MiWuLa TV News Juni-Juli 2010: Begrünung, Modellbau, Parkhaus

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 26.07.2010

Welcome to a new edition of the MiWuLa News.
After eleven amusing episodes about our
soccer experts Bolle and Ernst, we resume
our themes about modelmaking.
In the past weeks, many new models were created.
One of these models is this small farmstead
that Gaston designed for the Allgäu region.
Many details were made to make it more lifelike.
For example, this farmer's table
has been specially crafted out of dried wood.
2mm, this one here 5mm.
Glue them together
and there you have a nice farmer's table.
The appropriate seats have also been taken care of.
As soon as Elke sets the table with a delicious meal
the feast may begin.
Also, some storks call this place their home.
By now, this model has been implemented
in the airport section.
Meanwhile, the colour design of the
airport's mountain is taking more and more shape.
In the past weeks Gaston has worked on the
nuances of the rocks and after many attempts
created a rock formation that is rich in texture.
After the completion of this demanding and
delicate work, Gaston worked on the greening.
Through the use of specially chosen grass tones
he brought the whole structure to life.
Every single part that needed greening
had to be pasted with glue first.
After that, the individual blades of grass
were set upright by an electrostatic device.
Depending on the altitude, the look has to be varied.
On the top of a tall mountain, there's
very little or no grass at all in nature.
Until completion there are still quite a few
trees to plant and several details to be created.
Below the mountain, the model-makers are
currently busy with the greening of the airport area.
The sand-like, brown areas that have been visible
for months, have been taped to protect the runways
and taxiways while the glue is being applied.
After carefully selecting test mixes
of different grasses and colours,
glue was applied in preparation of the greening.
Then, again with the use of an electrostatic device,
a natural and colourful landscape was created.
Due to the contrasting polarity
of the electrostatic device and layout,
every single blade of grass is brought into line
like a small magnet.
This way an upright picture appears
that sticks to the glue.
Over time, various grass tones were used
in order to convey a most realistic depiction.
Now also the adjacent mountains of the airport
appear in a high-contrast green.
It hints at the look of the airport when all is done.
On the layout details are accumulating.
Bobby has begun to design the front
and rear edge of the layout.
The previously presented allotment gardens
are being refined.
Also, complete houses near the airstrip were set up
- but only for very crazy Wunderland residents.
It has been decorated with flowers,
the fair is now a permanent feature of the Allgäu
and also the previously shown tractor-pulling
competition has now found its home.
A good opportunity for Bobby to revise it all and
implement new ideas, like this tractor meeting.
The positioning of different figures
provides for the right mood.
The completion of the various modules and details
hints at the over-all scope of the airport.
In the model-making-section work is continuing
on the different parking structures.
Kai has finetuned the traffic routing for the
driveway of the parking structure P4.
Little details like the sprinkling of gravel
make for a realistic appearance.
Meanwhile, Tina has almost finished the work
on the largest model of the airport.
Details like these crossing barriers,
or these pimped out rides, or these
little padded fellows for the women's parking area,
are the current assignments for this model.
Stefan is currently working on numerous ideas
to create more of the popular push-button features.
This little garden train is one of his innovations
with the use of much mechanical finesse.
It uses magnets to drive through the garden and is
the first functioning garden train of the Wunderland.
There's a also new push-button action
for the parking structure.
This parking barrier is going crazy
and sadly got hold of a luxury car.
Well, that happens sometimes.
When such a barrier goes a little crazy
it could happen that a car gets shoved up like that.
We hope that Stefan continues to
entertain us with many projects like these.
Even in the Wunderland technology sometimes
breaks down or becomes obsolete
because of more modern techniques.
This asphalting push-button action from Switzerland
has been equipped with new technology to meet
the high standards of the Wunderland visitors.
The Wild Mouse attraction from the Harz section
has something new to offer: a new guest.
To live up to its name, this little mouse
will rock the curves for hours on end.
But first it had to undergo an endurance test
together with many other participants.
And that's all for this month's MiWuLa News.
Thank you for watching. See you next time.