Bryan Clay tells ProTips4U how to become a World-Class Athlete

Uploaded by ProTips4U on 03.02.2011

you know I always get asked at what point my life that i realize that i
could be an olympian or be a gold medalist
or just compete in track and field professionally
the answer is do this it is not as simple as you think i mean there was
never one moment where i thought aha i'm and the world's greatest and i knew
i could be the world's greatest
it really was gradual
it was a gradual you maturing process and it started when i was in high school
i can remember
being eleven three
and not having any plans of going to college not knowing what my future might
just doing you know abut shows up
crazy things all them you know surfing in new holding down part time jobs here
and there and just doing stuff like that in
not really realize what my full potential in life could be
and uh...
is about my junior year when i started doing well in track and field in high
school in
i got some letters from some colleges i thought huh or maybe i could go to
my grades weren't good enough so i thought i'll try to get my grades up
and i did my senior gumming grades up you know got like a three point five
that year
did this for rule well unless he sees a risk that the score well enough that i
was able to get into school him
and then you know certain looking at some schools and realize all okay i can
go to college but there's no way i can go to look at cornell reserve asset even
apply even though i was getting letters from a man
i said okay i better go to a small school somewhere in
i want to go to division one school but i don't think i was track yeah and so i
had to come into a small school colors is specific was actually the being one
of the best decisions that ever made
danza surgery track here
and even when i got to school when i got a college
you know i talk a big game tell people i want to do the olympics and all that
stuff but trudy dot aside i didn't really believe i was good enough yet and
as i did
my freshman year
bike and i got discouraged range in real well my freshman year that i was i saw
four and a little better but not real well
it wasn't about my junior year
but i had a big personal best in this half on
a qualified for my first u_s_ championships and stuff you know some
needs like that actually qualify for my first world championships from their and
was at that point i kind of realize that
maybe i could be good you know not like world-class good
but i can be good on u_s_ level
and then uh... ill again the next year i get a little better you have a concern
appoint personal best and qualified for u_s_ championships again and qualified
for someone to meet again thought of wool
maybe i could be you know
the top two in the u_s_ you know if it's a down year maybe i'll get on with the
olympic team
and uh...
it was just this gradual process and so i was always literally
the u_s_ olympic trials and i thought to myself
what maybe i can make this team india in onsite if everything goes just perfect
dot i'll make the team
and you know our business i'll be able to call myself an olympian airbag no
idea that i could win a medal i mean none whatsoever
and so then agian old went to the olympics in and next year are
delinquency olympic trials made the first alerted myo first olympic team i
found out that school maybe i can get like fifth place
in a villain begins and that's a i was looking in the uh... statistics in and
what he would do you know if i was my first olympics and twenty-four they
didn't get my fifth place if i can get sisters that's pretty good
and maybe i'll make a second tml get
you'll all get a metal after that uh... and ended up going to do it begins in
winning a silver medal and and and realizing ok yeah i i probably shouldn't
limit myself at this point and so even though i kind of took the limitations
off of what i thought i could do
i still in the city believe it was going to happen so i i knew it was a
possibility but ided nest i didn't expect it to happen and
now that i've won the gold medal has that
uh... i really feel like i i can truly say look you can do anything you want to
be raising money
and like i was talking about earlier
you know if it comes down the hard work amin there's nobody out there this canal
work me but i've realized that i can make a lot of things happen by just put
my nose down for my head down and just working my tail off and and that's what
i've been doing the last few years working hard making good decisions in an
emergency that's an excellent