Cities in Focus | Curitiba, Brazil

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Curitiba is the paradigm of sustainable urbanism.
For the world, Curitiba is an example of a city
that built itself around a mass transportation system.
Early on, the city built a bus system that has had a major impact.
It improved and expanded its system until it became what is now called Bus Rapid Transit.
First, we had buses running in their own lane, separated from traffic.
Then we started using accordion style buses. So rather than moving 60 or 70 passengers,
we started moving around 120 per bus.
Now with the double accordion bus we can move nearly 250 passengers.
Then we started creating express buses.
Then we created the tube stations.
The station is at the same level as the bus so that passenger can get on and off in just 10 seconds.
Today Curitiba is moving 2,700,000 passengers per day.
That's more than the number of people that live in the city.
I use the system to go to work. I use it to go to class.
I use it for everything.
I use the buses to get home, to go to class, I use it for everything.
It really makes getting around easy.
Along with bus rapid transit we saw a change in Curitiba’s growth plan.
The city which had lots of growth in the center started to see growth all along the new bus corridors.
The green line is an excellent example of urban revitalization around an area
that was once scarred by a highway.
It was built through an area of the city that was totally dominated by industry.
All these areas around the new corridor can now be transformed into more urban areas.
And this is really important for the sustainability of the city.
If BRT was never built, today Curitiba would be totally chaotic in terms of traffic.
Neighborhoods would have grown in uncontrolled ways.
You’d have 20, 30, 50 story buildings in areas of the city that don’t have proper infrastructure to serve them.
For years, Curitiba’s bus system has been working as an excellent solution for the city’s mobility needs.
With better mobility you have more time with your family. You don’t spend as much time getting to work.
It's a system that rivals the best in mass transit.
Through a really good transport system you can actually improve people’s quality of life.