yours?
From where did you find this treasure?
From my father-in-law!
He was after your life! - Yes!
He changed after marriage. Now I look after his business.
Great! Is he your father-in-law or a coin?
He changed so soon?
After marriage parents have no other choice.
They have to give their consent!
Well, at times immediately!
At times after becoming grandparents!
But their heart does melt.
Thanks for the support. Bye! We will meet again! - Okay!
Bye, guys! - Bye! - Bye!
This is called having the perfect horoscope!
Horoscope is all crap!
If you have guts, then God will help you!
Wrong pronunciation! - Yes!
And what did he do?
Enticing a rich girl! God helped him!
He is leading a luxurious life!
Meaning we too... if we too find a rich girl...
...then our lives too will become set!
Yes! But from where will we get the girl? From the sky?
Fool! Sitting idle is futile!
We will have to toil and work hard! And then watch!
He will... He will surely send the right girl.
From the sky.
"My heart is searching for a capricious, beautiful girl."
"She should be a priceless gem."
"My heart is searching for her."
"My heart is searching for a capricious, beautiful girl."
"She should be a priceless gem."
"My heart is searching for her."
"A rich and beautiful girl who will love us immensely."
"She should talk sweetly and change our lives."
"Now she should come and meet us."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
"She doesn't have to be a good girl to be in my world."
"Got to be established by her own world."
"I don't give a damn as long as she is lavish."
"Anything I want, she knows I must have this."
"Take me to holidaying to a resort."
"Teat me like a King of some sort."
"I need a lady with the fattest account."
"So many girls that I cannot count..."
"As such there are countless beautiful girls."
"But not the charms to keep us enraptured."
"She should be the epitome of love and beauty of love."
"The one who becomes our beloved."
"She should be that beauty."
"We have to make her ours by locking eyes with her."
"She should talk sweetly and change our lives."
"Now she should come and meet us."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
"I say what!"
"She is like a dream come true."
"What to do if we constantly think about her?"
"We kiss her eyes at times and at time we hold her hands."
"I have to become hers."
"She is the magic of fragrance."
"She should be love and the trance of love."
"She should be such a girl who steals slumber."
"She should talk sweetly and change our lives."
"Now she should come and meet us."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
Oh God!
Bring the luggage inside. - Okay!
"I am hungry."
"I am hungry."
Hey! Cut it! Sam!
What happened? - What happened?
What happened?
In your neighbourhood. - There is a fire!
No! A bomb shell has arrived! - What!
Really! Who?
A grandma!
And a grandpa too!
So the grandpa is a bomb shell - No!
I will smash your mouth!
No! There is a granddaughter too! Fair body!
Mesmerizing eyes! And soft tresses!
Immediately after seeing her, I ran breathlessly to tell you all!
Meaning we searched far and wide for her.
And we found her in our neighbourhood.
Wow, Maru!
As soon as I saw her, I thought I will inform you all!
You did the right thing!
I have found my gal!
Now you people search a gal for yourselves!
Hey! - Betrayal!
We were searching for the girl together.
Now we will entice her together. - Yes!
But won't this be injustice? One girl and we all are four!
So what? Didn't we run after the same kite when we were kids!
It's the same thing!
We will try together!
The lucky person will get the girl! - Yes!
The rest will clear the way without any fight! - Yes!
Is it okay? - Yes!
Shake hands!
Where is she? Come!
She has come!
You people fight! Let me see her!
Can you see the face?
Who cares for the face? The rest of the body is fabulous!
This is my binocular!
If you want to see her, then buy another one!
Her and my pair will be perfect!
What is going on?
No, no! We thought a thief has entered!
So we were just watching! I swear!
How can a thief enter that place?
When dacoits live here!
No! These guys are not like that, aunt!
I am talking about you! Come out! Come on!
Come out! Come out!
Where is the 4th one? - Coming!
Coming! Since when you people have been delaying!
We will pay the money today.
Tomorrow we will become rich!
I don't want to hear anything!
Now my 4 men will come and throw your belongings out!
Got it?
Then whether you live on the railway platform or the streets!
That's your problem!
Here is your money! - Okay!
What is this? Where is this month's rent?
This month is still not over! - Fine! Fine!
From where did you get the money?
Money saved for the shop!
Your papa is in Afghanistan, isn't he? - Yes!
A war is going on there! - Yes!
All Indians have returned home except your papa.
Do you know why? - Why?
Because of this!
She went away! - Where?
Hang on! Hang on! - Give!
I too want to see!
Maru, wait!
"Showery sky."
"My heart is a tormentor."
"On the lonely paths."
"What did you find?"
Why were you all howling like foxes? Why?
I must have lost my good sense...
...when I gave this flat to you all!
No peace day and night! Useless fellows!
You people just loiter around!
But the rest of the world works. Let them sleep!
Since when you people are croaking!
If... I heard a single noise... then... in a jiffy...
...I will throw you all in the ravine!
Sam! Come quickly! Goti, you too come! Come quickly! Look!
Your name is Goti!
To hell with the name! Look there!
What a sight!
Let me climb!
Let me also climb!
Get down! - Why?
I said get down! Come on!
What are you doing?
Get down! - Why?
I said get down!
Learn to respect your seniors!
First we will watch! You both will watch later!
Come on!
Come on!
Shall we go?
Don't just sit on the tree!
If you see somebody, just whistle! Fine?
Maru! - Yes!
You are under the oath!
When she finishes half her bath, come back!
Yes! We will watch the other half! - Yes!
Till then stay there! Stay there!
Leave me!
Come on! Come on!
What? What? What?
It has been so long! Why have they still not come?
Forget watching the girl taking a bath!
We won't even be able to see a drop of water!
It's so itchy!
In the graveyard...
Come on! Come on! Come on!
You sat! - Yes!
It's four hands are moving towards the girl.
What happened?
What do I know? I too have been standing here with you!
Something must have happened! -Why are they screaming!
They must be in trouble! Let's run away! - Yes!
Look! Look there!
Run! Run! Run!
Grandpa, you are still not ready!
I will leave. You come there in your car.
Okay! I am coming!
"I am hungry."
"I am hungry."
She saw me!
No, no, no! She saw me and not you!
How do you know? She had worn goggles!
She didn't see you! She didn't see you!
She didn't see anybody! She saw me! She saw me!
He! - She didn't see me! And she will see you!
She should have seen once!
4 handsome guys were standing for her!
Not 4, three.
If not 3 or 2, then there was at least one.
We all four are not so handsome!
So we won't argue about how we look like!
We have to think about how to make the girl notice us!
I can see! - What?
Where? Where? Where? - Has she again returned!
I can see a way! - Today just speak up!
Let's entice the old lady! - What?
Carefully! Carefully! - Yes!
Greetings, grandma!
Oh my God!
No, no, no!
He will put us into trouble too! Let's run away!
No, no! Old lady, have you gone mad!
What are you doing? I will die!
Maru! Maru!
I won't spare you! - Help!
Pakiya! Mummy! I am dead! Mummy!
Goti, don't yell! We will be in trouble!
First pour water! My eyes are burning!
Here! Bring the bucket! Bring the bucket!
Pour water! - Hurry up!
Pour water! - Come on!
Pour water! Not on my chest! My eyes are burning!
Come on! Bend! You are so tall!
What are you doing?
Pour water!
Deceivers! What kind of friends are you all!
When I was in trouble, you all run away!
I have learnt my lesson! Now I will stay away from you people!
What did we know that you are in trouble?
Sam! Did you know that he is in trouble?
No! Maru, did you know? - Yes, yes!
What did you know? He means to say no!
Idiots! Didn't you people hear my screams?
You were screaming?
We thought you and grandma were laughing loudly!
Idiots! I am lucky that I still have my head on my shoulder!
Otherwise she had attacked thrice with the knife! Here! Here!
What would have happened?
Nothing! You would have just become bald!
Shut up! I will punch you!
So bear one thing in mind!
You have lost your chance of enticing the girl!
Now you can't show your face to the old lady!
So you can't go in front of the girl!
One is gone! Now only we three will marry her!
We three will marry her?
Why? Didn't Parvati marry four men?
Parvati? Who?
Not Parvati! Kunti had married Pandavs! - Is that so?
You people have not read Ramayan!
Illiterate! Kunti was their mother!
The girl who married Pandavs was... - Drohi!
Draupadi! What Drohi! - Right!
No matter who she was! What do we care?
That was Mahabharat! This is today's times! - Yes!
It's impossible for all three of us to marry a girl.
Fine. You people are not willing.
So I am ready to take this risk alone. I will marry her.
You scoundrels!
Now I can't live in this city! What is left in this city?
It's a city of goons and loafers!
Forget night time! Somebody was after my life in broad daylight!
What happened, grandma? Why are you packing?
Because I want to return to Nasik! That too alive!
But what happened? Tell me!
What all things shall I say? Somebody should be willing to hear!
What happened, grandpa?
She saw a dream that somebody wants to kill her!
Dream! So you mean to say nobody had come to kill me!
Somebody must have come! But it's not his mistake.
Anybody who sees you, he will desire to kill you!
Many a times I too have felt so!
Oh my God! Men!
But who can dare to kill you? Was I able to do it?
And if somebody had come to kill you...
...would he have left you like that?
It's good that father taught me wrestling when I was a child!
I attacked him with a dagger!
Who, grandma?
Ritu, this city is very dangerous! Let's return!
Grandma, shall we return?
Without finding out about brother Rahul?
Ritu... Nasik is not far away from here!
We could stay there and make inquires.
No! If we have to find out about brother Rahul...
...then we will have to stay here!
If you are scared, you can leave!
Take grandpa with you too! I don't need anybody's help!
And till the time I don't find out everything about brother Rahul...
...I won't leave!
If we have to live in this house...
...then we will have to perform veneration.
Why are you fighting with God too?
You have learnt wrestling!
You always laugh off every matter.
Really! I see evil shadows in this house!
We will have to hold the veneration tomorrow for Ritu!
Quickly arrange for a priest!
What are you reading?
Do you have to give your exams tomorrow?
From tomorrow wake up early. Today we are late.
Come on! Let's leave! Come on!
Oh God!
You begin your jogging! I will do my light exercise. - Okay!
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
There he is! There he is! Look!
That old man is pushing the car!
I think his car has broken down!
That old man is pushing the car alone...
...when we are there!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Under the pretext of helping him, let's flatter him!
Forget all that! Hurry up! Before the car starts, let's go!
Yes! Come on! Come on!
Grandpa, you don't be tense! We have come! We will help you!
Goti, you too push the car!
Where are you taking my car?
Come on!
Goti! Run!
My car! Scoundrels!
Sir... who were they?
Is it that they have some connection with Rahul?
Did you see anybody's face?
No! They were wearing colourful caps!
Red! Green! Blue! I couldn't see their faces!
Rahul was a jolly fellow! I don't know why he did this!
Even we are amazed, sir! His business too was running smoothly.
He didn't ever reveal his personal matters.
But from outside we didn't feel any tension.
Now we are tense.
Their parents had handed them over to me.
Now I don't understand how I will look after all this at this age!
Ritu still has 1- 1. 5 years left to finish her post graduation! - Okay!
After that she only will look after this office. - Yes, sir!
Till then you work as the M D.
Your new house, increments, shares...
...fix all these matters with CEO and let me know.
Okay, sir! - Come.
Another thing!
I won't ever come to this office again! - Sir, your sign!
I am not capable enough to cope with bad memories!
Henceforth send all the work at home!
Sophie! Who is this Sophie?
I don't know! Not from the staff!
Last call was made to her! 6 calls in a day!
No! We never heard Mr. Rahul taking her name!
Give me previous month's mobile bills.
We will have to search for it in the account department.
I will send it to you as soon as I find it.
Goti! Sam! Come out! - What happened?
The house is on fire!
Oh my! - So what are we doing here?
Look! Look! Only smoke!
Thank God you gave us this chance!
Scoundrel! God has not given this chance!
If I had not seen it, then we wouldn't have got this chance!
Forget it! Now we will go and save my gal!
And we will become the apple of her eyes!
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on! There is a fire! - Give it to me too!
Come on! Come on!
Hurry up!
Why is it so quiet? Nobody is yelling!
Maybe they are still asleep!
Maybe they have choked! Don't talk!
Pour water from the pipe! - That is what I am doing! Yes! Yes!
What are you doing here? Go and jump in the well! - What!
Go and get the water from the well! Go! Go! Go!
Leave! She will get burnt inside.
Come on!
Hurry up! Extinguish it!
Hurry up! Hurry up! It's a major fire!
Then you too get inside!
Move! Move! Move! Move!
Scoundrel! Why did you hit me?
I will beat you!
There is a fire here! And you guys are playing with the bucket!
Where has Sam gone?
He must have gone inside and he must be trying to impress her!
Betrayal! We toil and he gets the reward!
He must be exaggerating alone!
They ruined the veneration!
Scoundrel! Who are you? What are you doing here?
Goti! Run!
You go there! You go there! You go this side!
Excuse me! - Yes!
In whose name was this VCD given! Can you tell me? - Yes!
Rahul Tripathi!
Oh! Close this membership!
If there are any dues, then let me know.
Did you know Rahul? Or any of his friend? - No!
He was state boxing champion!
There is a boxing club here! Sterling club!
Maybe there you will get his information!
Maybe you will find his friend too!
Okay! Thank you! - But you?
I am Rahul's younger sister. Ritu Tripathi! - Okay!
Patiya! Come here!
What happened? Did you see her?
What happened? What happened?
Yes! Yes! - Come on! Come on!
Brothers of all the girls in the world...
... roam around in wraparound!
And her brother had to be a boxing champion!
It's okay! Look, we have to take some risk!
Yes! Quiet! Quiet! Tell me! What did she say?
We have been roaming around since past 1 /2 an hour!
Tell us! Tell us! What happened?
What did she say? Tell us! Tell us!
She said her name at the counter!
Tell me! Tell me! What's her name? Tell me!
Wow! Great! Ritu Pankaj Tiwari!
What a nice match! - It's a forceful match!
This is perfect! Ritu Gautam Sisodia! Liked it?
It's all crap! It's all rubbish!
Look at this! Ritu Sameer Arya!
It feels as if two incomplete names...
... have been joined and made complete!
Rubbish! It doesn't match!
Look at this one! Ritu Martand Damdere!
It sounds like monkeys jumping in a drum!
Hey! Look!
Somebody is tampering Ritu's scooter!
Come on! Let's make air!
But that's readymade!
I mean to say let's make our place in Ritu's heart!
Come on! - Yes! Yes!
What are you doing? - What is this? What is this?
You like to puncture tyres! - You don't know me!
You cheat people and you act smugly! You!
Why are you beating me?
Why are we beating you! Come on! Beat him!
Leave me!
Beat him! - Why are you beating me?
He is right! He is right!
Don't beat him now! Let Ritu come! Then we will bash him!
Yes! - She should also know how much we are toiling for her!
Yes! Right! - Am I right?
You go! Go and check whether she is coming! - Yes!
Yes! She is coming! Start beating him!
Start! Start!
I will thrash you!
Come on! Come on! Beat him!
You puncture beautiful girls' tyre! Beat him!
You puncture beautiful girls' tyre!
This is not the one!
Goti! Run!
That old man has come! Now I will go and entice him!
Hang on! Stop! First tell us what your plan is! - Yes!
I will go there! - Then?
And then I will deliberately dash with the old man!
Then I will turn around and say are you Rahul's grandpa?
If this trick doesn't work then you can shorten my height!
How much more will you shrink?
And be careful! Our luck is bad in Ritu's matter!
That's because all of your ideas were bad!
Lotus won't blossom in filth!
Just watch! How I execute my plan and come!
Look! He has come! He has come!
Quickly go!
From where are you going?
Are you blind? Can't you see?
I will just pick it up! - You will pick it up?
What is all this?
Dear, listen to me!
How dare you touch my wife! - Listen to me!
Help Maru! Quickly!
Having fun! Act more smugly! Now you are in trouble!
Yes! You were exaggerating so much! Now pay the price!
We shouldn't even touch him! Let him be like this!
We will do this! We will do that!
Now you are in trouble!
Remove it! Remove it!
Is it a child's play to befriend the old man?
He has shed his blood! And you guys are letting it go waste!
You don't worry. Your blood won't go waste!
Red vermilion! This is a good omen that she will be yours.
Then stab a few more pieces in my stomach.
I am ready to endure all of it!
You were blinded by the chili. - Yes!
You got burned in the fire! And glass pieces injured you. - Yes.
Meaning 3 are out. Now there is only one way.
What? - What?
I think... - What?
Tell me.
I think... - What?
You people forget her! - What?
Yes! - Is that so?
Forget her!
Oh my God! What happened?
Are you fine, grandpa? How did this happen?
A guy deliberately pushed me and I fell flat on the ground.
There was a gang with him!
They were beating me like an egg! - Who were they?
Who else? Must be those scoundrels!
When I told you, you teased me saying it's my dream!
Now when they have thrashed you, you believe me!
I tell you! Write a report at the police station!
Do one thing! Go inside! Sit comfortably!
And give me a description of that guy!
Description of that guy!
He was not a guy! He was a scoundrel!
Get a glass of water! - Okay!
His face was so ugly. That I have never seen it in my dreams.
And his height... to see his face...
...even a puny guy will have to bend!
Eyes like crocodile! Sticky hair!
Whether he had a nose or a trampled tomato...
...I don't remember.
But when he shows his teeth, then even the most...
...foolish guy will look smart!
What are you thinking, inspector?
It's so strange! I too have been searching for such a guy!
I will start searching for that guy.
I will let you know when I nab him.
Till then you stay alert!
Excuse me! - Yes, ma'am!
Can you help me? - Tell me!
This is Airtel's disconnected number... of some Sophie.
If I can get her address from your office...
I am very sorry, ma'am!
We can't give our customers' personal information at any cost.
It is against the company's policy.
I understand. But... I want to talk to you in private.
Can you please come out? - Okay!
Come on! Come on!
Return! Return! - Where? What happened?
She already has a boyfriend!
If she has a boyfriend, then we stand no chance!
How do you know?
Can't you see how they are talking! Look! Look! Look!
Look! How she is talking! Return! Return!
You leave! He can't be her boyfriend! - Yes!
She has come to this city just 2 days ago! - Yes!
How will she find a boyfriend in 2 days! - Yes!
Let's go and ask! We will find out whether it's true or not!
Come on! - Come on!
Stop! Stop! Hey!
Seeing my sister, you were feeling tempted!
What was going on? - What sister?
So he doesn't even know this! Shall I punch you?
Hang on, boss! Look, I don't understand what you guys are saying!
I will explain who he is!
The girl with whom you were talking sweetly...
... he is her brother!
Brother? - Yes!
That dead brother? - When did you die?
Her brother!
Look, I don't know who died and when!
The girl told me that her brother has committed suicide!
So who are you people?
I too am her brother. But I am not dead!
And I am her future husband! - We will decide that later!
Bear this in mind! Forget my sister!
Hello! I didn't go after your sister!
She herself had come pleading with me!
She was asking about her brother's friends.
And she wanted some details of some Sophie!
What else was she asking?
She is your sister! Go and ask her! Why are you bullying me?
Now I understood where she is headed!
Where? - Where?
The girl wants information about her late brother's friends.
So come on! We too will follow the 'Qatar' ( series )!
Qatar is in Saudi! Do you have a passport!
Get him a one way ticket! So that he never returns!
I don't have a passport!
"Say that you are my Sonia."
Greetings! We are Rahul's friends.
We did boxing together in Sterling club.
We were best friends. - So?
Our club is publishing a magazine this year too.
So we need Rahul's photo. For memories column.
Please sit down. Let me check.
Read! What is written!
This is not my photo!
What is written? Is my name written?
Everybody's name is published! Look!
Deeply mourned by friends. Pankaj! Markand! Sameer! Gautam!
Markand is your name? - Yes!
You are there! And his address is given! - Why?
Do you have a house? - Come on!
Come on!
Asking why! Come on!
Do you remember what we told you?
Yes! I will start reciting when I get the chance!
Recite it like a parrot! - Yes!
Don't add anything! Just say what we have taught you!
If you said too much, I will forget everything!
Our lives lie in your hand!
If you made any mistake, I will bash you!
She is coming! She is coming! She is coming!
Hurry up! Come on! Come on! Come on!
Close the door! Close the door!
Run! Run! Run! Run!
Do as we said! - Okay!
Come! Whom do you want to meet?
Is this Pankaj, Markand, Sameer and Gautam's house?
Yes! Yes! Come in! Come in!
Who is he?
This is my masters' best and closest friend.
I want to meet him! - Impossible! He is dead!
Not him. I want to meet your masters.
Let me recite what I have memorised.
After master's death, all four of them have gone into depression.
They have even closed the swimming pool.
They sit in front of the photo and...
...they weep inconsolably like Gandhi.
They bang their heads!
He is overacting! He will ruin it!
I had told you! He won't be right! He will ruin it!
But he said he will do it! Now look!
Don't fight!
Don't fight!
I want to meet your masters!
But they are not here! They all have gone for boxing!
Where? - Sterling club!
Okay! I will go and meet them there! - Okay!
Come on! Come on!
Now we have to reach the club before her!
Will you give me something?
Yes! A lot! After we return from the club!
You just massage your body with oil! We will be back soon!
Okay! Okay!
Let's start boxing!
Otherwise when she will come...
...she will find us standing idle!
Remove the clothes!
Hey! We will feign boxing!
You all crazy fellows are not trustworthy!
You guys will really break my bones!
Hey, Maru! Got it?
Get lost! Coward! People lay down their lives in love!
You can't even endure a few punches! Coward!
Lovers are never afraid! Didn't ever hear this song?
But why this wild game of animals?
Let's play some other game!
You play hide and seek!
Ritu's brother was a boxing champion!
If we are feigning to be his friends...
...then we too should know boxing!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
We will have fun! We will have fun! - Hurry up!
Beat! Beat!
My turn!
You scoundrel!
Get up! Get up!
She has come! She has come! Beat him quickly!
Beat him! Beat him!
Maybe they are the ones! - I see!
They are those guys!
Her grandparents too have come!
Hide your face! The old people have seen us before!
Hit slowly! Hit slowly!
Scoundrel! Don't be mad! I won't spare you later!
Come on! Get up! Get up!
Excuse me!
Yes! Yes!
Gautam! Markand! Sameer! - I am Pankaj! Pankaj!
The rest? - I have sent all three of them!
Where? - To your father's wedding!
Do you know Rahul? - That boxing champion Rahul?
Yes! I am his sister! - Ritu!
I have seen, heard so much about you. Seeing you...
They are completely defeated! Why don't they get up?
They are dead for sometime!
They will regain their lives after you will leave!
They take so much time!
You alone beat these three hale and hearty people?
Today just 3 were enough! Let's go there and talk!
Come! Please! - Come on!
Did brother Rahul have a quarrel with somebody?
Or did he have any enemy?
No! Why?
Otherwise suddenly why will he commit suicide?
I think it's somebody's conspiracy!
First they killed Rahul. And now they are after us. Look!
That scoundrel gang attacked me!
And somebody had come to attack her too!
Yes! But I... I thrashed him!
And somebody even tried to pour water on the veneration fire!
Who are these scoundrels? They have made our lives miserable!
And why?
Must be some dangerous dacoits or some crazy robbers!
Do you remember their faces?
It's imprinted in my mind!
Even in my sleep I can recognise them!
I needed some other information about brother Rahul!
Well, right now I am tired! So...
So tomorrow? What about tomorrow?
Fine! Sure! Why not?
Take our card! - Okay!
Our address is written on this!
And whenever you are free... - Okay.
Come for tea. We will sit and talk. - Fine! Sure!
Greetings! - Greetings! God bless you!
Yeah! Yeah!
You are dancing after beating us!
I didn't say anything! They said it! So what can I do?
Why did you beat us so badly?
Stop! They have seen your faces! So what can I do?
Yes! But Ritu didn't see us! We all can meet her!
Yes! Tomorrow you will not meet Ritu alone!
We all will come!
And you will tell her that we are Rahul's real friends.
And through us, you befriended him!
And we will fix the time of meeting and the place!
What are you thinking? - Yes!
Sir... jail, dance bar, huts, we searched every place.
But we didn't find Maru anywhere!
Don't feel bad! You believed him.
But it was too late.
Why are you digging at my wounds?
Forget Maru! What about Pakiya's brother-in-law?
Since when their house is locked!
I inquired at the neighbourhood.
But nobody has their new address!
You! Now I will post you at some new areas.
Till then you will search for them like a hunting dog! Got it?
The interest amount will increase.
And I have all the jewelleries safe in the locker. No need to worry.
My position is safe.
It's been half an hour. - I told you!
She knows this place. She is not an illiterate like you!
She is an educated girl. We told her 10 : 30. Now it's 10.
Listen, you will introduce us in such a way that immediately...
...she should come to know how close we were to Rahul.
And that we introduced you to him.
Fine! Fine! I will tell her!
Why are you standing? Sit!
Move! The dress will get creased!
How do I look? - Shahrukh! Shahrukh!
If you covered your face with a pot, you will look like Shahrukh!
Shall I try on you?
Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!
Call Ritu and tell her to come to Corianthan swimming pool.
There is a coffee shop there too.
Yes. But I don't have my cell. Otherwise I would have called her.
Don't lie! I can see your cell! Take out your cell!
It's there! It's there!
Fine! I am taking it out! Wait! - Here!
It's busy!
It's ringing! Talk to her!
Ritu, this is Pakiya speaking! Pankaj speaking!
Ritu, can we meet at Corianthan swimming pool...
... instead of the mall?
No! I will tell you! I will meet you and tell you!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
We have to reach there before her!
I am starting the bike! - Start the bike! Hurry up!
What hurry is this? I too want to meet Ritu!
What are you doing? - Shut up!
It's not starting!
You get it repaired! I am going with them!
Stop! Take me too!
Ritu, this is Pakiya speaking! Pankaj speaking!
Ritu, there is a slight change of plan!
Don't go to Corianthan club! Yes!
Instead near our house, near your house...
...there is Nehru road.
Do you know? Very good! Very good!
India coffee house besides it, do you know?
Very good! Very good! So we will meet there.
I will tell you when we meet! Okay! Okay!
My perfume too has dried up!
I am tired of waiting for Pakiya! I think something is fishy!
Yes! Ritu too has still not come!
Both of them together, it means danger!
Before they start romancing, let's go and find them!
Why did you change the place of meeting suddenly?
No! As such that place was nice!
But suddenly some hooligans started hovering there!
Tell me! What will you have?
You tell me! - Cold coffee.
One cold coffee with ice-cream. And a glass of water.
Have something. - No! I am fasting today! Thank you!
Fasting? Why?
Men like us believe that if we fast on Thursdays...
...then we will find a nice bride.
I see!
Look! He is that same scoundrel...
...who bashed me that day!
What happened?
Let's leave! - Why?
This place is not right!
But just now you said that this is a classic place.
Hot... it's so hot and this weather is not good for your complexion.
Let's leave!
But the cold coffee we ordered...
No! Cancel the coffee!
You got scared on seeing me? - You...
Why? You bash people who fill air in the tyre!
Who are you? I don't know you!
But I know you very well! - Me? How?
Where are the rest of the scoundrels?
Who? Whom are you talking about? Mister!
Seeing his face I think he has fooled us many times!
Look! Look! Ritu is here!
But why is it so crowded? Pakiya! Who is bashing him?
Messiahs! He cheated us!
But this is that bike gang! Let's go and save him!
Saint! You stay here! We don't often get justice in this world!
Let him receive some punishment!
He is right! You are great!
What are you doing? Break his teeth!
As it is he talks rubbish!
Idiots! Don't you all eat? Punch him in the stomach!
Enough! Now let's save him!
If he died then who will introduce us to Ritu?
Yes! Come on! Come on! Come on!
Beat him!
Take this! Take this!
Take this! Take this!
Where are you running?
Come on!
I will not spare you! I will not spare you!
Where are you all running away?
What is going on? Is there a dance performance?
Get lost! Go to your houses!
Nothing is going on!
Are you okay? - I am all right! I am fine!
You were a big boxing champion!
Still you couldn't fight those weaklings! Useless!
What happened is that they suddenly from the back...
Hey! Do people inform before attacking?
Then what! I taught you all tactics of karate!
Still you got defeated!
Because you were not paying attention...
...when I taught you those tactics!
That's why he made a mistake!
Don't act to be a hero using me!
Are you Ritu? - Yes!
Good that you people arrived!
Otherwise who would have saved us today!
Fooling us you came here! Introduce us!
Sorry! I forgot to introduce you to them!
They are my friends... and Rahul's friends too.
He is Goti!
Hi! I am Gautam! - Hi!
Sameer! - Hi!
And I am Markand! - Hi!
Good that I found you all!
I wanted some information about brother Rahul!
So listen... Rahul loved a girl a lot. She too loved him a lot.
Or was she playing a charade of love, I don't know.
One day she refused to meet Rahul. - But why?
Because... later on we found out that the girl's family...
...was dominating her.
But Rahul felt so bad that liquor, cigarette...
He gave up everything!
What was the girl's name?
I remember! Yes... Sophie!
- It means she was a Catholic!
Yes! That was the root cause of the problem!
This Hindu and Catholic matter!
Sophie's family tried so hard to separate them!
Many times they hired goons to beat him! - Yes!
Yes! The guys from whom I save him...
...they were those goons!
They are still after us!
But we too supported Rahul! We never forsake him.
If Rahul had just said once, then I would have abducted...
...that girl from the wedding dais and thrown her in front of him!
But he didn't tell me!
I remember the last time we met him. He looked like Devdas.
He embraced us and said goodbye.
Seeing his tears, I too started crying.
Don't cry! Don't cry!
Come with me! He is like this only!
Don't cry! Come with me! Come with me! Don't cry!
Don't cry! Don't cry!
Don't overact! You will ruin the game!
Yeah! Yes!
Congratulations to me for the wedding!
Congratulations to you for your sister-in-law!
You scoundrel! Don't talk rubbish.
'Thank you for telling the truth about brothers...
... last days. With these broken links...
... my life would have been scattered too. '
'You brought it together. '
'You had befriended brother...
... now you will have to befriend me too. '
"The showered sky."
"The tormenting heart"
"On the lonely paths, what is it looking for?"
"There is only fog, amongst us."
"On the lonely paths, what is it looking for?"
"In love, the heart has started singing"
"The love is become enjoying."
"When the time stops."
"My heart says."
"As if my love says."
"I am like the time."
"The two hearts live like."
"Like relief stays in the heart."
"To touch the bright stars."
"To touch the quiet shores."
"To touch the silent mountains."
"The heart is going."
"In love, the heart has started singing"
"The love is become enjoying."
Look, I am telling you...
...I have done the booking for the seat next to Ritu.
Okay, but I have booked the other seat next to her.
No one can do anything booking.
Ritu has booked the tickets...
...you will sit according to the tickets that you get.
Right, right, absolutely right.
My Ritu's call, my Ritu's call.
Hello, where are you?
If you have changed the bathroom for taking a bath...
...then you should have told me!
For you. - Give me. Hello, Markand.
Maru, you scoundrel!
The number you have dialled is not valid...
... please call after sometime.
Not valid, call after sometime...
Maru, Maru I will take care of you later...
... Chaudhary, bring the short guys gold!
Tell me today's rate, and give me the price accordingly.
They dare to fool me, the scoundrels.
I will not spare them.
Why are you taking so much time...
...quickly tell me, how much money will I get.
At least 3 years. - What?
Take a seat, we will count the money and give you.
Slowpokes, hurry up.
Put him behind bars. - bars, what have I done?
Look at his courage, he wanted to sell fake jewels to me.
Fake, fake... - Your acting is real.
Come on. - Don't touch me, I am a police official too.
What were you thinking?
I was thinking that, other than you 4, brother Rahul...
... had another friend, who was very close to Rahul.
Where could he be?
He won't be anywhere, because there was no one else.
Because we are all friends that Rahul had. - Yes.
No, there was someone else too.
I have only heard about him, but never seen him.
But I hate him a lot.
What did you say the name was? - Jai.
Brother Rahul used to call him by that name.
I don't know how he looks.
But... why do you hate him.
That's personal.
Okay, what if I know him and introduce you to him...
...then what will you do?
I will give him a tight slap.
Do you want to know, who Jai is?
Yes, who.
He is one of us, but he is not present right now. - What?
Pakiya. - Yes Pakiya for us, but many call him Jai.
His name is Jaiwardhan, so Jai - Jawardhan...
Please, please it is not such a big secret...
... but please don't tell him, that we have told you this.
He doesn't like this name so much.
But... - But we are your friends too...
...the friend that helps you in troubled times...
...are your best friend, isn't it.
One is gone forever.
Thank you God.
The credit for getting rid of Pakiya goes to my brain.
Your complete name is Pankaj Jaywardhane, isn't it?
But... - And Pakiya for your friends, right.
But... - But my brother used to call you Jai.
You don't need to be so shocked, I know everything
Actually I had come here to give you a tight slap.
But I will not do that.
I will not raise my hand on you...
... because you are my future husband.
It was so much fun.
He wanted to get rid of us.
Now Ritu will take care of him.
I had told you, not just my hair...
...I have a big brain too.
He is a big scoundrel!
Yes boys.
From today you are all my best friends...
...you introduced me to the one I was dying to meet.
He is my fiance.
Fiance. - You had said that you will slap him, kill him...
...and many more thing, what are you doing?
You are right, I should do that...
... he kept hiding from me for so many days...
... he should be punished. Isn't it?
But what can I do, whenever I see him, my heart melts.
And you, kept teasing me along with them.
Maru, I am losing balance. - What?
Ritu, you should leave now...
...you have to take grandfather to the doctor.
Oh yeah, yeah. Bye.
Bye, I will see you tomorrow. - Bye.
This was all that was left to see.
Useless, you were creating obstructions in my path...
... now that obstruction is in your paths.
Whom did Ritu's brother chose for Ritu, his best friend.
What was the name of that friend, Jai!
How did I become Jai, because of your ill-fates!
Now tomorrow I will go and meet grandma and grandpa...
...and then engagement and day after tomorrow, marriage.
I will surely arrange a feast for you poor people.
By the way Goti, tell me whose idea was it.
What if the real Jai appears?
Till then I will fill Ritu's heart with so much love...
...that no one will be able to separate us
I had a great desire to meet you...
... now that I have embraced you, I am happy.
Where are your parents, and rest of your family?
I don't have anyone, just a sister.
Where is she? - She is not there.
I mean she is, but not here.
No matter son, no matter.
Rahul had told us everything about Jai...
...still you will keep inquiring.
Son. - Yes grandpa.
We had heard a lot about you, but never saw you.
Today I have seen you too.
We would have met earlier...
... if you would have come home in Diwali with Rahul.
But you suddenly changed the plan...
...that's why we couldn't meet.
And after Rahul's demise, everything changed.
Let it be, stop remembering the past...
...and think what we have to do ahead.
I have thought about it, we will do what Rahul had decided.
After a year, as soon as Ritu's studies are over...
...we will get them married.
And one more thing, now you are not a stranger...
...you are our kin. And the our business...
...which was an orphan till now, now you will take care of it.
I don't know...
Stop blabbering, the entire office is scattered...
...join the office from tomorrow and progress it.
I don't know anything about the business.
Don't worry about that...
... manager will explain you everything.
Yes, but I have my own business so...
But your business was ruined.
Rahul had told us.
Yes, but that was then but now...
Stop this now and then.
Go to the office everyday until marriage...
...take 1 lakh rupees salary. - 1 Lakh.
Why, is it less?
Look son, now you are a part of this family...
...and I am the head of the family.
So now tolerate his hooliganism.
I will just call up office.
M D, tomorrow morning Ritu's fiance will reach the office...
... now he will take care of the entire business...
...appoint him in place of the owner.
And ask him all sorts of questions and not me.
Careful son.
What are you doing son? Keep coming son...
... now this is your house too.
Jain sir, why did you come yourself...
...you could have sent someone. - He is a nice boy.
Sir, you have the biggest account in the bank.
And you have stopped going to the office too...
...that's why I thought of coming myself...
...and taking the signatures. Here
I will sign it and have it sent. - Yes sir.
Gangadhar. - Yes sir.
Come here.
The boy that just left, who was he?
I have heard that he is their future son-in-law.
Do you all have short term memories?
Don't you remember what we had decided...
... before entrapping the girl.
When the girl falls for one of us...
...then the other three will leave.
Now that Ritu has chosen me, what's my fault?
You all are jealous.
Ritu's love is not love, but a misconception.
As soon as the misconception is cleared...
...they will not spare you.
When they will find out, that you are flat broke...
...they will make you wear clothes without pockets.
They will put you behind bars, he doesn't understand.
There is no question of Ritu finding out.
But you won't be able to see my happiness...
...you will find peace only after provoking her.
But I will not let that happen.
Before you tell Ritu everything, I will tell Ritu the truth...
...everything will be cleared, we will see what happens.
After that, we won't have any relation.
Our friendship is over.
She has come, the witch has come to ask for the rent.
Does she eat notes for food?
I say, let us leave this room.
Shall I book a room for you in a 5 star?
Go and tell her we are dead. - Okay.
Greetings, did you recognise me.
I am bank manager Srinivas Jain...
...I had gone to your home, so your servant... sorry, helper...
...told me that you are here.
So I came here.
Excuse me, but waiting another second was difficult for me.
I am sorry, who are you, what you are...
...without knowing that, I rejected your loan application.
You wanted a loan, didn't you?
I am prepared to give you as much loan as you want...
...just tell me once, that you have forgiven me. Please.
Will we get the loan? - Yes.
You had asked for 4, I will give you 8...
...and that too, without any guarantor.
What has happened to him? - Has he gone crazy?
These flowers, and there are sweets too...
... made in real ghee.
Congratulations, congratulations...
...from tomorrow you are the mentor of Tripathi garments...
...your account, is the biggest account of our bank.
I am a fool, please don't punish my bank for my mistake...
... please don't close your account.
Come, come, come. - Come sir.
Take a seat sir.
Come here.
Tell me, why was that manager apologising to you?
He had seen me at his house. - I thought so.
Look brother, your life is made...
... now help us progress our life too.
If we get this loan, then all our problems will be solved.
Look, I am not going to get in this mess...
...I am not going to lie to Ritu anymore.
Even we don't want to deceive her anymore...
We will take a dip in the Ganges and was away our sins.
No, no I can't lie to Ritu anymore.
Why, was your father's name Harishchandra?
Leave him.You say it...
...tell her the truth, but after a few days.
If we don't give the money, then uncle will skin me alive.
How long will I have to lie?
Until we get the money?
When will we get the money?
Let us go and ask him. - Yes, come on.
Sir, when will we get the money?
Just come to the ban tomorrow...
...fill up the form and sign it, and in 2 weeks...
...the money will be in your hand.
Both of us will come.
What time will we have to come?
As soon as the bank opens, come at 10 o'clock.
But he still didn't forgive me
He has a very bog heart uncle...
...we forgave you immediately. We will come tomorrow. Bye.
You come here!
Which scoundrel touched my brother!
Bhai, they didn't come today.
When they come, give them this number.
Ask them to ready their shroud.
Send it to their homes, or cover them after they are dead.
Come on brother.
Sir, have you met our new M D.
No I haven't met Mr. Jai, I have only heard his name.
He had said at 10 o' clock, he must be on his way.
Rahul sir, had fixed Ritu's marriage with this boy, Jai.
Here are you 100 rupees.
Don't get down, don't get down. - What happened?
Take the car ahead.
This way, this way.
Come on. - What happened?
Come on. - What happened?
That fair man that was standing there...
... he is my brother-in-law. yes.
Now if I go to the office, we will lose that loan...
...and if I don't go to the office, we will lose that loan.
So what should we do now?
Listen, from today you are Jai in the office...
...and I will Jai at home.
Do you want the loan or not?
I don't know anything about the office.
Nothing, okay, bye-bye, thank you, get me a coffee...
...you do know that much, keep saying that.
But I don't know to read and write.
I will see it, I will see it say that and bring the papers home...
...and I will sign it. There is nothing to it.
What if Ritu calls up?
If Ritu calls up, then ask her to call on the mobile.
Come on, take off the pant I will take off the shirt.
Come on, don't talk, don't talk.
Seems like he is our sir.
Him. - Yes.
Who knows what kind of a boss is he?
Mr. Jai. - Yes.
Welcome sir.
Yeah, yeah one sec, once sec.
"It is soothing, and sweet what kind of a pain is it?"
"It has awakened a bit, for you."
"Your style is enchanting, your sight is magical."
"How did you do this, tell me that."
"You took my heart."
"You took my heart."
"You took my heart."
"You took my heart away."
"You took my heart."
"You took my heart."
"You took my heart."
"You took my heart away."
I want to talk to you.
You. - I am Ritu Tripathi, Rahul's sister.
Who Rahul? - Rahul, whom you used to love a lot.
Good morning sir.
Sir, this is our consignment invoice...
...for export to UK.
Talk in Hindi, can't you talk in Hindi.
No I mean, the clothes that we export to UK...
...so this is for that, so you have to sign it.
Yes, here.
Okay, keep it here and go.
First I will take the file home and then read it and then sign it.
It is very urgent.
Then do it yourself. - I cannot sign it sir.
If you can't sign it, then why do you wear such a big tie...
...and take such a fat salary?
No, I mean I don't have the authority to sign it.
You will have to do it.
I am busy today and I have a meeting too...
...I can't sign it today.
Why? - Because today is Wednesday...
...and on a Wednesday I don't touch pen and paper.
Wednesday... - Don't think so much, go from here, go.
Wednesday... - Go. - Yes sir.
Where has he got me entrapped?
Come, come. Go! - No, nothing sir.
Sir, has the sign been done?
Where did Mr. Tripathi find this sample from...
...and that too for Ritu.
He is half fool and half stupid, completely insane.
Since he has come, always asks the peon...
...to bring something to eat. He keeps eating entire day. - Really.
It is said, when God is grateful weakling becomes mighty.
Then what is difference between an elephant and a peacock.
All are respected.
Where did you bring this from?
From Pande the betel leaf seller.
Ask Pande to stop making betel leaf...
...and start polishing shoes.
Betel leaf and honesty should always be tested.
Then dip the finger in limestone...
...and spread it on the betel leaf, like...
... it is the cheek of a girl.
And then some special chutney tobacco essence, catechu.
And the real catechu.
And then...
Even the dead will rise.
Tell him, if he doesn't know how to make betel leaf...
...then I will teach him to make betel leaf.
Who told you all this nonsense?
Close friends of brother Rahul.
There is truth in what you said Ritu...
...I had fallen in love and was also about to get married...
... but with Jai, and not Rahul.
Jai, brother Rahul's close friend Jai. - Yes.
You are lying? - Ritu, why do you feel that I am lying?
Because I and Jai were about to get married...
... brother Rahul had arranged it.
I know, because he didn't know that Jai loved me.
So Jai loves you. - Of course.
If he loves you, then why didn't he marry you?
If he would have been alive, then he surely would have.
Jai is alive, he is absolutely alive.
No Ritu. - Will you talk to him, your lies will be uncovered.
What happened?
I cannot get through.
Come with me.
Sir, Ritu Madam.
If it is a call for her, then give it to her.
No, no Ritu madam wants to talk to you.
Ask her to call on my mobile.
She cannot get through to your mobile...
...that's why she called on my mobile.
Then ask her to bang the mobile on the floor...
...either it will hit the mobile or madam.
Did you have an argument with her?
It is not your job to ask that.
No, she wants to talk to you it is very urgent.
Look, I can't talk to her can't you see how busy I am.
Hello, he is busy drinking juice.
She says it is urgent.
Go from here, can't I even breathe freely.
She is coming to meet you in the office.
Move! Move! Move!
Where are you going?
What will I say when she arrives?
Ask her to jump in the well.
Something is wrong.
Where is Jai sir?
He just ran away. - What?
Yes, as soon as I told him that you are coming...
... he ran away like a ghost from God.
I cannot understand anything.
I told you, he can't be Jai.
He is a fraud.
But how can you be so sure?
Because this is my story.
Jai and I grew up together in the orphanage.
After 18 years of age, we came out of the orphanage...
... but Jai never dwelled in the same place.
Where did he go, what he did I didn't know.
He used to come to meet me sometimes...
... but always used to send me gifts.
And calls, it never stopped.
One day he brought me here and said...
From today this house is yours.
Wow, and you. - I am yours since childhood.
Only to say, neither do you stay with me or marry me.
Where do you keep running away from me?
It is a matter of a few days.
A last work is pending of Zikomo.
Zikomo, Zikomo, Zikomo, who is this Zikomo?
Zikomo is my boss, I will ask him to release me...
...from his clutches so that I can come in your custody.
Till then you can live here comfortably...
...and shop lavishly for marriage. - And you?
Here is the kitchen.
I will come after a few days, till then...
...don't tell anyone anything.
Our marriage, about this house, nothing. - Why?
How, when, where there are a lot of questions...
...and very little time.
Believe me, whatever I am doing it is for our betterment.
In our childhood, we faced many hardships Sophie...
... but now, I want to fill our life with happiness.
Just a bit wait.
But the wait was very long.
When he finished the last work for Zikomo...
...and came here from Mumbai...
... he had stopped at your brothers house.
Rahul, where did you keep my luggage?
In the room upstairs, from today that room is yours.
I can't believe it you wound up your entire business in Mumbai.
The goons of Mumbai were out to kill me...
...there was no other way.
I am a simple man I couldn't lock horns with them.
Home, property, office I have sold everything...
...and have come here.
Now I don't even want to hear the name of Mumbai.
What will you do now, have you thought?
I have thought, that's what I have come to discuss with you.
There is nothing to discuss with me...
...start working with me, understood.
But it is your family business, isn't it?
Yes so, I have already made you a part of my family...
...then what is your objection in joining my family business.
I didn't understand.
Listen, Ritu is my doll, my life you know that.
After mummy papa passed away...
...I have taken care of her as a daughter and not a sister.
That's why whenever I think about her marriage...
...I can't think of trusting a stranger.
That's why I have decided, a kin is better...
...than a stranger for my Ritu.
Very nice, who is that man?
You. - Me.
Yes, I remember I was new in the city, we were strangers...
...you helped me, made me your friend...
...since then I have been thinking...
...I need such a man for my sister...
...who has so much love in his heart.
Don't be so hasty.
You keep quiet, for the past 6 months...
...I have been telling Ritu about you.
I know she is restless to meet you.
Day after tomorrow is Diwali, and you are coming...
... home with me, even grandfather knows that.
Who knows what grandma would have brought...
...from the supermarket to make for you.
Why didn't you ask me before taking such a big decision?
Because I have the right.
When it concerns my sister and you...
...then I have the right.
You both are very dear to me...
...whom I can whenever, however... use.
Look, take a bath quickly, breakfast is getting cold.
Look, who has come. Rahul. - Hi.
Jai, this is my love, my life Sophie.
Good that you have brought him along...
Come on, come in food id ready.
You call me your best friend,
...and also keep such a big secret. Why man?
My life is a secret too, but now I want to tell you everything clearly.
You should have told me everything earlier...
...atleast I wouldn't have seen so many dreams for Ritu.
There is still nothing wrong, you go to your village...
...for Diwali, and tell Ritu that Jai is a bit busy in his work...
... until then we will find a boy much better then me.
Now please forgive me and come in...
...otherwise Sophie will come after me with the cutlery.
Now come on, come on.
Are you Rahul Tripathi? - Yes, why what happened?
Do you recognise these things?
Yes, my friend Jai had a watch like this.
Jai? - Jaishankar Yadav, my friend. Why?
We found a body from the Panchganga river...
...your card was in his pocket.
You will have to come with us for identification.
The police couldn't understand whether it was a suicide or...
There was no reason to do so, but...
I am trying, as soon as I find out anything I will let you know.
Control yourself.
Sophie, please.
I had some of his belonging with me.
Since then I have opened the lock of this house today.
After that, neither did Rahul call me or come to meet me.
I got the news that, two close friends...
...were close after death too.
Then why are those boys lying to me?
Hi Jai. - You.
Sophie, don't you know me?
You are feeling shy, aren't you?
Must be sweat.
Let us talk, take a seat.
Tell me, who are you?
You do know Rahul, isn't it?
Your close friend Rahul.
I was about to marry Rahul, but I deceived him...
...so he committed suicide.
Did you remember anything?
We are done for.
What are you doing, we don't any soap or tea leaf...
...get out of her, come on get out.
Ritu... the truth...
I have heard enough of your truth.
Ritu, we were about to... - Shut up, don't take my name.
Your voices hurt me.
I am ashamed of your names and your faces.
It is not that you lied to me...
... but how did I believe you hooligans?
Like a fool, I got entrapped in your trap.
I never saw bigger cheaters than you in life, like my friends here!
You should have been ashamed...
...for doing such a big fraud!
You are worse then the worms in the gutter!
Even drunkards lying in the dustbin...
... have better self conscience then you!
Don't even thing that I will forgive you!
Ritu, we were...
I will hit you if you say anything.
Now whatever you want to say...
...say it in the police station.
I will not spare you!
My name is Zikomo.
Inspector Zikomo.
So soon. She left just now.
I want some information from you.
Look inspector, we are telling the truth...
Telling the truth is better for you...
... but not here, in the police station. Come on.
This is not the police station, it is a dump.
Why have you brought us here?
This is my police station, and this is my court.
Whatever I want, that will happen.
Who are you?
Asking questions is my question...
...and answering it is yours.
The question is that, do you know Jaishankar Yadav?
What do you know about him?
What do you mean?
I want to know only one thing?
Where is the drum?
Drum, what drum? Which drum?
I want my drum!
Are you a drummer?
We don't know any drum or anything else.
Don't trouble us unnecessarily.
What are you doing?
Tell me!
Let me down please, I don't know anything...
...I swear on Lord Maruti I don't know anything.
Let me down, I feel like vomiting...
... leave us, we didn't see anything.
Leave me, my head is spinning...
...I didn't see the drum, I swear!
Is there anyone hearing us, leave us, let us down!
I beg of you, let me down!
Let us give the drum to him.
Give it to him, how will we give him.
There must be some marriage or a mourning...
...we will take it from there and give it to him. - Yes.
Where is Maru?
Maru. - Maru.
Where is Maru? Maru.
Say something is he alive or did you kill him!
Show them a sample, what we did with that fool. - Maru.
Why are you freeing him?
Free us too. We want to see too.
Leave him! - Pakiya!
Get him out. - Get him out. - He doesn't know how to swim.
Get him out. - Get him out.
Get him out. - Get him out. - Leave him!
Leave him!
He will die!
I will tell you where the drum is, I know everything...
... but first get him out.
If anything happens to him, then we won't open our mouth...
...even if you kill us!
Then you will never get the drum.
Pakiya. - Pakiya.
Open us.
Pakiya. Open us.
Pakiya! Pakiya. - Pakiya, are you fine? Pakiya.
Now tell me where the drum is?
First bring Maru?
I spared one, isn't that enough?
Either you tell me where the drum is...
...or forget Maru forever.
If you want the drum, then you will have to call Maru...
... because I have giving the drum to Maru.
That fool knows where the drum is.
Bring him.
Maru, what have they done to him.
What happened?
They forced something in my mouth...
...after that, then scraped the throat...
...and then pulled it out from the nose.
After that I lost conscience.
What will happen now?
What will happen now?
Now we have to get out of here.
Let us give the drum to him.
Whom, what? What?
The drum, remember I gave it to you. - When?
Why are you winking at me?
There is dirt in the eye, stop acting...
...we can die, quickly tell me where is the drum.
Either I have gone mad, or you have gone insane.
Will you give it or not?
Will you give the drum or not?
I will give you, I will give you a tight slap.
Where have you hidden it, tell me.
I don't know.
You are right Maru, don't give the drum to these scoundrel!
Don't object in-between! - I will, the drum is ours...
...why should we give it to them?
Because we have to get out of this hell alive!
There must be some other way too.
Don't tell anyone anything, he is gone mad!
Hey, he doesn't try to understand. - Hey!
Why are these fools fighting?
Which drum are they asking about?
Keep your mouth shut Maru, we have to get out of here.
They are acting? - Quiet!
What are you doing?
You scoundrel!
Goti, run!
What happened, fight.
Catch them!
Run quickly.
Come on.
Run quickly.
Come on, hurry up. - What are you doing? Come on.
Oh God, I am dead. - Is there someone?
Maru, why are you lying down there, come on run.
What are you doing? Come on. - Come quickly.
I am hurt on my chest.
Sam, Pakiya his head has been twisted.
Come soon and see.
Turn him and see.
Don't worry Maru, you'll be fine.
Maru, it will be fine. It will be fine.
What happened?
Beat him. - From this side.
You scoundrels.
Are you all blind?
My head is not twisted the jacket was.
Why did you wear it like that? - How would we know?
Have you gone mad?
Brother Michael, they are the boys.
Catch them.
There they are.
Look, there they are.
Come on, come on, come on.
If you have the courage! Come on.
If you have the courage! - Then come and fight!
Our team is with us!
Don't overact.
Seems like they have a strong force with them.
We will scare them right now.
Leave them now, we will take care of them later.
We don't want any police mess.
Why have we come here?
To exercise.
We don't have a place to hide...
...and only Ritu can help us, no one else...
...that's why we will have to go and tell her the truth.
Then come on.
No, let it get dark first...
...so that no one spots us entering her house.
As soon as possible, find them out.
He is the one, he is the one that flogged me.
He is the one that had me thrashed in the market!
They are the four people, they have ruined our lives.
They must have killed brother Rahul.
Catch them!
Goti, run!
Hey run. - Come on, hurry up.
I cannot run anymore, I cannot run anymore.
I am famished running, in cannot run anymore.
What is this mess, the police is after us...
...the biker gang is after us, and also this Mogambo.
Not Mogambo, Zikomo. - Yes.
What should we do now?
If we run from here, then we will have to keep running...
...till our deaths.
I am sacred.
Scared, scared of what? We didn't do anything.
We know that, but in the view of the world...
...we are cruel people.
Fraud for someone, murderer and drum thief too.
What is this drum and where is it?
Stupid, If I would have known...
...would I have been thrashed up so much?
This is not the time to joke.
I am going back to tell Ritu the truth.
We listened to you and went there...
...earlier there was police, and now there will the military.
And that dangerous grandma is there.
I don't care, I will go there and tell Ritu the truth...
...and apologise, believing it or not is there problem.
You... - Are you coming with me? - You go, you go.
When they believe you, send us a telegram...
...we will arrive too.
You don't know me, can I come in?
You... - My name is Zikomo, and I am searching for a drum.
What did you say, drum?
Zikomo has abducted Ritu.
He must have taken her to that petrol pump.
Now? - Now what, we will have to save her?
Shut your mouth, we just escaped death...
... it is very difficult the second time.
Whose help shall we take now, shall we inform the police?
You fool, stupid you want to go to jail...
...do you want to go to jail?
You don't shout. Talk softly.
Listen, I have an idea.
Here is the address.
You wanted to know about Sophie, didn't you?
She is in this bungalow right now.
So old man, you don't know anything about the drum.
Which drum are you talking about?
We don't know anything.
You don't know, is that the truth or lie.
I am not Hanuman to show you Ram in my heart...
...you can understand whatever you want.
You scoundrel Michael, you left your number here...
...and asked us to call or else you will kill us!
Your brother has witnessed our strength...
...and now it is your turn.
You scoundrel, if you are a man...
...then come to the 13 mile petrol pump, your...
And listen, bring the shroud along it will be useful to us!
We will have to cover your corpse.
Give me, give me.
Put the coin in.
Hello is uncle there.
Yes, do you know who is speaking?
It is your death.
You lost your job isn't it, now you will lose your legs too.
What do you think about yourself, you scoundrel.
You have earned all the money from bribery.
You will not die, you will rot!
I heard that you need a donkey.
Come to me, I will slap you so hard, that you will go deaf.
Where am I, if you have the courage...
...then come to the petrol pump at 13 miles...
... me and my people will be waiting for you.
I will burn you and brush my teeth with your ashes!
Disconnect it.
Old man listen, earlier too two people back answered me...
...do you know what happened to them?
One was your own grandson Rahul...
...I tied him up and threw him on the railway tracks...
... but it seemed like he committed suicide.
And second his friend, my own man Jai.
He turned out to be an informer.
He gave the news of my dealings to the police.
I had tied him up too, but I threw him in the water tank.
A bit of change in life is important, isn't it?
And right now you are tied up too. So think about it.
We have the drum.
'Drum. '
Where is it, in your pocket?
No, outside.
Yes. - But first release them.
Is this a new game of yours?
No we have the drum, and we don't even need it.
Take the drum, but first release them.
Yes. - Yes.
Release them.
What is all this?
Don't worry, come her.
Where is the drum?
It is coming, it is coming.
Does it have legs?
No, they are bringing it.
Who, your father?
No, no his uncle. - his...
Look, look they have come.
Yes, look, look they have come.
Kill these scoundrels!
Thrash these scoundrels!
Thrash these scoundrels!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Hey scoundrel! Why are you hitting me?
You again.
No, no I mistakenly fell on you.
Grandma - You. where are you running?
There are so many people do you find only me?
Put me down.
You scoundrel, come on move.
Sir, please forgive me.
Just a minute, just a minute I cannot see.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
If anyone dares to move, then I will set you all on fire.
Hey, have you gone mad?
Everything will burn into ashes.
Everyone raise their hand.
Grandpa, come here. - You keep it down.
Grandma, come here.
Come here.
Pakiya, have you come here to enjoy...
Come, come. - Come on.
Don't move. Everyone stand in their place.
Stand in their place.
Stand where you are. - Come on, hurry up.
Don't move. Or else I will throw the lighter.
Go that side.
Come on hurry up. Sit inside fast. - Let me sit too.
Scoundrels, let me sit too.
Come on in. - Let me sit.
There is no space here.
There is no space for me.
Come fast. - Come on.
Oh God!
Leave the house! Right away! - Why?
Don't ask any question!
It's dangerous for you to stay here!
Zikomo can come here anytime! - Who? Who?
Pack your bags and come with me!
Sophie! Hurry up!
Come on!
Is there a door upstairs? - Yes!
Oh! So humans live here!
I thought it's a haunted house.
Sorry! For breaking the house!
Don't be scared! I won't do anything!
I just want the drum. Nothing else.
What drum? - Everybody is asking the same thing!
What drum? Whose drum? It's not important!
The important thing is where the drum is!
So stop your rubbish. And quickly tell me!
I don't know! Really! - You are lying! You are lying!
I know he has left all his things with you!
And where has he left it!
And I know this because when I was killing him...
... he was again and again screaming your name.
There are a few baggages. But not a drum.
I am asking for the last time. Tell me.
Later even if you want to tell me, still you won't be able to speak.
Because dead don't speak.
Sophie, run!
'Drum. '
'Drum. '
'Drum. '
This is the root cause of all the problems.
I don't know why there was a war because of this drum.
Give it to me. - Here.
Here is a gift for all of you. Remember our friendship.
When will you meet us next?
After 1. 5-2 years I am going to send...
... Ritu here to look after our business.
Then if you want, from these four...
You move! From these 3 thieves, the one who is...
...the most wealthiest and the strongest, marry him.
Bye! Take care!
Bye! See you! - Bye!
I don't want any drum! You keep it!
I too don't know how to play it! You keep it!
Maru needs the drum!
Hang this and start begging! We have to repay uncle's loan!
This drum has put me into trouble! I don't want it!
To hell with it.
It contains money!
So this was the mystery of the drum! We couldn't fathom it!
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
"As such there are countless beautiful girls."
"But not the charms to keep us enraptured."
"She should be the epitome of love and beauty of love."
"The one who becomes our beloved."
"She should be that beauty."
"We have to make her ours by locking eyes with her."
"She should talk sweetly and change our lives."
"Now she should come and meet us."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, beating the drum."
"Buddy, having a feast."
"What to do if we constantly think about her?"
"We kiss her eyes at times."