[ENG] Ulzzang Shidae 6 EP4 [1/4]

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translated & subtitled by: asphyxiatedhobo.tumblr.com
How exciting!
Text: Merry Christmas~
Text: Operation Decorate Christmas Tree
Songi! Go steal it! Steal it!
Text: A special Christmas with Ulzzang Shidae 6!
This looks better on me.
Oppa where should I hang this?
Hey! You thief!
I picked it out first! I picked it first!
Call the police!
What is he saying?
Just toss it everywhere!
Text: The 2 who are not interested in the trees.
Text: Did the ulzzangs finish the tree?
We are together with you on Christmas Eve!
Pretty boys and pretty girls confirmation show
Ulzzang Shidae!
You've all been asked to prepare your own Christmas outfit for today, right?
Most of you guys look decent..
What is this?
You look like a trot singer.
He looks like he's being eaten by a polar bear.
His body's been eaten so the only thing left is his face!
It's kind of iffy to call it a deer since it doesn't have a nose...
Text: The sad and awkward deer~
Geez. What is that thing on the end.
How cute!
So you personally went out and bought this outfit? Our staff didn't give it to you?
You bought it?!
Text: Yes... that is so...
It's not Christmas without Rudolf!
So I heard you guys all decorated a Christmas tree.
Then let's start with Team 1.
Please explain to us the concept of your tree.
Text: White (Life Insurance) vs. Black (Team 1)
Made by psychopaths...
How is this made by psychopaths?
It's absolutely unorganized.
Just like our way of thinking, completey unorganized and we just throw stuff everywhere.
Our team stuck with being simple
We used the classy white color rather than the cliche green.
It's a tree that follows the trend from the 2011 f/w (fashion week)
This side actually looks more psychopathic..
You cut the angel's head off!
Hey isn't that ours?
It is!
There's a thief amongst us!
Text: Of all the things you could've stolen... There's a thief amongst us!
Text: Of all the things you could've stolen...
It kind of looks like the thing you use when your toilet is clogged..
Isn't it supposed to have wings?
I think it's very clear who the winner is.
We put a lot of effort into it!
What's something that comes to mind when you think of Christmas?
Santa Claus?
I don't think the age gap between you and Santa is that big.
Text: You could probably call him Santa hyung.
I've always had a girlfriend right around Christmas time.
But I have this jinx where I always end up arguing with her on Christmas Eve.
So we'd break up before Christmas..
But you know, he might actually be really smart in this case
Break up before Christmas, apologize a little later, and start dating again after Christmas.
No need to get presents or anything.
That's true...
Well for me..
when I was a freshman in college, my boyfriend and I had a very brief break up and during that time
I went to a Hongdae club for the first time with my friend.
Text: Menopause symptoms are showing
Wow, this is driving me crazy. Text: Menopause symptoms are showing
Wow, this is driving me crazy.
Are you really going through meonpause?
She gets really hot and her face starts to flush.
Did you check her ID?
Text: Could she possibly be a middle-aged woman..?
I didn't even stay for an hour so I went straight home
But my boyfriend was waiting in front of my house!
He said it was snowing.
He waited 5 hours in the snow just to see me...
Hold on, I think you got too carried away with the mood you kind of "fattened" up your story..
It says 4 hours here.
I went out to drink with my friends on the 24th
and we planned to have a party on the 25th
but when I woke up it was the 26th.
That kind of stuff happens often.
So are we done now?
First of all, I'm not gay.
I was desperately waiting for a chance to say it.
Ah, it feels better to get it off my chest.
For me..
You and Taehyun hyung are matching!
I will stop here today.
I think today will be the most memorable day.
So we told you all to prepare Christmas presents
Did you guys prepare them?
While you're spending the night here you will also keep in mind of who you want to give a present to.
Please think this through very carefully.
So the male ulzzangs will give to the female ulzzangs
and the female ulzzangs will give presents to the male ulzzangs.
Some people may get a lot
and some people could go home empty handed.
So that will all depend on how you guys behave today.
We will now start the first segment!
Ulzzang "blank blank blank" quiz!
Avid viewers of Ulzzang Shidae should know this game very well.
We will ask questions regarding the ulzzangs in the form of a "fill in the blank" quiz
As you can see, the team captains are up in the front.
If you answer incorrectly
the opposing team captain will shoot ruthlessly either directly at your eyes, philtrum, or in between your eyes.
Since it's boring if you just answer questions, our staff has prepared several gifts for you guys.
In the end, the winning team will get all the presents.
Let's see what kind of presents they prepared!
Is anyone having ant problems in their house?
My house~
There are ants at your house?
Here, I'll just give this one to you.
Mom! Look what I got!
Who has cockroach problems at their house?
Do you want the spray type or the solid kind?
-Spray please! Do you want the spray type or the solid kind?
Do you want the spray type or the solid kind?
Please give me one too!
My house is close to Hyukmin's house (T/N: I think that's what he said.... -_-)
Is that so?
There's a clock, then a glove
and here, take a shower with this. (T/N: It's a bath kit)
We will start the game now.
The first question is about Kim Taehwan.
Q. While trying to go to sleep, Taehwan saw blank and became very surprised.
What is the blank?
Text: Attacked even before saying the answer
Hold on! I didn't even say anything!
I didn't say anything!
"My" face
You are wrong.
Drunken dad!
Answer! x 2
What is this?
Text: Seeing an earthquake surprises you?
A stray cat!
Shoot away!
What do I do?!
The smell of gasoline!
Text: Could it be? The real answer?
The smell of gasoline!
Is it gasoline or the smell of gasoline?
The smell of gas.
Shoot away.
Text: Fell for it
Wow! She's taking the hit very well!
Text: Accuracy rate 1000000000000%
This is so fun!
If I had to give you a hint..
It's something Yunmi likes very much.
Dohee was the fastest!
The Exorcist?
Exorcist! Incorrect!
Text: (Shake in fear) You like.. BLOOD?
It's 2 letters. (T/N: Keep in mind this is 2 letters in Korean, not in English.)
Chucky is incorrect.
Text: NO WAY
I heard my sister kind of groaning from downstairs
so I looked down
and I saw a little boy, literally like this
and all he did was stare in that same position
I didn't move for 40 minutes because I was so shocked
Really! I couldn't even sleep!
I was able to move again once I heard my mom taking care of her business in the bathroom..
Text: Ridiculous ending I was able to move again once I heard my mom taking care of her business in the bathroom..
Text: Ridiculous ending
I ran to her because I was scared
Here is the next question.
Q. Taehwan ate blank in order to gain weight
What is blank?
Dog food!
Dog food..? Incorrect.
Text: Perfect aim
Close... but no!
Ara! x 3
Tuna oil!
Tuna oil?!
Tuna from where?
Sesame oil!
Your answer is?
Text: Thirsty little lamb?
Cooking oil!
Cooking oil?
Text: The MC is not pleased with the boring answer
Cooking oi~l?
That's a little weak!
Coo~king~ o~il~
Text: I AM the oil!
That's how it should be done!
Don't forget! How well you do today will determine whether you get eliminated or not!
The answer is?
Cooking oil~
I'm right, right?
The answer is?
Cooking oil?
That was too much.
(Silently) Cooking oil.
Q. Hyungseok once took care of "business" in the bathroom with blank.
Used toilet paper?
Nope. Used toilet paper?
My nose! x 3
The underwear he had on.
That is incorrect.
He just left
Is this something to laugh about?!
It is money.. but HOW MUCH?
A dollar.
$10~ (T/N: The Korean $10 bill has Sejong the Great on it. She's emphasizing his epic beard)
You wiped your butt with $10?
I took care of "business" but there was no toilet paper!
So I slightly pulled up my pants and moved to the next stall
but that one didn't have toilet paper either!
And this happened during the summer so I had no socks because I was wearing sandals.
I opened up my wallet and the only thing I found in there was one $10 bill.
So I had no other choice...
So you wiped everything off with that ONE $10 bill?
I folded and folded...
Seungrok has never been to a blank since high school.
Public bath house?
That would be correct for Dohee.
A girl's house.
Everyone needs to go there
Not too often but at least once a month or so.
His own house.
His own house?
That is wrong.
The hair salon!
I kept on touching my hair as a hint~
So do you cut your own hair?
Actually, my major was Beauty treatment (hair)
So after I learned some things I tried it out on my own hair
and to my surprise it turned out nicely and to my liking
so I never went to a hair salon after that
I even do perms my own with a friend of mine.
Even now I cut my own hair.
This is a question about Kim Dohee.
Dohee's nickname is blank
Bald headed Eagle
It's Bald ____
Bald Overlord!
Bald Goddess!
Bald Goddess is incorrect.
Here's a hint
It's an animal (?) but it's extinct.
Bald Dinosaur!
It is Bald dinosaur... but I'm not getting that dinosaur feel from you.
Text: 2% lacking dinosaur.
Alright, A for effort. Correct!