geet 30 may part 1 WITH ENG SUBS

Uploaded by TheMaaneetian on 30.05.2011

wow! our jeejaji came out to be great! he has the the idea of english movies. and the biggest thing is that he loves geet sister alot!
narindra..i need your help. there is a big problem here. some people has forcibly broken into our home and have tooken over it.
you do one thing come in the morning. ok. good take care.
who were you talking to?
i was talking to narindra sing tillu. he will handle maan sing khurana.
what are you saying?
why did you bring him in all of this?
this is a family matter. you called narindra for our son in law?
you know how cruel narindra is.
now you will tell me about my friends? i know hes a cruel person.
now i will take care of maan sing khurana.
and you..why are you interfering in my work? go and do your work. go get me milk
maan sing khuarana! now you will know tej's power!
maan sir the blueprints for the gurgoan project are ready.
ive made the corrections you wanted me to make.
perfect. the work should start from tomorrow on the site.
and yes tell romeo that he will stay at the site for 24 hours from tomorrow.
romeo..24 hours...sir ill make sure that romeo will be at the site for 24 hours.
wow! wow! you are a style master. and your clothes...your clothes are like jai kishan! wow!
jeejaji i also want..sorry...i also want clothes like yours.
ok when i go to delhi ill take you with me. ill get them for you.
thank you thank you. jeejaji can i say something. dont mind. all the peiople in this house are all desi style..all innocent..
they dont know how to recognize people.but lucky sing..lucky sing is a very smart man. thats why i have recognized you are very simple.
let beeji and tej brother say whatever they want to. but lucky will come up with a dont worry.
now with you what do i have to worry about.
thank you. thank you very much.
jeejaji the thing is that we love our sister the most.
and you love our sister take care of her alot and for this lucky sing will give up his life.
one minute..your sister doesnt even look at me.
what are you saying?
no no jeejaji. you are misunderstanding. actually you have to do some acting infront of the family members.
in her heart she loves you alot.
jeejaji whenever you need help just remember me. i mean when you want to send a message. ill become a messenger bird.
who is this man that has tooken over this house?
narindra and his men?
beeji i have called him.
now people will know what we are.
yes and you will also know what inspector narindra a.k.a dimpy dillon really is.
with us in our vilage you are breaking the law?
look we have broken no law.
you dont say much. if you do than ill get you in a condition that you will forget everything and you will start calling your mother your aunt.
get him. take him to the car.
look you are making a very big mistake. there can be a case on you.
what did you say? you will make a case on me? put him in the car
one minute!
let go of his hand.
and with respect.
who are you?
show me your warrant! what is the crime and who has done it?
what did you say? you are going to ask me for a warrant?
who are you?
maan sing khurana!
maan sing khurana from delhi?
maan sing khuaran from delhi.
the owner of khurana constructions. shree maan sing khurana ji.
oh sir jee..
sir ji why didnt you tell us earlier? you are our guest.
oh move back. you talk to sir like that!
sir sir i made a mistake. sir i couldnt even tell about you.
sir if i made a mistake please dont mind. we are leaving now.
yes that will be best for you. go
what are you doing?
dude you got me killed! you know what a big man he is?
oh man we messed with a big man. we would have lost our jobs! lets go
pammi move on the side!
tej! what are you doing?
beeji the matter has gotten bigger. we have been disrespected alot.
forget chandiala no one in amritsar has the gutts to look at us in the eye.
and that man has broke in our house and has tooken over our house!
beeji today tej's sword will make the decision.
this maan sing khurana...
tej! think before you do anything.
decisions are made using your sword?
nandini has agreed to marriage after so long and of the people in raitpur find out than they will refuse for marriage.
beeji if they find out that someone has tooken over our house, someone has bought our house than wont they break the proposal?
we had narindra and he also left us hanging.
tej! narnidra is not the law and neither is he in the police head.
he is just an officer. if hes not helping us so what? we have bigger ways than that.
i have called the big lawyer of chandiala. he must be coming today. he will come out with a solution to this problem.
drop the sword and calm down.