Parody - Mama said knock you out - LL Cool J

Uploaded by Tactix87 on 07.07.2011

Don't tell me to fall back
If you didn't shave
I ain't afraid i'm eating pussy for days
Making yo panties soakin' wet like a monsoon
Ya betta not cum too soon...Explosion
When ya domin' ya takin all of me ya mouth is foamin'
Take this cock
When I drop my pants it'll make ya wanna call the cops
Don't you dare swear I'm like those DUDES!!!
Who don't go down there
I'm the kinda guy who will make the sacrifice
eatin' vagina like rice
I'm gonna eat you out
ima ima eat you out
I'm gonna eat you out
ima ima eat you out
I'm gonna eat you out
ima ima eat you out
I'm gonna eat you out
ima ima eat you out
skeet shots in ya perm
when I bust a nut at will
I'm gonna need a shower in about an hour
I'll devour
I'm gonna tie you up with my handcuffs cause i'm a freaky deaky man
puttin' my nut sack in yo hand
look at all the girls i've slayed
these slus
Protection Trojans
or Durex
Pass on a lady if she ain't about safe sex
i'm ready, She's ready
It's time for me to go to town
Down town!!!!
She's gettin' wetter...blew my lever
But when I explode
It don't take me long to reload
And I gotta thank Todd
Cause he gave me the pills to stay...
Eat you out
I'm gonna eat you out, Ima Ima eat you out
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