Felicia at Dragon*Con

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FELICIA DAY: Hey, everybody, The Flog is on location again.
And we are at Dragon*Con, one of my favorite
conventions of the year.

Hey, everybody!
It's Felicia Day.
Welcome to The Flog.
We are here at Dragon*Con, all of The Guild Cast.
Sandeep Parikh: All of them.
FELICIA DAY: Sandeep Parikh.
JEFF LEWIS: Jeff Lewis.
ROBIN THORSEN: Robin Thorsen.
SANDEEP PARIKH: I didn't have to say my name.
FELICIA DAY: You didn't.
I said it for you.
We are here to announce that The Guild, season six, is
premiering October 2, on Geek & Sundry.
My top three this week are my three favorite Guild members.
Number one, Amy Okuda.
Number two, Robin Thorsen as Clara.
Number three, Vince Caso as Bladezz.
SANDEEP PARIKH: Who is number four?
Who's your fourth pick?
FELICIA DAY: It would be Wiggly.
JEFF LEWIS: How do we feel about not being
chosen as top three?
Oh, yeah.
FELICIA DAY: All right.
Instead of doing a segment this week, I'm going to give
you an awesome montage of all the things that I did at
Dragon*Con, including losing my voice.
But that was proportional to the fun I had so yay, for

FELICIA DAY: Hey, you guys, I've found a Codex.
And this, I think, is the best Codex outfit I've ever seen.
tutorial for this staff, which was awesome.
I went to school for fashion design so I already knew how
to make a corset.
And just pressed pause a lot of on "Do You Want to Date My
Avatar" for all the details.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, all the details, even on the necklace
are perfect.
And turn around just so everybody can see the corset.
And matching bag.
I don't even have one of these.
Let me just say that you are the prettiest Codex.
FEMALE SPEAKER: No, you are.
FELICIA DAY: No, you are.
I've gotten some amazing stuff this Dragon*Con but I don't
know if we can outdo this necklace by this woman here.
RENEE WHITE: My name's Renee White.
FELICIA DAY: And you made an actual Flog cameo.
I mean that's neat.
It is absolutely gorgeous.
And you got all the colors perfectly.
RENEE WHITE: Yeah, they're my favorite colors, too, so I was
like, I have to get that right.
FELICIA DAY: Oh my god.
Thank you so much!

What is that!

FEMALE SPEAKER: Come on down!
FELICIA DAY: All right.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Big money right here.
FELICIA DAY: My fortune.
"When someone asks you if you are a god, say yes."
And the question of note this week comes from me.
What are my favorite costumes at Dragon*Con?
And one of them happens to be worn by one of my favorite
people, Veronica Belmont.
Definitely not my first Dragon*Con but it is
absolutely the first time I've ever gone full cosplay.
FELICIA DAY: And what are you cosplaying if people don't
already know?
VERONICA BELMONT: I am a demon hunter from Diablo 3.
FELICIA DAY: So who made this outfit for you?
VERONICA BELMONT: My friend Bill Doran made it, from
Punished Pixels.
He does a lot of amazing costumes and props.
He's great.
He's based up in Seattle.
I'm super excited.
It's been a lot of fun.
People are taking pictures.
And I think it's cool to be on the other side of that for
once because I love costumes, and it's fun to be really
involved in it.
FELICIA DAY: It's so pretty.
Well, it is definitely one of my favorite
cosplays that I've seen.
I don't think that you'll be beat.
Because you're my friend I'll always tell you that.
FELICIA DAY: So that is why Dragon*Con is one of my
favorite conventions ever.
If you attended please leave, in the comments, all the fun
things that people can enjoy here.
And if you guys attend next year I hope I'll be here and
you can say hi.
All right, next week we're back to our regular shows.
That was all the fun I had, right here with the